Radar #10

During a Music Radar session, you may learn about new releases from your favourite bands and musicians.

We compile and choose the week’s finest tunes so you can always hear what’s fresh and currently popular.

We’ll highlight some new music that’s caught our attention each week.

We’ll give you a brief description of their style and the reasons they caught our attention, then recommend our favourites.

The goal is to assist you in discovering music that you will like.

PHOENIX ROSE – The Thing About Love

Phoenix Rose is a singer-songwriter whose musical style may be a hybrid. Her sound is characterized by a blend of pop, soul, and R&B, and she has strong vocals that have been called “astounding,” “powerful,” “beautiful,” and “inspiring.”

She’s been in the business for the last 15 years, during which time she has given performances at places like Wembley and Hammersmith Apollo and at festivals like Glastonbury.

Her newest hit, “The Thing About Love,” tells the tale of love transcending time and space. There is no need for a romantic connection, but love in any form will do. 

This song is meant to depict those awkward lulls in life when you simply can’t decide what to do or how you feel, and as a result, you end up doing Everything at once.

The song starts slowly but steadily grows in intensity and scope as the piano adds a touch of classical flair.

The production is a highlight, as is the music’s well-built melodies, the song has a powerful rhythm, and Rose has a lovely and powerful voice. 

Aside from Rose’s incredible and robust vocals, the song’s impressive rhythm and well-constructed melodies are further highlights.


Patty Duffek is an up-and-coming artist who has just released her first single, which is titled There. The composition for the tune took place when Duffek was out on long runs and treks, and it was captured and stitched together using hundreds of mobile phone clips and notes.

The song “There” is about the immense power of friendship, specifically how close friends can help you get through anything and Everything and are always there for you through good and evil.

Paty collaborated with an incredible group of people on the song, one of them being Amelia Earnshaw, a 20-year-old singer-songwriter who contributed to the vocal melodies.

BKY Studios was responsible for recording and mixing the track after it was first produced by musicians Owen Korzec and Maximilian Wentz, who were also involved in instrumental creation and audio engineering.

She has a fantastic vocal timbre, and “There” is a delightful tune, and the vocals are perfectly placed, giving a very pop sound worthy of those songs on the radio. The music is quite energetic, and it was produced very well, which genuinely impresses given that it is a debut single.


Miriam Love is an artist, producer, singer, and composer who aims to transform how we perceive modern music. Love has a wide range of talents. She was born and brought up in the United States, and with her sparkling and nuanced melodies, she is pushing the frontiers of what is possible.

Her music goes beyond providing pleasure; instead, she aims to establish a cycle of healing and well-being. As a result, she is forging new ground with her innovative ideas and revitalizing music.

She is ready to alter the current quo of the business by capturing crucial moments in time and tugging at our emotions one song at a time. She is poised to revolutionize the status quo of the industry.

Love is back on the music market with a new album called All In (The Mixes), which comprises 9 tracks that are the same songs mixed in various ways and seems highly unique and creative. Love has had a lot of success in the music business, and this new album represents her comeback.

The music we enjoyed listening to the most was the third one, a remix of the Native 97 Radio Edit. The rhythm is reminiscent of a typical lounge, and the track’s production is so high-quality that it is the sort of song that stands out in whatever setting in which it is performed.

ARI TAHAN – Pull Me Down

Soulful musician Ari Tahan is from Guildford in Surrey, and she cites Adele, Kelly Clarkson, Ariana Grande, Alicia Keys, and Joss Stone as some of her primary musical inspirations.

Her music lends itself to a profound singer-songwriter sound, complete with emotional elements and essential thoughts, using powerful words and melodies that can impact just about any soul.

Ari Tahan’s musical career has excelled in significant milestones since she collaborated with renowned singer-songwriter Judie Tzuke on the production of her first extended play (EP) titled “Closure.”

Her latest song, which was just published and is called “Pull Me Down,” is an anthem against narcissism. Filled with intense feelings and alluring melodies, the song also draws an analogy to a toxic relationship that the singer herself devised.

When the band comes in, a hook makes the song striking and forceful. Ari’s vocal timbre isn’t hard to like, and it’s a highlight of the well-crafted production that we also have here.

ALTA FALLS – I’m At A Loss

The duo from Brisbane, Australia, alongside the announcement of an Australian national tour in November, Alta Falls unveils their straightforward electro-pop single ‘I’m At A Loss. 

Combining a wide range of influences, Alta Falls glimpses the rhythms of the Preatures, like guitars from Spacey Jane, the synth lines of The Weeknd, and the energy of the Wombats to put their spin on modern indie.

For the new song, they collaborated once again with producer Aidan Hogg, who is most known for his work with the bands Flip and Holy Holy; engineer Jordan Bain; and drummer Sebastian “Baz” Jennings Hingston, who is a member of Auntie Gostelow.

