Fresh New Music #2

The way we listen to music is constantly evolving. Thanks to streaming services and various on-demand listening apps, it’s easier to discover new tracks from artists worldwide. 

So many incredible songs are being released daily that it can be hard to track them all. 

In the past week alone, some awesome new tunes have been uploaded to streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, and more. Read on for our top 10 songs from the past week that you should be listening to now…

TAYLOR B-W – Tears Of Coal

Taylor B-W is a modern-day nostalgic Queen offering unabashed, phat pop/RnB songs with ‘lyricism that is personal, relevant, and covering a complete range of emotion.’

She has returned with another robust and soulful tune to add to her ever-growing collection, hot on the heels of her Reggaeton-infused, electro-pop single, ‘In Ur Net.’

‘Tears Of Coal,’ known for her cheerful and joyful 90’s pop-inspired tracks, flips the musical script to depict a different, darker image. ‘Tears Of Coal,’ a dynamic perspective on one’s cautious attitude while exploring new love, embraces a folk-electronica soundtrack evocative of musicians like Jarryd James and Vera Blue, with a hint to 90s composers Bjork and Thom Yorke.

The track is backed by an exciting music video created by Moose Visuals’ Ben Montague, who also directed B-‘Nunchucks’ W’s in 2021. ‘Tears Of Coal’ captures the weary confusion of handling a developing relationship nicely.

B-W has once again merged her passionate lyrics inside an electro-pop environment with the aid of producer Liam Quinn, who has previously worked with Peach PRC, Jessica Mauboy, and Lime Cordiale, to create a single that is contemplative and intimate yet incredibly accessible. The see-saw difference in the music sends the listener on an emotional rollercoaster.

LUKX – Get Shit Done

Lukx is the work of a Belgian and Swedish father and son production duo based in Belgium, led by singer-songwriter Lucas Malmport and composer and producer Nils Malmport.

Their music, combining French and English lyrics, falls between hip-hop, rap, and pop. A calm catchy mood comes straight from a father and son cooperation.

‘Get Shit Done,’ Lukx’s new highly infectious house, dance, and pop single are out. Lukx’s project is the outcome of a father and son production team working from their modest home studio in Belgium.

Recorded in their small home studio in Belgium. For this song, they collaborated with 3 of Lukx friends involved in the composition, and then it was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Nils Malmport.

‘Get Shit Done’ is about how people don’t finish things in life and save a lot of stuff for later since life is too short.

PETE MILLER – A Light Out There

Pete Miller was born and raised in Connecticut, just 45 minutes from New York City. But the vast metropolis couldn’t entice Pete. Instead, he worked as a landscaper and attended school part-time. 

Soon after, he relocated to a Vermont farm for six months, working and struggling his way to Pennsylvania, where he now resides. 

Pete works at the blue-collar occupations he sings about in his “everyman songs” while pursuing his music ambition, working in warehouses, lumber yards, construction, and studying mechanics part-time. 

Pete Miller’s debut album “Live On Record,” which features pure and unadulterated acoustic guitar and a deep voice reminiscent of Johnny Cash is fresh air for fans of raw and authentic music.

Pete’s storytelling is contemplative and poetic, with folk, country, and rock elements. “Live on Record,” Pete’s debut album for MTS Records.

The album’s debut track, “A Light Out There,” has had over 80K Spotify listens and charted in the UK iTunes Top 20 Singer-Songwriters Chart.


Luke Hansen is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Since he was 16, he has been involved in the Sydney music scene, deriving influence from Jeff Buckley, Neil Young, Connan Mockasin, and The Beatles. Luke’s work demonstrates the culmination of musical drawings combined with his sensibility.

“Scream,” Luke Hansen’s latest single release, takes the listener on a captivating trip through a crowded and bright wide field, building with cinematic music and heartbreaking lyrics to a posture that makes an impression.

Beautifully complimenting his debut album ‘The Air is Thin,’ which is set to be published in February 2023, ‘Scream’ is about being stripped of one’s identity and seeking consolation in frequently misunderstood organizations.

Usually, when he was having difficulty creating the opening chords, he found himself doodling on scraps of loose paper to attempt to remember the chords and arpeggiations that came to mind. Luke recorded the song and album in Sydney’s Studios 301 with his 5-piece backup band.

This song represents the maturation and development of an observant and creative artist who is continuing his path in improving his craft. Luke’s musical savvy comes through as he employs his sweet vocals and killer guitars.

SABREEN ISLAM – You Will Never See This

Sabreen Islam is an Auckland, New Zealand-based singer-songwriter who draws influence from artists such as Maisie Peters, Conan Gray, and Phoebe Bridgers.

Her debut pop track, ‘Glow,’ was chosen as a semi-finalist in the International Songwriting Competition 2020, with just 9% of over 26,000 entries making it to the finals. She has also performed and collaborated with Jamie McDell at Auckland’s legendary Others Way Festival.

Following a trio of great indie-folk albums, ‘Glow,’ ‘like a movie,’ and ‘count me out’ gained widespread acclaim, with ‘like a movie being chosen by MTV Australia through MTV Upload and ‘count me out’ enjoying regular radio play across New Zealand.

