The 5 Greatest Tracks #2

Music is an endless source of inspiration. Music helps us cope with life’s ups and downs, from the first song we hear as children to the last one as we drift off to sleep.

Music inspires us to journey to new locations and discover previously unknown countries. It expands our thoughts, fills our hearts, and even causes our bodies to act in unexpected ways.

Here are the 5 Greatest Tracks you’ll hear this week:


Ollie Twohill is a singer-songwriter from Australia’s lush east coast. He performs guitar-based pop/rock songs. Ollie’s love and life is music, and he has published five tunes since October 2020.

“Neverland” is his sixth release; the song is much more lively than his other tracks; it’s for individuals who don’t quite fit in and may get harassed for being different. These lines pretty much sum up everything.

The track was recorded with the same team working on his previous albums on Australia’s stunning Gold Coast in 2021, between repeated border closures and lockdowns.

The song was produced and mixed by Dylan J Smith and was mastered in the United States by Mike Kalajian of Rogue Planet Mastering in New York. They approached Mike because of his experience with many pop-punk bands and thought this song would be a good fit.

DAX – Searching For A Reason

Daniel Nwosu Jr., born March 22, 1994, is a Canadian rapper, singer, and songwriter better known by his stage name Dax, frequently styled as DAX.
He is most known for his tracks “Dear God” and “Dear Alcohol,” both of which entered the top ten on the Billboard Bubbling Under Hot 100 charts.

Dax is a successful rapper from Canada who has already generated some fantastic singles that have reached millions of people through his internet platforms. “Joker,” one of his most eye-catching pieces, depicts the artist as Gotham’s clown to discuss bullying on the internet.

Dax, who is only 26 years old and has a massive career, has been innovating more and more in his profession. In one of his songs titled “WHOOPTY,” the artist displays an astounding speed flow, displaying a total of 258 words in three minutes and seven seconds of playback.

This is a song that means a lot to him, and it’s one of my favorites he’s ever written. It discusses the journey of life in these tumultuous times, as well as the obstacles we confront in a world preoccupied with quick satisfaction. It was also combined with a visual inspired by one of his favorite films of all time, Alice In Wonderland.

RICHBREED – Overdose

Richbreed is a Los Angeles-based Pop duet comprised of vocalist Austin Kolbe, who stars in the Netflix series “Westside,” and Atla Gadret from the group Lucent Dossier, as well as co-writer and Grammy-nominated engineer Justin Bates.

They provide years of combined music business experience and talent, including globe tours, music festivals, writing for significant label artists, TV, and film. The two hit it off immediately, swiftly turning one creative session into a large back-catalogue of songs that will release in the following months.

On July 22, they published “Overdose,” which reflects the critical mass they reach in their lives due to the stress produced by social media and society.

This dramatic pop anthem with passionate vocals, electronic synthesizers, and percussion took almost a year to create, and the loss of a friend inspired the lyrics due to stress.

On August 17, the pair performed at Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, one of the Breaking Sound Events in Los Angeles.

BLAIR DJUNA – Beautiful

Blair Djuna is an Australian musician and vocalist who has been experimenting with many musical genres, including rock and roll, R&B, hip hop, and indie pop.

He earned a Bachelor of Music in Songwriting from Sydney’s JMC Academy and was one half of the pop duet SEGANA, with a hit song called “Forget You” in 2018.

Djuna’s most recent melodic contribution is a serious, contemplative, and delightfully pleasant tune that conveys the self-doubts, struggle, and pain that anybody who has been or aspires to be loved can understand.

He has an uncanny ability to make complicated music sound easy. Listening to the song transports you to a world of self-reflection, rejection, and love failure. It has a simple melody, yet it generates a throbbing sound of solid intensity.

‘Beautiful’ has a minimalistic, contemporary, yet classic tone. Blair’s vocal performance communicates your most intimate emotions, sentiments, and worries, while the piano provides a delicate, nostalgic flavour.


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