Fresh New Music

There are endless songs available, and the streaming culture has made it simpler to discover new Music. It’s so simple that it’s difficult not to become overwhelmed by all the available options. Sometimes you may think there is nothing new to listen to, but as soon as you believe that, another song proves you incorrect.

It might be challenging to sort through everything available and choose which songs are worth listening to. We’ve done the legwork for you and prepared this list of the top ten songs from the last week that you should be listening to. Check them out below and let us know in the comments whether you agree with our choices or if we missed anything.

GIYA – Foggy Hearts

GIYA’s impact is rooted in her hometown of London. However, she presently resides in Brighton. 

This impact is apparent; she has lived and breathed the same air as Arlo Parks, Olivia Dean, and Amy Winehouse. Her Music refers to a wide range of inspirations and genres in a city with a unique blend of cultures, Music, and entertainment.

The dirt of her Music mirrors her circumstances, which she turns into something strikingly lyrical while preserving diabolical humour. By fusing folk and indie, hip-hop and pop, and mainstream and left-field genres, she’s produced something meaningful and honest.

‘Foggy Hearts,’ her latest release, conveys an emotional message and is a homage to unlived lives and peers who have lost their path. 

GIYA’s silky, raw vocals are delivered on top of a euphonious base that includes a musical guitar on the tune. This, along with well-crafted lyrics, demonstrates her skills to the fullest.

NO FILTER – Bubble Gum

No Filter is a DJ and producer in Las Vegas, Nevada, the world’s finest city.

The filter didn’t get his nickname because he took fancy images; after you meet him, you’ll understand why.

He began DJing under a former identity in 2014 and quickly advanced into the producing sphere. In 2015, he was signed to his first record label as a result of this. 

No Filter is widely regarded for establishing some of the region’s first financially successful EDM concerts, with Aced Records gigs selling out various venues around the southeast.

He has finally made his comeback into the scene, with his newest tune, Bubble Gum, containing some smooth vibey new bass house with some delicious fizzy action, after the lockdowns were removed and a new life path was forged in Las Vegas.


Express Office Portico was founded through musician advertisements online during the epidemic, making the most of home working. 

Tara Freeman, Billy Townsend, Reuben Tobolewski, Ben Phipps, and Olly Walton had formed in and around Nottingham by the end of 2020. 

The band has been able to attract support from fans and the music business throughout the UK thanks to continuing support from BBC Introducing in the Midlands. 

Joshua Rumble, who has worked with Black Country New Road, The Clockworks, Anteros, Bastille, Lotusbliss, and Oliver Marson, produced all prior singles and ‘Forget The Name.’

‘Forget The Name’ illustrates a fight within a person between two conflicting ideas: one that fears the changing nature of life and hence sacrifices the present moment, and one that has a ‘Carpe Diem’ attitude toward life. 

The same musical concept is continued through, with bright synths as a backdrop for the lyrics to ‘bloom,’ if you will, but with the added pessimism of swirling, decreasing guitar notes.

Lou Emery – Wish

Lou Emery is a pop-rock singer-songwriter from Los Angeles, California. 

She combines the energy of live band arrangements with current pop production to deliver catchy yet essential stories as an artist.

She is akin to modern female powerhouses like Ariana Grande and Olivia Rodrigo.

Her Music defies categorization, emulating the stylistic range of vocalists such as Harry Styles, keeping fans fascinated from track to track while displaying her superb vocal delivery and intense instrumentals. 

The second song from Lou’s forthcoming first EP is “Wish.” This lively yet emotional R&B/pop song discusses what happens once you’re over the joyous starting stage of a relationship and realize you’re not exactly who he wants you to be or who you want to be.

THE TRUSTED – Arkansas

Hailing from Southend-on-Sea, The Trusted are Dave Batchelor, Dale Holt-Mead, Fin Cunningham, and Tom Cunningham.

With another bottom-up sight of a track that conveys an overwhelming sensation of being left behind by society, they teach us how to escape the demands of existence in the twenty-first century.

This is another strong and poignant song by The Trusted, which has earned a reputation for superb composition and incredible live performances.

The song also alluded to a more significant problem that anybody trying to hear their opinion in this age of global instant communication faces: media overload.

