Fresh New Music #5

With music being such a big part of our lives, it’s not surprising that the world is constantly buzzing with new tunes. There are so many great songs released every week that it can be hard to keep track of them all, but luckily we’re here to help!

Whether you need some inspiration or simply looking for something new to listen to, you’ll find what you need right here. Get ready for another fresh ten songs from the past seven days.

JAIME – Good Old Days

South German native Joe Styppa, better known by his stage as JAIME, was born and raised. The drummer, producer, and sound engineer are in touch with the times while maintaining a rural home and place of employment.

Joe Styppa collaborated on his compositions with a variety of musicians and friends, each adding their distinctive touch to this recognizable yet always evolving work.

Rap, R&B, Future Bass, and everything else that reverberates in the spaces in between—a large number of tracks, each with a distinct style, sync to a complete piece of artwork with a golden line.

Jaime’s second EP single, “Good Old Days,” is the second EP single off his upcoming second album, “Companion EP.” He worked with Gina Livia on this tune.

They collaborated on a fantastic modern pop hymn full of positive sentiments, a powerful rhythm with future bass subtleties mixed with fresh synth lines that will hopefully lift your spirits!

ELION MELODY – Dose Of Oxytocin

Elion Melody, a budding musician with a heart honest enough to revive the pop, R&B, and Soul genres, is based in the center of New York City.

His music skillfully assembles realistic collages of emotional journeys, brings forth every emotion, and bravely demonstrates his variety.

Elion prides himself on displaying vulnerability throughout his work to touch souls with even the roughest edges. He does this with captivating tunes and soft-spoken lyrics.

He keeps trying to leave his mark in the industry as more blogs and playlists start to acknowledge his abilities. His musical influences range from Drake to Ty Dolla $ign to Eric Bellinger and Young Thug.

On September 9, 2022, Elion released his debut EP Dose of Oxytocin, which featured Red Mercedes II, a crowd favorite. This endeavor, which contains about 1,000 ccs of romance and little levels of intimacy, produces an incomprehensible sensory reaction in all participants.

SAMANTHA GIBB – Sorry, Not Sorry

Samantha currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee, however, she was born and raised in Miami Beach, Florida. Sam’s father, Bee Gees superstar Maurice Gibb, had a significant impact on both her life and her music.

After her father’s passing in 2004, Sam teamed up with Lazaro Rodriguez to form M.E.G. Records/M.E.G. Productions (M.E.G. stands for Maurice Ernest Gibb’s initials).

Every year, Samantha and Lazaro produce new music for themselves as well as other musicians. They have a distinctive and adaptable musical style that harmonizes flawlessly with Samantha’s seductive voice.

The song “Sorry, Not Sorry” is about growing up and moving on from a relationship that might not have been healthy for you, but how the experience eventually helped you develop, the singer adds.

Versatile Gibb claims that the song is, in essence, about her bond with Miami Beach, Florida, which is where she was born and raised.

K I T – When We Say Goodbye

In the middle of 2019, K I T finally settled on a formula that included Turvey and Halls as the writer and producers.

America’s progressive pop sound has always benefited from Liverpool’s boy-next-door perspective.

The first single from K.I.T. and Mike Halls’ upcoming four-track EP, “Close Up,” was recorded at Halls’ “Deadroom” studio and is titled “When We Say Goodbye.”

K I T is no exception to that trend. It was created by Rich Turvey, who is well-known for his work with Blossoms, The Coral, Vistas, and Mike Halls from Clean Cut Kid.


Beware Wolves, a mysterious but incredibly gifted up-and-coming singer-songwriter, must have high expectations for his capacity to capture listeners’ hearts and minds with his singular mix of captivating storylines, dramatic acoustic guitars, and seductive vocals.

Beware Wolves and his label make it easier for us to immerse by creating an introductory 11-track self-titled sampler (as opposed to titles like Beware Wolves, Vol. 5) that introduces us to his eclectic vibes, emotive vocals, crisp, rhythmic string playing, and a sampling of some great representative songs. 

