Fresh New Music #6

New music isn’t hard to come by these days; you just have to search in the right places.

Streaming sites are flooded with fresh music from up-and-coming musicians and established stars that have just released new albums.

The attention that should be paid to some of the finest songs you will hear this year will not be given to those songs. 

If we lived in a perfect world, every song would get 15 minutes of fame. 

However, because we don’t live in a perfect world, we have to look a little bit harder if we want to find excellent new music.

After that, we take care of all the laborious work for you, choosing the top tunes from each week’s release.

Look at this list, which features some of the greatest content published this week.

DOVE-I – The Revolution

Dove-i is a musical collective born out of the need to interact with others and exchange ideas. The collective brings together talented individuals from every perspective to create unconventional, creative projects of highly cinematic characters that deliver a tremendous emotional punch.

The French Musical Collective, which has its headquarters in Paris, was established as an act of resiliency via the medium of art by composers and producers Thomas Verovski and Bastide Donny. The songs of the collective address profound topics and are rooted in the realities of the new decade.

The group, comprised of musically gifted individuals from all over the globe, is responsible for putting so many important ideas into motion via the medium of music in an uncompromisingly cinematic way.

Following the critical and commercial acclaim they received for their first studio album, the band has returned with a brand new song named “The Revolution.” The song collaborates with a rapper from Miami who goes by the moniker Rioux V. He lends an American flow and a French touch to the track, which is a unique combination.

An original instrumental with a hint of classical music combined with a strong hip-hop beat resulted in an epic work highlighted by cinematic violins. In addition to bringing a powerful message, the music also brings a strong signal with an original instrumental with a hint of classical music combined with a strong hip-hop beat.

ALYRIA – Running

Icelandic singers Alyria and Bixxi are on the rise; in addition to their musical talents, Alyria is a successful filmmaker, while Bixxi is a successful music producer.

Together, they started the production firm Flame Productions, situated in Iceland. At Flame Productions, they collaborate with artists to create their songs and videos and assist with music promotion.

Everything fell into place as if it had been predetermined. Now, the two collaborate on songwriting, produce their music videos, and assist other artists in their pursuit of success.

Following the release of several songs, they have re-emerged in the music industry with a new song titled “Running.” The subject matter of the piece focuses on the possible challenges in relationships due to differences in scheduling.

In addition to having charming voices, the music has a smooth beat with a fantastic mood. Even though the topic is somewhat tricky, regardless of this, I like the rhythm and how the track evolves.


The emo-punk rock band Dearly Beloved is originally from Orlando in, Florida. 

Bands such as My Chemical Romance, Green Day, Rise Against, and Neck Deep are some musical influences that have shaped their sound.

This unrefined, somewhat inebriated, and emotionally stunted trio is motivated to fill a void in music with their style and attitude while also letting out all of the frustrations brought about by the year 2020. 

They have released a few singles in the music industry, including their first song earlier this year. After obtaining a contract with a local record company, they returned with a whole EP. 

“Nova roads” comprises six tracks that exude an infectiously high energy level. Songs like “Jaded” deliver an explosive intensity packed in with a fascinating rhythm and then followed by an excellent production.

AISHA J – Cool Girl

Aisha J, born and raised in East London and graduated from the Brit School, translates her youthful life through the invigorating soundtracks presented in a beautifully seductive symphony of R&B and soul. In doing so, she breaks the conventional boundaries of mainstream music with her distinctive alternative style.

The young musician, who is just 20 years old, can captivate her audience with her strong and raspy voice and move them with her honest and amusing lyrical content.

Aisha J creates a warm environment for her listeners to get lost in by experimenting with various subgenres, ranging from dark jazz to bedroom pop, while mainly adhering to the sound of neo-soul in her music.

She came out with a track titled “Cool Girl” the year before, and it was heavily inspired by artists like The Driver Era, SZA, and Daniel Ceasar, among others. The song is about a one-sided relationship that does not accept male approval.

The song has strong vocals and a clever guitar in a softer, more minimalist footprint at the beginning of the song. As the song progresses, the percussion rises and transforms the whole mood, culminating in a well-developed tune.

EMILY MAC – Whiskey Like Me

Whiskey Like Me, the first single by Canadian singer-songwriter Emile Mac, was released in October and marked the start of her career in the music business. Mac is from Toronto, where she now resides.

Emily has performed at various events, some of the most notable of which are the Canadian Music Week, Indie Week, and the Beaches International Jazz Festival. Other special live appearances include the Opera House in Toronto, The El Mocambo, and the Horseshoe Tavern.

Written in collaboration with Jay Stolar, who is most known for his previous collaborations with Demi Lovato and Hall & Oats, and produced by Dajaun Martineau, who has previously collaborated with artists such as Moist and Big Sugar.