Arkansas was recorded and produced by Rees Broomfield at SS2 Studios, and it was mixed by Grammy-nominated Andy Bradfield, who has also worked with Elbow, David Gray, and Rufus Wainwright.


Colossal Music is a Collective that works with African artists to create high-quality content that appeals locally yet resonates internationally.

Colours are one of several works of art we’ve released showcasing Effji, a young brilliant Kenyan artist.

She is a talented singer, composer, and rapper we feel the world should be aware of.

Effji creates a fascinating narrative in Colours by switching between accents and languages. She makes Music that is devoid of text yet rich in tune.

The song Money is motivated by the inclination of spoiled males to spend money on women to win them over.

Luo men are generally recognized for this and are thought to be amorous, thus some of the bold but humorous lyrics in language reflect that. Overall, the overall vibe is that of a laid-back feel-good trap tune.

DEREK LEE GOODREID – Breakthru Hardtimes

Derek Lee Goodreid is one of Australia’s most soulful & exciting singer-songwriters. With a unique style that blends country, blues, and rockabilly, Derek’s Music is sure to ignite your emotions and get your feet moving. 

Born and raised in the land down under, Derek has always been drawn to Music. He began playing the guitar at 18 and soon found his true passion in songwriting. 

Following the success of Born to Raise Hell & Sing the Blues, Derek’s new song, Breakthru Hardtimes, is a soulful ballad reminiscent of the Black Keys, Nathaniel Rateliff, and Ben Harper. 

Derek has produced, mixed, and mastered his vocal, guitar, and drum programs at his home studio, Howling Light Recordings, which includes longtime collaborator bassist Hector Ruano. 

The song’s words were inspired by a couple of difficult years that included relationship failures, unemployment, and health issues. Derek had an epiphany when he heard the harsh yet beautiful blues classic Breakthru Hardtimes.


Sarantos is a self-taught worldwide award-winning solo artist, a Top 5 iTunes UK Charting singer-songwriter, a #1 iTunes South Africa Charting Folk & Country artist, and a proud geek, multi-instrumentalist, book author, comic book enthusiast, radio program host, poet, and part-time spy.

This EDM pop tune is about continually desiring for more than you have. When does enough become enough? If you’re like Sarantos, you’re always looking for more. 

The relatable words pulse to the infectious bass beat while the mood drags you right into the claws of the vintage synth. The dreaminess of the film reflects the tense story’s oscillation between optimism and sorrow.

For a youngster suffering from a severe disease, the “I wish” experience can be life-changing. This idea drives all they do. It motivates them to give life-changing wishes to children going through a lot, and it pushes them to be inventive in exceeding the kids’ expectations.

THE DISARMED – What We Leave

The Disarmed, formed in 2013, have reintroduced their unique sound of yesteryear with fresh, young vigour.

Influences included Iron Maiden, Alice Chains, and Soundgarden. This grunge revival band features Bobby Kooiman’s aggressive, forceful, and soaring vocals, Zach Dresch’s precision and hard-hitting drumming, Doug Hair’s unique tone and assault on bass, and new guitarist Morgan Harris’ fresh impact.

Their third full-length studio album, “What We Leave Behind” was released on August 12th—recorded by Jeremy Schaeffer at All Poetic Audio in the winter of 2021/2022.

The new album is a logical evolution and maturation from their prior releases. “What We Leave Behind” explores the impermanence of life and legacy with dynamics spanning from strong, thrashing guitars to gentle, heartbreaking ballads.

LUPE DRAGON – Your Charming Head

Lupe Dragon is a Northern New Jersey-based alternative singer-songwriter who has performed around New Jersey. 

Her style is set to power with Ed Sheeran’s lyrical style, Billie Eilish’s attitude, and a singing style reminiscent of Paramore’s Hayley Williams and Alanis Morrisette.

What happens when sad, tragic lyrics are combined with punk and a dash of passion?

The newest Lupe Dragon song, “Your Charming Head,” contains just that. This is the ideal medicine after a breakup, with a voice similar to Avril Lavigne and a lyrical style reminiscent of early 2000s rock.

Dragon’s excellent songwriting ability and Matt Pelosi’s production, which created this magnificent setting for the Music, both contributed to this cooperation. 


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