Fresh New Music #3

There is almost an infinity of songs, and streaming culture has made it simpler than ever to discover new music. With all the options available, it’s difficult to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

There may be moments when you think there is nothing new to listen to, but as soon as that idea enters your head, another music appears to disprove your claim.
In light of that, the Fresh New Music session is about to begin again.

LO MONACO – Dear Abbey

Lo Monaco strongly desires to compose and produce music with profound significance and substance, both lyrically and melodically. 

He draws on emotional life events to create songs that convey his vulnerabilities and take the listener on a heartfelt journey.

Although the ambitious singer-songwriter is still in the beginning phases of his career, he has a long list of evocative original songs that he plans to bring to life in a way that will allow people all over the world to experience his vision and story.

A letter in song form called Dear Abbey aims to investigate how previous traumas may impact the present. It originates from an inner area of suffering and sorrow.

In a rebound situation, the song is an apology for the damage inflicted by the person holding the blunt end of the sword. It symbolizes the underlying sorrow and self-destruction we frequently carry inside ourselves and the inexplicable way we sometimes unintentionally communicate and inflict this misery on others.

ROB LEA – Freak

Rob’s passion for music was evident even as a young child. Rob, the youngest of five children, sprang to life whenever a chance to act at home or school presented itself.

Rob thanks his music teachers for introducing him to instruments and recognizing his talent while he was in school. This prompted Rob to take up the violin, guitar, piano, drums, and even trumpet, eventually becoming a lead musician in the Blackpool Orchestra.

Rob joined the neighbourhood rock band, Black Pearl after spending a year working as a performer in Benidorm and moving back to the UK to pursue performing arts. Being the band’s frontman for the first time let him realize that here was where he thought he could genuinely connect with a crowd.

Rob has returned with his nostalgic rock & roll-infused single ‘FREAK.’ Opening with a vicious guitar riff, shimmering instrumentation, and distorted effects, the tune exposes a sure-fire and fierce affair.

A voyage of gorgeous vocals, engaging lyrics, and soaring, blues-tinged soundboards unveils a tune that will appeal to both rock aficionados and listeners.

MOTIHARI BRIGADE – Algorithm & Blues

Eric Winston, a vocalist and lead guitarist from the United Kingdom, is the philosopher-serf behind Motihari Brigade’s distinct electric vibrato sound and “escape from zombie dystopia” theme. 

Inspired by George Orwell’s imaginative works, Rock-n-Roll Thoughtcrime is meant as an independent alternative to the official programming that dominates our televisions.

Algorithm & Blues, the second album by Motihari Brigade, includes defibrillating electric guitar, tachycardia bass rhythms, and drums played by an octopus under amphetamine. 

Despite the big-tech media onslaught that currently rules the psychological crisis of human awareness, Algorithm & Blues raucously competes for any attention span that may still be available.

The artwork for the album’s cover shows a shattered glass of exquisite stemware with red wine spilling from it, signifying the end of a lavish party as a new generation searches for a place in a shrinking world.

RECKLESS – Sad Girls Rock

Reckless is a musician with exceptional skills who has a captivating personality. In addition to sharing experiences, she challenges and expresses her beliefs via poetry.

She is incredibly diverse, with many distinct multi-genre musical influences, and dabbles in genres such as hip hop, reggaeton, trap, pop, r&b, rock, and alternative, creating most of her tracks herself.

Your ability to build your reality and deal with your troubles in private, as she does, will be forced by her music. Many of her songs are inspired by real-life events or visions since she has spent her entire life feeling like she is from another planet.

The song “Sad Girls Rock” is a rallying cry for everybody who has ever felt alone and forced to bear their suffering in silence. 

She talks about her struggles with sadness and suicidal thoughts in its moving and sincere lyrics. This song aims to unite people by letting everyone openly express their suffering.


From little downtown clubs to Radio City Music Hall, Alec Berlin has been destroying stages of all sizes in NYC for quite some time. You’ll be humming along to his catchy instrumental compositions.

As his New York gigging career gained momentum, Berlin soon found himself on Broadway, performing in Green Day’s American Idiot.

