Fresh New Music #4

If you’re a fan of new music, you’ve probably heard of our Radar session. And if you haven’t, you should definitely check it out.

1111CR3W is an international tastemaker curator that curates the best tracks of the week, and their site makes it easy to find new music from all over the world. Whether you’re looking for hip-hop or EDM, they have it all!

It’s no surprise that 1111CR3W has become so popular—it’s one of the most impressive sites for discovering new music.

STASI – Hey Lady

An accidental encounter on the street gave Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Stasi the idea for her most recent song. It is known as Hey Lady.

Stasi’s songwriting walks the line between soul, blues, and modern R&B while also including elements of country music.

Other folk singer-songwriters like Tracy Chapman, Brandi Carlile, and Labi Siffre influenced Stasi’s style. 

When she penned the song, she met a woman who served as an inspiration. One of the homeless women she encountered while performing outreach requested her to pray for her.

This song’s subject is the sense of wanting strength but not knowing where to find it. The topic of this song is loneliness. The subject of this song is loss.


Jameson, a self-made musician, has collaborated on writing and recording projects with several Grammy-winning producers and composers.

Hailing from Los Angeles, California, he is a modern, sensitive example of masculinity with a beautiful voice and a fun demeanour. 

His first music video, “Pull Me In,” earned an award at the Eurasia International Film Festival after the release of his debut EP, “PURSUIT,” and “Black Dust” won at the Global Music Awards in 2020, both of which made remarks on diversity and inclusiveness.

The dance-pop single he refers to as “nu-disco” in his most recent song, “Touch,” co-written by Jenna Tabor and Molly Chapman, provides a stage for Jameson’s vocals to stand out.

After the initial listen, this song is played repeatedly because of Jameson’s soulfully dripping performance, which gives out the positive energy of summer all year long.

ANN BERETTA – DCxPC Live Vol. 8 Presents: Ann Beretta Live Like A Riot!

After the dissolution of prominent punk band Inquisition, whose members later went on to create Strike Anywhere and River City High, Richmond, Virginia-based Ann Beretta was born.

Ann Beretta, influenced by bands like the Clash, the Alarm, and Fifteen, is well-known for its rousing choruses and political and personal themes that have captured listeners’ attention worldwide for over 25 years.

They were releasing music through companies like Lookout! Records and Fueled by Ramen. Through years of continual travelling with groups like Less Than Jake, Avail, Hot Water Music, the Bouncing Souls, and many others—not to mention headlining tours in the early 2000s that sold out clubs and small theatres worldwide—the band developed a fervent fan following.

Recently they released a brand new record called DCxPC Live Vol. 8, developed in the lockdown, resulting from performing many online shows. 

This is the first time the album has been released on vinyl.

The vinyl is pink, and the covers were individually screen printed by Ann Beretta’s singer-guitarist, Rob Huddleston, so no two covers are identical. 

This album’s creation served as a reminder that punk is more than just music, shows, t-shirts, and records. It’s a community held together by mutual trust and respect that allows strangers to collaborate and produce something new and significant with only the conviction that punk rock means community as their common bond.

S E R É N A T E – Caso De Estudio

Diego Alonso, a Mexican architect, and producer, has only released one album, s.e.r.é.n.a.te, to transport listeners to relaxing ambients.

 In May 2020, his debut album, “todos los domingos” was made available through the Mexican discography Turista Universal.

The “caso de estudio” results from Diego honing his skill while enjoying himself. The record should be listened to as casually as possible. Diego wants everyone who hears it to be happy.

This new EP consists of three tracks with distinctly varied vibes linked by my distinct and laid-back project style.

“American Haiku” is a lofi tune featuring Jack Kerouac samples and gorgeous sax. A great way to start the EP.

APAOLO – Chase The Sun

Apaolo is a student of both contemporary pop production and traditional recording methods, fusing the best of both worlds to produce music that has a genuine rock & roll feel and a polished pop shine.

He has been compared to John Mayer if he had joined Blink-182 rather than the Dead because his lyrics combine Springsteen-like poetry with contemporary rock and pop-punk sounds. 

Apaolo released “Chase the Sun,” his debut single from a professionally recorded album, on September 30. He relocated to Cincinnati after losing a couple of years to the epidemic and its aftereffects, having staked his future on the AFC Divisional Round match.

