The 5 Greatest Tracks #3

A tastemaker curator is someone with the ability to curate music from a wide variety of genres and bring it together in a cohesive, engaging way. It’s not enough for them to listen to music or even like the same types of music as others—they need the ability to put together something that makes sense on its own and tells a story. A tastemaker curator can make you feel like you hear new music for the first time every time they play—they know what they’re doing and do it well.

This is why we are saving you time by doing this work for you. One thing is for sure when you are in front of one of our lists, the tracks are always the top releases on the market. 

There you have the 5 Greatest Tracks you’ll hear this week:


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Holly Wild, an Australian indie pop musician, has released Messy as the first single from her upcoming album Wild. Messy is a song exhorts us to be honest with one another, from the sombre verses to the upbeat chorus hook.

This song is about allowing the people you love—the ones who believe they must be resilient for everyone else—to falter and show their vulnerability.

Messy evolves from delicate modern folk to an upbeat pop blockbuster without departing from the song’s mesmerizing essence thanks to Holly’s unique vocal cadences.

Holly says about the origins of Messy, “I couldn’t see my husband was stressed until there was an explosion because he was so careful to protect us. It shouldn’t be like that; he should feel safe to fall apart when he needs to”.

Messy is a mixture of a transparent heart and a majestic spirit, a creative vision that is emotionally charged and channels personal difficulties into a familiar, global topic. It is a radio no-brainer and a streaming sensation waiting to happen. The outcome was a stirring, emotive, and unmistakable indie-pop blockbuster.


Young Colombian-American singer-songwriter Camila Andrew combines her Latin and American heritage with original sounds that take the listener on an adventure.

When the musician began her career in 2017 with music ranging from R&B to funk and Latin, she revolutionized the Bogota music scene.

She participated in several events in 2019, including Festival de Blues y Jazz Libélula Dorada, Voces del Jazz en Cartagena, and Indie Week Music Festival in Toronto, where she won the Best International Emerging Artist prize.

In her brand-new song, Cada Vez, Camila uses understated vocals but strong lyrics to highlight her sexuality.

The song promises a polished and competitive sound because it was produced by Monts and mixed and mastered by Grammy winners Kiko Castro and Camilo Silva.


From performing onstage with Jessie J to collaborating with labels like FrtyFve and Sony Sweden, Frannie B aesthetically draws inspiration from many Pop musicians. 

In short, her music has gained widespread appreciation from prominent musicians like Sinead Harnett and Anne Marie and has had over a million Spotify listens. 

She finished her first UK tour in 2018, performing ranging from intimate local gigs to support roles at the prestigious O2 Academy 2 in Islington. She also performed at The Brixton Jamm and for the Oxford mayor.

In addition to performing her songs, Frannie B also contributes her vocal abilities to well-known musicians, including folk singer Charlie Dore and alt-rock sensation Supergrass.

Releasing Wonderland is a debut EP that gathers a few of your favourite personal memories from the previous year. She used dancing elements to delicate dark pop compositions to give each song a unique “vibe,” which is how songs like “Older” feel.

E!ENA – Bittersweet

Elena Avradopoulos is a producer, vocalist, and guitarist known as e!ena. She began making music for release in 2020, during the COVID epidemic.

Elena went through a serious mental health crisis, which aided in the rise of her new songs. She uses her songs to describe the feeling of losing your mind and having everyone disregard you as a result.

Elena recorded the track in her bedroom using a laptop, Logic Pro, and a microphone inspired by Billie Eilish, Adele, Clairo, and Amy Winehouse.

She would not have discovered her love for making music that resonates with those who suffer from mental health if it hadn’t been for some of the traumatic situations she had gone through.

“Bittersweet” captures both the relief and the fear that come with realizing one’s own individuality. This song does a terrific job of capturing how she felt when she first accepted and understood her sexuality. Additionally, it captures the anxiety that comes with maturing and adjusting to living on your own.


An indie music duo called Blueprint Tokyo hails from Alberta and Oklahoma City. 

Kevin Dawson and Andrew Hale of Blueprint Tokyo, a band, based in Oklahoma City, have been making waves with their catchy tunes, ethereal sounds, and unexpectedly upbeat lyrics. 

Blueprint Tokyo is beginning from scratch after emerging from the epidemic with brand-new songs in hand. On October 28, a new EP called Cinema Sounds with three pieces will be published.

The songs are the pinnacle of indie pop rock, built on atmosphere and enticing melodies. Their latest songs are “intense, delicate, and driving with inspired indie rock dreaminess.”

Pre-saving the record below is the best method to appreciate this recognizable and unforgettable song.


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