Songs like “Badsome” have a Roy Orbison rockabilly vibe in addition to some distinctive vocal modulations and some rhythmic diversity on the guitar.

Thanks to the intuitive brilliance of award-winning Don Bartley of Benchmark Mastering in Sydney, Australia, who has worked with some well-known artists including Crowded House, Split Enz, Ray Davies, and Silverchair, the set has a refreshing blend of immediacy and warmth, rawness and space and distance.

We understand we’re in the company of a rare talent when we learn that many of these recordings were the first and only time these songs were caught and that in many cases the songs were written on the day of the recording.

AYTIWAN – Ilanga

Nico P, the label manager of the Belgian label DHB, is donning a new identity as Aytiwan. Nico P, a producer of melodic house music, founded Aytiwan to focus only on afro house sounds.

Through the initiative, he was able to work with vocalist Nes Mburu to create the upcoming EP Ilanga, which gave him a new way to communicate his feelings. On October 14, 2022, a 4-track EP with remixes by label pals Enoo Napu and Klaudius will be published.

The original track Ilanga, which was released on Nico P’s new label Deep In Your Soul, was motivated by love and good vibes. “nikupende, pende pende,” which translates to “I love you, love you,” is the song’s catchy melodic hook and is delivered by emerging musician Nes Mburu. The song’s pulse, which is dark and foreboding, is introduced early in the tune with a constant pace.

Aytiwan worked with Enoo Napa, a South African musician, to create two remixes for the Ilanga EP. The first remix experiments with stomping drums and bass lines. Mburu’s voice hook is overlaid with electronic synths that alternate with one another.

Ilanga is a powerful song that is powerfully reflected in each of its renditions. These renditions capture many moods for listeners to experience, demonstrating the variety of Aytiwan’s unique creation and originality.


The producer and performer Penny, who is located in Stockholm, released her first track CRUCIAL.

The strange, whispering voices contain lyrics about being brought back to life after experiencing paralyzing anxiety as a result of some other people’s statements.

The record was mixed by Hans Olsson at Svenska Grammofonstudion.

It is co-produced by Alex Zethson, who has previously worked with Sven Wunder, Mariam the Believer, and Anton Toorell, who has worked with Receptacles, Dammit I’m Mad, and Invader Ace.

A nasty sound cascade with the pulsing bottom is surrounded by enigmatic noises, making it an imperfectly perfect composition.

MAROTTES – Languish

Mike Mytnick, a producer and video director, has a project called Marottes.

With origins in Cleveland, Ohio, Marottes creates an enchanting dreamscape by fusing her varied, self-discovered sound with her visual talent.

The motivation behind Marottes is to inject some enchantment into life’s conundrums, much like a deck of tarot cards.

The EP Languish has remix collaborations with musicians including Wander, JUST PROCESS, Mordaga, Psychoid, Sacred Canopy, and others as a part of the collection to tell Languish’s story.

Languish was mixed and mastered by Cleveland-based musician Wander. Similar to a deck of tarot cards, Marottes’ goal is to add some magic to life’s difficulties.

WILLIAM SANFORD – Florals With Mr. Gramophone

William is a diverse, odd, and electronic musician from northwest Indiana in the Chicago metropolitan region. William is influenced by many different genres, including downtempo, ambient, soundtrack, new age, and more.

Although William was raised in the working class and remains there now, his music transcends and embraces this past, for better or worse. At times like a grizzled philosopher, at other times ignorant and aggressive In either case, William is not a dull person.

Boomer Vibe’s “Sessions” is a psychedelic reimagining and celebration presented in a variety of musical formats. We find ourselves in front of a particular “Mr. Gramophone,” who takes us on a hallucinogenic journey through music and history. A voyage through time that is “unstuck.”

The most probable contender for a single is “Boomer’s Got A Gramophone,” however Hey Mister, Would You Go Bop? is quite catchy, with Nag Champa maybe having the most potential for memes.

As vinyl records spin, he and Mr. Gramophone find themselves savoring heart-melting moments as lava lights and burning incense create an atmosphere. It isn’t “Boomer” music tho. 


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