Top 10 Tracks #12

Music is a massive part of our lives, and it can often be quite stressful when you have too many things to listen to. 

Luckily, we’ve done the hard work for you. Here are the top 10 tracks that were most hot on the TOP 10 this week: 

THE STARKILLERS – Are You Thinking Of Me

The Salt Lake City four-piece was founded by vocalist Jon Omen, a composer with hundreds of thousands of listens and counting for his original songs. Add a social media following, and the band is off to an unbeatable start.

The Starkillers, openly influenced by The Killers, Foster The People, Walk the Moon, and Foo Fighters, bring a strong sense of enthusiasm and creative creativity to the present alt-pop landscape.

Their music and entire image exhibit the culmination of years of aesthetic intrigue and interest in the unrelenting unknown, blending cyberpunk tastes with future themes, sounds, and graphics.

Purposeful lyricism meets captivating melodies and engaging arrangements, propelling the new but devoted indie band as they eventually embrace the alternative pop sphere and live stages across the United States and beyond.

The title tune of The Starkillers’ forthcoming album serves as their debut single. Songs on their debut album explore the cycles of a toxic relationship, combining complicated, emotion-driven lyrics with alt-pop beats and catchy hooks.


Mia Mormino is more than simply a rising music star. Look a bit deeper behind the Los Angeles native’s enormous pop hits, and you’ll find something every artist strives for, but few achieve the genuineness.

What stands out most in Mia Mormino’s impossible-to-forget infectious and sincere song is a distinct message of self-empowerment. It’s an easy topic for lesser artists to overplay, but for this singer-songwriter, her long road to self-love makes her message so sincere and her music so fascinating.

Mia’s unapologetic exploration of an ever-expanding number of genres and musical influences, in addition to the fearlessness that drives her lyrical approach, further establishes her as an artist whose name you should know.

This song has numerous significance levels, and those layers have accumulated through time. However, the Supreme Court’s terrible decision-making has suddenly added a fresh dimension of meaning, compelling her to reveal this now.

The song signifies revolt, transformation, and the path of recovering the power we’ve always had but are frequently led to believe we don’t.

RANDY BETH – Kaleidoscope

Randy Beth is a singer-songwriter from New York. In 2021, she launched her debut single, “Make a Home.”

Randy Beth debuted on the music scene with a solid and passionate voice. She’s now expressing her tales after a lifetime of reciting other people’s words on stage.

Kaleidoscope, her third single and most lively song yet, is a pop, r&b song about the delights that may be found in the most unexpected places.

Recorded at Brooklyn’s Lucky Cat Record Club!

KINGDOM CALM – Relativity

The Kingdom Calm refers to the distinct sound produced by merging elements of blues, classic rock, and pop music in a frying pan at high heat. The tight beats and guitar licks that make you feel like you’re surfing a wave add further power to their lyrics, which are best described as snarky and intelligent.

It’s the result of each band member’s diverse inspirations. Matt contributes a love of rock and blues, Sinclair offers inspiration from legendary British sounds such as The Police and Dire Straits, and Andy is a pop-punk fan. 

Consequently, essential words are layered atop fascinating melodies and dance-inducing beats.

They are creating a new song that ends with a slight alteration in chorus lyrics to indicate that the experience was shared despite their varied views of the occurrence.

They use elements from Einstein’s work on Special Relativity and his “train-and-platform” thought experiment to describe a failing relationship that is perceived differently by both parties due to their separate frames of reference in Relativity.

TOM TIPPIN – Chance To Love You

Tom was born in 2000 on the outskirts of Nashville, Tennessee, and it didn’t take long to realize music was his destiny. He couldn’t escape his DNA as the son of platinum-selling singer Aaron Tippin.

He began performing with his father at an early age, and singing in front of thousands of people became routine. By 16, he went to Nashville to collaborate with writers on “Music Row.”

After releasing his debut EP, “Teenage Heart,” he began opening for major bands such as Travis Tritt, The Oak Ridge Boys, Sammy Kershaw, Colleen Raye, and Aaron Tippin. 

With the release of his new single, “Chance to Love You,” he enters a new era. The song is an upbeat hymn that tells the narrative of an unclear connection between two individuals as they progress from friends to lovers.

It’s based on his and his partner’s tale, composed in Nashville, Tennessee, by him and the song’s producer, Jason Wozniak.


