Convo with Irys

Irys is a singer, songwriter, and producer located in Berlin. She launched her first single last year, and since then, she has released a few more songs, including the most recent one, named Borderline.

She swiftly accumulated over half a million streams across all streaming platforms, earning tremendous resonance from reviewers and tastemakers.

Irys was inspired to create her music aesthetic by the Berlin electro-music scene and by industry moguls such as Charli XCX and The Weeknd. Both of them were instrumental in assisting her in her endeavour. 

She gave up the guitar in favour of synthesizers and electronic rhythms, creating a future-retro sound by fusing a dark electro-pop with captivating melodies while staying faithful to her original lyrics and honing her musical fingerprint. She also consolidated her musical identity.

Her new song “Borderline” creates an atmosphere that mixes dark electro-pop and light, pleasant instrumentals and has some mellow melodies.

The song is professionally produced and has an enthusiastic tone while dealing with such a subjective issue.

Irys was kind enough to sit down with us for an interview so that we could learn more about this smash hit.

1- Where did you come from, where are you based now, and why? 

I was born and raised in Bavaria, Germany, more or less straight in the mountains. Currently, I’m based in Berlin! I moved here to realize my project and to have more possibilities for working creatively. 

2- What is your musical background? 

I was a creative kid and have been making music since I was little. I sang in a choir and took guitar and singing lessons, and music was a way of expressing myself from early on.

Later I started writing my own songs with my guitar, which I did more for myself than others writing a diary. At one point, I had so many songs that I felt it would be a shame not to do something with them. I moved to Berlin and started working with different musicians and producers on my music, but these collaborations didn’t work out the way I wanted. I had such a strong vision of my music that I figured I’d better learn how to produce it myself! And that’s what I did! I then started putting out my music in 2021, and since then have been building my solo project. 

3- How did you get into singing? 

When I sang in the school choir, the teacher found I had talent, so my mother enrolled me in singing lessons. I took the lessons until I finished school, which laid a good foundation for developing my singing voice. 

4- What do you think makes your voice unique? 

People describe my voice as ethereal but also as sultry and sassy. It’s interesting, as it’s hard for me to say how I sound! I always try to be raw, and I’m happy when people perceive that rawness in various facets. Recently someone wrote that my voice is “one of the catchiest voices” they’ve ever heard. That made me happy! 

5- What do you do to warm up your voice before a performance? 

When I was younger, I did singing exercises, like singing scales. Meanwhile, I sing the song I’m gonna perform a few times to warm up my voice. 

6- What do you think is the most challenging thing about singing? 

I find my voice always mirrors my mood! When I’m tired, my voice sounds tired too. I can only hide it so much, so it requires practice to have a steady performance throughout the ups and downs of life! 

7-What do you do to care for your voice? 

I actually don’t do singing exercises or other training anymore. But I do breathing exercises and Yoga every morning. Initially, I did this to reduce stress but found that it benefitted my voice. I guess what’s good for the body and mind is also suitable for the voice! 

8- What is the message behind Borderline? 

For me, “Borderline” describes a state on a fine line between darkness and light. It’s about feeling shaky while trying to get out of a difficult place, but it’s also about overcoming battles and becoming a more robust version of yourself. It’s about acknowledging struggles but also about hope. I made this song for everyone who’s going through a dark time!

9- Who are your biggest influences? 

When it comes to being an independent artist, my most significant influence is Russ! Reading his book shifted many things for me, like perceiving how much you can do yourself. Musically, some artists that influenced me early on were The XX, Jack White, and Gesaffelstein. 

10- What is your songwriting process like? 

It’s different from song to song. But lately, I got into “recycling” older song drafts I have on my hard disc. Those drafts lie in my “maybe” folder: they have some solid elements but are no complete songs yet. I love the challenge of making something new with those ideas! 

11- What is next for Irys? 

I have three more songs coming up this year, and I’m also putting together a live set to play my first shows in winter!


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