The single addresses the overpowering sensation of being lost in the unknown while simultaneously breathing in the present and harbouring great aspirations for the future. The fans were involved in developing the song’s lyrics, which were written with their input.

The tune has a nice feel and is energetic while having a viewpoint that is not very optimistic; the vocalists have catchy melodies, which makes the music quite pleasant; at moments, it is tranquil, and at other times, it is exceptionally catchy.


Kristopher Houck is a singer-songwriter who gives us music from the heart that’s personal and genuine. He is passionate about empowering others to feel and heal through the cathartic influences of music that have been so critical to his journey. 

Based in Orlando, Florida, with a degree in psychology and over a decade of musical theatre and orchestral experience as a performer and multi-instrumentalist.

During the lockdown, he began to devote himself more to music, and now, after having a few songs published, he is making his comeback to the music arena with a new track called “Indigo Sky,” which is accompanied by a music video.

The song is about tackling the conflicting emotions of dating culture, honestly looking at the emotional complexities of casual intimacy. It also has a sense of timeless nostalgia, addressing the loneliness of a standard but an empty proxy for love and validation.

The song has a steady pace recalling a lot of the mood of that moon by the sea in the late afternoon. The track features stunning vocals accompanied by an acoustic guitar that produces an intimate ambience befitting a pop-rock tune.

DELTAWELLE – Alles Soll Schön Sein

The music of DELTAWELLE transports you to another era while simultaneously finding the perfect words to articulate the conflicts and tensions that lie inside.

The new wave foursome hailing from Leipzig and Berlin comprises one member from Leipzig, one from London, and two from Berlin.

Since their first extended play was released in 2016, they have been making waves on the dance floor. In November of this year, they came out with a new track titled Alles soll schon sein, which translates to Everything should be lovely in German.

The single contains several well-crafted moods that have the potential to be extremely popular in pubs throughout the world. The song, which speaks about how someone frantically tries to capture happiness but is unsuccessful, has an indie rock feel and a stunning riff.

HWDU – Better You Than Me

Independent heavy rock band HWDU, whose name sounds like “Hoodoo,” is from Swansea in South Wales. The band consists of four members.

The band is made up of four members: Matt Williams, who plays the guitar and sings, Jonny Randell, who also plays the guitar and sings, Owen Foote, who plays the drums and also sings; and Gavin Smith, who plays bass.

They play a mixture of heavy rock, stoner rhythms, and punk sensibilities and don’t be afraid to poke fun at themselves while preserving some punk sensibilities in their music. This combination is probably not all that uncommon.

The band is back with a new extended play (EP) titled Better Than Me. The EP consists of six songs and has intense music that is both approachable and engaging, with hooks and riffs. It follows the success of their last EP.

The standout tune is “Machine,” which has well-defined guitars and strong vocals that are worthy of being associated with renowned rock names. The rhythm is solid, and it is mixed with tense instrumentals that have well-balanced breaks.

JNR. – Say (Light Me Up)

Jnr. is a self-produced musician that creates atmospheric pop music on his own. His sound is comparable to that of artists such as Lauv, Conan Gray, The 1975, and LANY.

As a result, the combination makes for a compelling listen, making people want to read deeper into his words, which is why he enjoys placing those pretty melancholy sentences over sparkling, dancing instrumentals.

Jnr. demonstrates that he can deliver stadium-sized music that can hold its own among the chart-toppers by releasing his third self-produced single. 

According to him, this is the most vulnerable single he’s written up to this point. It’s called “Say (Light Me Up),” and it encourages people to tell their truth before it’s too late. It’s also about how to deal with getting over a friendship disappointment.

The music has a vibe that is deserving of the singles at the top of the charts, the vocals have extremely captivating melodies, the chorus is nicely developed with new instrumentation, and the guitar solo is deadly in a tune that is above the media in terms of composition and excellent taste.


The city of Seville in Spain is what they call home. Artomatico is both a sound artist and a producer; he has written music for modern dance companies, films, and television.

The Spanish performer, who got his start as a rock band drummer, features prominent figures in flamenco and contemporary dance and acoustic musicians who perfectly sync with the artist’s live electronics.

After the success of his previous albums, Artomatico is looking forward to new compositions that deliver a “sensory experience” with his third album, Temor, which features experimental electronics and cheerful rhythms exploring flamenco roots.

In the wake of recent epidemics and volcanic eruptions, the artist contemplates “global vibration as a source of creation and destruction” in his dele.

The track that stood out to us the most on the album was “Volatines.” The rhythm is intriguing even when it comes to more experimental tracks. Still, this one, in particular, is very dramatic, and it reaffirms the mysterious work of the producer by sounding like it could be the score of a thriller or an action film.


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