Karen Harding is a folk/pop singer-songwriter from Melbourne, Australia, passionate about communicating realistic expressions of human emotion and inner experience via her music.

Music, for Karen, is a soul conversation that permits the masks we wear to share a moment of mutual understanding in a language that does not discriminate in any manner.

Karen Harding has won the November 2021 Bendigo Bank-sponsored Independent Songwriter Talent Show on Radio Eastern FM in Melbourne, Australia, since launching her first track, ‘I Didn’t Realize,’ in May 2021.

Karen Harding’s music has been compared to the sounds of Eva Cassidy, Sarah McLachlan, and Karen Carpenter, with enticing and ethereal vocals in the foreground, matched by an instrumental atmosphere that will take you flying into a dreamland of fantasy.

‘Drive Away,’ written during the Melbourne, Australia Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns, refers to the urge to leave the mess, the hardships, and the current life experience behind and flee.


Poshbwoy, a hip-hop singer from London, has released his new single ‘Say Less.’ The single, produced by DJ Ironik and recorded at Ikon Studios, follows his 2022 debut EP ‘Caviar Music’ and a succession of songs that have gained approval from tastemakers.

The Enfield rapper is swiftly making his mark on the London scene, having previously collaborated with Ayo Beatz, DJ Ironik, Jojo F Beats, and even rap royalty Big Nastie.

Poshbwoy’s name was travelling around the UK due to the hype surrounding his second hit, I Need Love, and concert demand was at an all-time high, landing him a chance to tour with the likes of BobbyV and Mann.

Now, he’s back with ‘Say Less,’ an Afro Swing hit that will get the club going. 

Poshbwoy celebrates life outside of lockdown while being happy for the opportunities life has provided him.

KING KISMET – Afterglow

Garett Pierre Rogers, as King Kismet, is a producer and DJ. Phoenix, Arizona, is the headquarters. 

Kismet creates music in a range of genres, with a concentration on Pop, Future Bass, Dubstep, and House music.

Kismet is noted for his diverse musical and performing approach. Growing up in Michigan, Kismet became interested in electronic music by attending underground dubstep and house gigs in Lansing and Detroit.

The notion of learning to let down our walls and invite love into our lives inspired Afterglow. The song is about having the strength to stand up for ourselves and pursue our aspirations.

So long as we stay loyal to our vision and never give up on our ambitions. We will undoubtedly realize the life we have always desired. The trick is to remember that we already have it.


Kills Across the River, led by singer-songwriter Amber Bighorse, released their debut album, Mutt, on September 9 on CD, vinyl, and all streaming platforms.

The album’s ten powerfully narrative songs, named after Bighorse’s late father, are constructed with remarkable depth and a charmingly nostalgic, 90s-alternative-rock rawness.

Warm, experimental electric guitar combines alternate tuning with gritty, tactile timbres, while spiralling rhythms and piled vocal melodies are balanced by beautiful quiet moments.

Bighorse composed and sang most of the songs on Mutt, and his unique singing style has earned him comparisons to Mirah, Kim Deal, and Rilo Kiley.

Mutt is evocative of Nina Nastasia’s Dogs, The Breeders’ Last Splash, Tune-Yards’ Nikki Nack, and Bonnie Prince Billy’s self-titled debut, which Mackey recorded and produced in his Moon Yard Recording Studio in Tacoma, Washington.

EMMI MAARIA – On Foot, I Wandered Through The Solar System

Emmi Maaria is a vocalist, violist, and composer residing in London with extensive expertise in classical and contemporary music. She began taking violin lessons at six and was introduced to music. Emmi Maaria later studied music and singing at the University of Arts and Applied Sciences in Freiburg, Germany.

The Finnish Cultural Foundation awarded her a stipend to finance her studies in London in the spring of 2020. She received a creative coaching opportunity from film score composer Julian Marshall after completing her MA at The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance with distinction in 2021.

With her current work, she aspires to connect with people who like alternative sounds and classical components and share the project’s goals and beliefs. Her compositions have been hailed for being incredibly inventive and unique. In April 2022, she released her debut song, ‘I move further wading into the seas.’

Emmi Maaria’s third and final publication of an immense three-part work that focuses on her study of the usage of Finnish literature in building a universal female narrative is ‘On foot, I wandered through the solar system.’ 

The song is a dedication to the forgotten female artists and activists. They struggled against women’s cruel, economic, and sexual oppression to discover their place and worth in the cosmos.


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