‘You will never see this,’ produced by Sabreen and Sophie Bialostocki and written by Sabreen, looks like the heart-wrenching curiosity one has while thinking of someone they used to know.

Sabreen provides an unashamed narrative of sorrow and healing accompanied by a new musical phase in her record, demonstrating her flexibility as an exciting rising musician with electric guitars, forceful drumming, and visceral lyrics.

WELSH AVENUE – Feather In My Hat

Welsh Avenue, a Texas-based alternative/pop piano project, dropped his newest soul-soothing wonder, “Feather in my Hat,” on August 12. “Feather in My Hat,” which has received praise from tastemakers and other buzz sites, is a pleasant entrée into Welsh Avenue’s upbeat, inventive sound.

Mark DiLillo is a pianist and composer who goes by the stage name Welsh Avenue. During his last year of college, he received extensive classical piano lessons and began studying Ableton. While residing on Welsh Avenue, he started writing songs.

When he relocated outside of Austin, he met an Invengo Productions representative during an open mic. Joshua Rumer, the CEO and producer of Welsh Avenue, was immediately taken to DiLillo’s music and collaborated with him on two prior EPs.

He collaborated with producer Scott Morris on this and his prior singles. On August 14, he performed at The Far Out Lounge in Austin to celebrate the release.

“This track is about how the world is construed in front of us as infinite potential, mostly in the form of knowledge, and how we get through life is by seeing it, judging it, and breathing purpose into it,” says DiLillo.


Nocturnal Issues is a single multi-instrumentalist, producer, and illustrator with over a decade of experience in photography and cinematography. Nocturnal continued to learn everything, knowing that no one would assist him on his road to becoming an artist.

He creates everything on an iPad with rigs connected to play guitar, bass, drums, and sing. Nothing is recorded in a studio; everything is done in their bedroom.

Nocturnal desires to make a terrifying world for everybody to enjoy. Noct also shoots and directs their music videos, which are shot using a 35mm lens and a Fujifilm camera. 

Because the colourization technique heavily influenced Giallo films, Italian horror movies are known for their distinctive look. 

‘After the Debauchery’ is a thrilling follow-up to ‘Before the Debauchery’, the successful EP released by Nocturnal Issues. 

A solid return to form for them, with a completely new style, Nocturnal claims to have cast off their flesh for unexplained causes.

Join Nocturnal in bringing this Era’s Debauchery Chapter to a close.

CARTER FOX – Cosmic Sunrise

Carter Fox has been a musician, writer, producer, and performer since 15, touring with R&B legend Freddie Jackson and collaborating with Grammy winners Pablo Batista, Leon Huff, and producer David Ivory while producing original songs as a solo artist.

His ‘chill-fi’ music is informed by his interests in astronomy and video games. Fox’s latest CD, Cosmic Sunrise, blends his styles and tastes of jazz, blues, and rock styles, blending them with downtempo and electronic components to generate the distinct sound he is known for in the industry today.

In addition to working toward his dream of composing music for video games and films, Carter Fox has lectured and spoken on music, business, and bass at the University of Southern California, the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Drexel University, New York University, the Philadelphia-based after-school music, and education program ‘Rock to the Future,’ and other institutions. 

Carter Fox continues his solo adventure with the chillhop groove Cosmic Sunrise, featuring Steve Honz on synth, after travelling the world with R&B great Freddie Jackson for five years.

Carter Fox’s music is inspired by space, science, and video games, and he aspires to encourage others to live positively and be decent people via his music.


Broken Romeo is a Tucson, Arizona-based Alternative Rock band. Their music is eclectic, drawing inspiration from classic rock to modern acts. 

Broken Romeo was the 2011 Tammy winner in the Rock category, and they have performed with several national stars.

Broken Romeo’s latest full-length album, “Desperation Daze,” was released in October 2011. Nando Rivas engineered and co-produced the album, recorded at Og7 studio in Tucson, Arizona, from May to June 2011. 

The first single, “1 In A Million,” is a “Homegrown Hit” on 106.7 FM Phoenix. The song was also included in an episode of Cinemax’s successful drama “Banshee.”

“Wait For Me” is the fifth single from the album “Infirmus Orbis.” It’s a guitar-driven rock tune with solid vocals. The song addresses issues of betrayal, addiction, and a marriage exploding as a result.

GALLOWAYYYS – Ollie Off A Mxlly

As a student in college, he began his profession by recording demos. He went to UNT in Denton, Texas, USA. He honed his unique visual and musical styles while establishing professional connections with musicians, artists, and industry executives.

Gallowayyys usually performed at underground events such as SXSW Sneaker Summit, The Speed Racer XP in Deep Ellum, The World Event in Los Angeles, and many more.

He has spent the previous year producing in a box beneath the surface, but he is thrilled to find some bandmates soon. Notable members include an electric guitarist, a bassist, and a fantastic keyboardist.

“Ollie” is the first in a series of songs on his life experiences. His objective is to create a community where supporters and fans may speak up about the events that define them and defend their motivations.

It’s a solo project with impassioned performance cuts, layered melodies, and dramatic percussion sounds.

To that end, he’s been working to bridge the gap between punk pop, alternative, and electronic dance music.

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