“Chase the Sun” expresses the thrill of pushing forward in life in an inspiring and adventurous way. It is a call to action that fuses a desire for exploration and adventure with upbeat instrumentalization. 

People who are sick of where they are in life and want to make a significant change because they are ready for something new are the target audience for “Chase the Sun.” 


Rock group Saint Celebrity is composed of four members and is based in Bristol, United Kingdom. 

Their ferocious guitar hooks lash over snappy rhythm guitars and thunderous drumming to generate a whirlwind of anthemic rock; amid the mayhem of British nightlife, the singers coo and crunch about an unexpected relationship.

But this hurricane-like chorus, which is composed of pounding percussion and massively distorted guitars, brings it crashing down much as naïve romanticism does.

It feels like a slap when your genuine love unexpectedly dates someone else. You’re left wondering where everything went wrong since They’re Already Over U.

When punk music collides with an 80s pop song, the result is Over U. A rock tune like this has never been heard before. The synthesizers highlight the lyrics’ infatuation-filled memories of a better time when everything seemed ideal.

RØSES – Self Destructive

RØSES is a queer singer-songwriter born in the UK and now resides in the US.

She began by posting renditions of her favourite songs on SoundCloud before releasing her debut single, “Self Destructive,” in December 2020.

She is still experimenting with new methods to convey tales and emotions via her music.

The song “Self Destructive” is about having a strong desire for someone right now, even if you know it’s not healthy for either of you and the emotional whiplash that results.

Dark Pop, XYLO, Mothica, Ruelle, and Daughter influenced the song Brian Squillace of LANNDS produced in LA and recorded in San Francisco.


Max Benjamin is a self-taught artist located in Brighton, England. To begin, he has released five blazing new tunes from the album to round out the beginning lineup.

His tracks ‘What They Tell You,’ ‘Storming the Bastille,’ ‘Fever Dream,’ ‘Unstoppable,’ and ‘Dead and Gone’ have all gotten airplay and support from BBC Introducing and tastemakers.

Max Benjamin’s love of songwriting is evident in his songs. The energy inspires nonstop, all-night studio jam sessions when musicians of all genres play all the instruments, sing, produce, and record.

Max Benjamin is not one to follow a trend, and his debut album, Work, is no different. He is always innovative and constantly pushing the envelope.

It’s a singular genre-bending explosion that sounds like no other band on earth, like Jack White, Royal Blood, Queens of the Stone Age, and Arctic Monkeys, to name a few.

PAUL COGLEY – Deep Blue Sky

Paul Cogley is a musician, songwriter, and producer who has played in bands spanning several genres, including rock, punk, soul, progressive, and blues, from the middle of the 1970s until 2015. 

By the way, he is a British musician who resides in Seattle, Washington, and has long been a significant player in the region’s music scene.

Since its debut in June 2020, his previous album, Terra Nullius, has had over 200,000 listens on Spotify alone. Additionally, he is aware of the broad international appeal due to Spotify’s stats.

In the making for two years was Deep Blue Sky. He may say that the experimental rock-alternative and electronic music is well-crafted and will appeal to a broad audience.

In this chaotic world where we have all somehow lost our way, the record provides a manual on how to redeem yourself.

SEBASTIAN CLARIN – High Blood Treasure

Grand electronic melodies, chaotic soundscapes, and, at his darkest times, lyrically poignant passages are all created by Sebastian Clarin.

With lyrics that address the breakdown of a relationship, the vocal delivery is personal and enticing as it draws you in. Those precious times seem to have vanished and have been replaced with gloomy ideas. and deeds.

Musically, this is a mashup of Leonard Cohen’s “First We Take Manhattan” and “Silent Shout” by The Knife. Or a cross between David Bowie and Röyksopp.

Stunning synthesizer melodies, eerie settings, and a dark, pulsing pulse. This captivating tune, along with the other tracks on this mysterious artist’s upcoming debut album, was produced by former techno producer Henrik B. On October 7, “Aerial Cuts” will be made available.

Unquestionably, “High Blood Treasure” is a gloomy yet mesmerizingly catchy dance anthem. The captivating voice of Sebastian Clarin, the production’s flawless fusion of New Wave, electropop, and techno music, the song’s enigmatic lyrics, and the melodies’ prophetic turns while being incredibly accessible all come together in this song.


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