Since then, he has appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Good Morning America, and shared stages with Elton John, James Taylor, Rob Thomas, Ben Folds, Kenny Wheeler, and Rufus Wainwright. 

He has also performed in dozens of Broadway productions, including Rent, Wicked, The Lion King, and Bright Star, written by Steve Martin and Edie Brickell.

Remember the lovely summer night spent in your red Cadillac convertible cruising down the Santa Monica Pier? Me either. But I bet it sounds like ROYGBIV, Berlin’s more recently single out using a cinematic style while incorporating vintage rock.


Connor Terrones has always liked music, having grown up in a house where The Beatles and Motown songs were constantly played. When Connor was an adolescent, he devoted most of his free time to playing the guitar and studying the music of legendary ’70s rock bands like Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, and many more.

Over time, his musical tastes evolved, and eventually, he fell in love with the music of James Brown, John Coltrane, J Dilla, D’Angelo, and so many other funks, jazz, hip-hop, and soul artists. Today, Connor consolidates his various influences to create a cohesive sound of his own.

Connor Terrones blends various components of hip-hop, pop, r&b, funk, and soul to create his unique sound in his debut album.

He’s prepared to release his music into the world after eight years of working as a sideman in Colorado.

Despite being significantly influenced by Knower, Thundercat, Hiatus Kaiyote, Flying Lotus, and Robert Glasper, “The People We Love” has its distinct personality, blending soul with r&b in tracks like “I Don’t Care.”


JESUS OR A GUN is an influential four-piece band from Europe’s more sunny side. They want to make you groove to a heavy here and now rather than transport you to the Golden Ages with their contemporary and soulful take on classic rock. 

The band hit stages around Portugal from 2018 to 2020, promoting THE ERUPTION at significant clubs and festivals, supported by excellent media reaction and significant airtime both domestically and internationally. The lockdown restricted future planning.

Full-length album recording sessions with renowned producer and musician Makoto Yagyu started in 2022 at HAUS Studios. They released a song titled “CRAZY!” a heart-to-mouth frenzy that serves as catharsis.

Crazy is an emotional frenzy originally written as a therapeutic scream about climate science skeptics in 2018.

It has become a repeated exercise to hold back and bite your tongue. At the same time, this perverted viewpoint still prevails, without even imagining what would happen after 2020 and how vital and contentious the subject of scientific fact denialism would become.


The Midnight Foxes made up of two parts Welsh, two parts English, and one part Belarussian, call Chester and the surrounding area home.

They came together after responding to an online advertisement that “wanted to create a memorable live experience” and taking inspiration from Pink Floyd, The Mystery Jets, The Strokes, and We Are Scientists. 

You can expect forceful, high-octane, grandiose, and anthemic indie rock with crisp melodies, wide synth-style guitars, and precisely synced vocal performances.

They’re releasing their second track, “Pepper Gate,” about forbidden love and leaving with your darling. 

The song, based on Chester folklore is about an Alderman’s daughter; fleeing town to elope with a poor trades apprentice. It feels like a high-speed chase filled with exciting rhythm guitars, full-speed drums, earth-shaking percussions, tightly played bass, and vocals that succeed in inspiring with their powerful performance.

JANNE PORRASKORPI – Welcome To Managrift City

In Tampere, Finland, Janne Porraskorpi was born in May 1986. He and his music continue to be significantly influenced by those times. Catharsis Bandwagon is an excellent illustration of this. The rhythm, bassline, and piano are reminiscent of the London sound from the early 1990s.

He studied abroad for several years, absorbing the many cultures and viewpoints while developing his patience and openness. His motto is “Be the change you desire to see in the world,” He has the dual goals of making music that will endure and advancing human rights.

Rock, electronic music, and metal are his primary musical inspirations. Love Groove Revolution started as an effort to sound like Basement Jaxx, while The Before After is a mashup of Kemopetrol, The Prodigy, and Pink Floyd. 

The follow-up to his most recent album, Life is Outside, this VGM compilation is Janne’s most approachable yet. David Wise’s work on the Donkey Kong Country soundtracks is highly influenced by it.

Soon after Easter in 2021, “Welcome to Managrift City” was recorded in Espoo, Finland. Even though “Managrift” is one of the darkest songs, the album is unabashedly upbeat.


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