Recorded in both the home studio of Martineau as well as the renowned Noble Street Studios in Toronto. The sound is reminiscent of legendary rock acts led by women, such as Ann Wilson, Stevie Nicks, and Janis Joplin.

This song has some aggressive guitars, yet it also has lovely singing with some strong melodies. The tempo is redundant, but the riff and hook make this song stand out.

GRETE & BIGWELD – Papercut

Since September 2020, when Grete and Bigweld began their studies at the RNCM, they have collaborated on projects.

Grete had a successful career as a performer in her home country of Lithuania before their meeting. She competed in the 2018 season of The Voice and advanced to the competition’s finals.

Since Charlie James first began releasing songs with his band squarewave in 2018, he has used the moniker Bigweld as his stage name in the music industry. He is well-respected in the music industry for his composer, producer, and keyboard player work.

They released its first single, which was an emotional track called “papercut.” The song discusses the many joyful feelings in a relationship that can be parallelled by issues if they are not addressed. The duo was inspired by artists such as Weeknd and Tove Lo.

The song has a gripping instrumental that, when paired with the music’s melodies, helps to create a gratifying environment. The piece also has an energizing rhythm that is quite enjoyable.

LAKE PALMER – Vagrants

Lee French, who used to play the mandolin and be in charge of singing for Lake Palmer, and Dom DiBlasio, who played slide guitar, were childhood friends who created the band Lake Palmer in Melbourne, Australia. Lake Palmer was an independent folk band.

Vagrants is the only album Palmer has ever released; it was also their first and only album. The band finished recording the album in 2013, and it was scheduled to be released the following year, in 2014. Tragically, founding member and slide guitar player Dom DiBlasio died before the record was published.

The band was severely affected by the loss, so the record was put on hold for several years until being gradually made available on Bandcamp in 2016. The band has decided to make Vagrants available for the first time on Streaming and all of the other major platforms to pay tribute to their buddy Dom.

The record has 11 songs, one of which is Closing Time, which is considered one of the album’s greatest songs and is a mix of indie folk, acoustic rock, and rock with a touch of acoustic, which impresses me due to the unique nature of the project.

In particular, Closing Time has a distinct environment from the other tracks on the album. In addition to the more upbeat subject matter, the rhythm stands out due to the richness of the arrangements. Featuring a violin, which embodies the song that has delighted us the most in this lovely tribute.

KMALECTRO – Guten Morgen Cologne

Kmalectro is a talented producer who plays the guitar and keyboard. For the movie L-World, he collaborated with P. Simon, major Stars from Afghanistan, Ahmad Walli, and many more musicians.

In addition to being a self-made producer from the old school who combines new components and creates new things, he makes beats, composes, and masters his music. 

His parents travelled from Afghanistan to Germany in the early 1970s. They had intended to return to their homeland, but they were forced to remain in Germany since it was occupied.

Kmalectro is a kid of the 1980s and the 1990s, and he has been honing his talent over the years. After gaining a great deal of experience working with a variety of well-known musicians, he is now releasing his first song, “Guten Morgen Cologne.”

The first single has an infectious pulse and rhythm and vocals that provide the ideal setting for clubs and parties, where attendees can immerse themselves in an exciting and thrilling experience with their ears plugged in.

KOALA BAR – Danger

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Koala Bar is an independent rock band from Sweden that makes music that strikes a personal chord deep inside the human spirit.

Their music, with its emphasis on atmosphere and introspection, is reminiscent of the work of bands like The National and Big Red Machine, whose sound shares similar characteristics.

The band has participated in several initiatives that deal with a range of social concerns because they embrace an inclusive mentality that is d in their fundamental principles.

The band is returning by releasing a new single titled “Danger.” Recorded at Stigbergstudion in Gothenburg in the fall of 2021 with producer Petter Lithvall, the song is about the experience of being in a toxic relationship. 

The instrumental provides a soothing rhythm, while the backing singers add both pleasant and startling melodies. This is all followed by a drum that fills the song with its presence.

MURNAU – Cellophane Radio

Constituted by A. Riggen on vocals and guitars and Mellotron N. Pompou on percussion, the pair is a blend of grunge and metal, and they have been working together on this project for the last 17 years. They have been working together since high school.

Bands such as The Cure, Smashing Pumpkins, and Nirvana are some of the acts that have impacted the band’s sound, which can be described as edgy grunge with a very raw imprint.

Murnau, the band’s third album, continues to defy categorization. Something catchy, melancholy, and heavy are created when doom, grunge, and pop moments all come together. Cellophane Radio exemplifies how Murnau develops with each new album.

They have performed at Chicago music events such as Muscapalooza, and this tune was recorded in a basement, mixed by Ross Mixes, and mastered by Golden Mastering.

Cellophane Radio offers a variety of ambiences and flavours, and each track on the album has its distinct mood. The instrumentals are well-created, and the melodies both satisfy and surprise in a grunge-like manner.


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