Fresh New Music #7

Certain songs from any particular year are always remembered for years to come.

Whether upbeat dance tracks or reflective ballads, these songs may appeal to listeners regardless of their preferred musical style.

Some of the most influential songs of 2022 up to this point are discussed in this article.

While this is certainly not an all-inclusive collection of the finest music of the year, it showcases some of the best 2022 has had to offer.

GEENA GANGI – Sugar Stained

Artist Geena Gangi moved from Boston to Los Angeles when she was 23. She just graduated from Emerson College with a degree in Media Arts Production, wherein she concentrated on Writing for Film and T.V., and from Berklee College of Music with a degree in Creative Entrepreneurship.

Taylor Swift, Janet Jackson, H.E.R., Prince, Lizzy McAlpine, and the music from vintage children’s movies are some of her primary musical inspirations. And her work is strongly guided by a sense of visual direction.

In addition to her screenwriting work, Gangi is also a talented songwriter, and she brings the same distinct narrative voice to her music as her films.

Her first single was released in 2020, and after generating a lot of buzz in the music industry, she is back with a brand-new single titled Sugar Stained. It was written by Geena Gangi and Nick Stumpo and produced and distributed independently by Sam Steele.

Geena’s sweet voice is accompanied by charming melodies, the track is well produced, and she does not owe anything to the artists who inspired her in the progression of her career. The song’s theme addresses heartbreak and is intended to be a friendly shoulder for those who have gone through the same situation.

QUIET. – Stages.

Quiet, a composer born and raised in Scarborough, Ontario, utilizes his natural environment and the environment he was raised in to provide his audience with his perspective on the events that transpired.

He was up listening to performers like The Mighty Sparrow, Lionel Ritchie, Sade, and Amy Winehouse, but Jon Bellion and Joey Bada$$ are his all-time favourites in the music industry.

Those who take the time to listen are privy to a little portion of the artist’s inner self with each song. Their debut track, “T.B.U.,” became a massive smash in less than a year, reaching a broad audience and garnering recognition among influential music critics.

Since the publication of his first single in 2022, Quiet has come out with several other singles. Most recently, on 11/11, he released his first extended play (E.P.) titled “stages,” which had five chosen songs, and entropy is one of them.

The music has a distinctive atmosphere compared to the others on the record. The sounds of the jungle bring a wild perspective, but everything changes with the organ at the entrance. The killer guitar marries perfectly with the vocals closer to a monologue. The music’s progression includes thunder, which defines both the theme of the music and its progression.


Ibrahim Munir, better known by his stage name ibbi Too Vicious, is a Pakistani-American singer-songwriter responsible for reintroducing rock music to the forefront of the entertainment industry.

He looks up to those who resisted industry and created something wholly unique with their resources. He feeds that same enthusiasm into his musical endeavours, greatly influenced by Steve Jobs, Young Thug, The Beatles, and Jaden, among other musicians.

After releasing his debut single in 2021, he is back with a new single called Astrogirl, inspired by the current trend and surge in interest in astrology, which is the rising tendency among contemporary women to engage in several romantic relationships at the same time. 

The composer is upset because women value maintaining the status quo more than appreciating men for who they are.

Despite the drums and backing guitar, the music has a hip-hop viewpoint. His lyrical skill is one of the primary differentiators, helping to make his songs memorable and profound.

THE WREN – Please Don’t Joke About Dying

To make sense of the reality surrounding her, singer-songwriter Kennedy Reed, who performs under the stage name The Wren, combines introspective lyrics with emotional vocals and guitar playing, “creating melodies from suffering.” She is now based in Los Angeles, California.

It wasn’t until she was twelve that she started to take songwriting and playing the guitar seriously as a goal, even though singing has been an essential part of her life for as long as she can remember.

She has performed as a singer and musician in several school musicals and church bands and as a student in classes provided at the U.S.C. Thornton School of Music while also getting her degree from the School of Cinematic Arts throughout the last decade.

Her first track, “Please Don’t Joke About Dying,” is a heartfelt entreaty to a person unaware of the amount of love directed at them. The song has extremely well-built vocals that merge with Wren’s pleasant timbre.

In addition to the well-crafted guitar arrangements, the track progresses with violin chords revealing the excellent quality of the creative aspect and production. 


The band consists of Frank Hailey on piano, Michael Hailey on drums, and Eric Zukoski on upright bass.

They’ve been performing live concerts together for many years, and the season of giving is one of their busiest times. They intended to make an album to showcase the music they often perform live during their many holiday shows.

Recording for the band’s Christmas album took place at Chanson Studios in Trophy Club, Texas, under the direction of Darryl Girard. 

Because improvisation is the driving force behind jazz, they chose to record this album live, just as they had done with our previous albums, and with as minimal production as was humanly feasible.

The most recent album, titled Jingle, contains ten songs. The song “Sleigh Ride” serves as the album’s opener and features a jazzy sound. 

The atmosphere on the album is very upbeat, and the sound production is of high quality. The arrangements are very tasteful, ensuring that any Christmas will be cozier.

DAVID ARN – Blood & Bone

In other words, David Michael Arn is not your ordinary American singer-songwriter. His songs are mainly performed on guitar and piano, showing the influence of folk musicians like Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen from the 1960s.

He earned his B.A. from Fairfield University and while working toward his M.F.A. from the University of Virginia,
where Pulitzer Prize-winning author Peter Taylor served as his mentor he published his first short story.

Postmodern Days, Walker Tales, and Postmodern Days, along with several songs, have all been published by him since 2010. Blood & Bone is included on his latest album, Watershed, which came out in September.

The single had a relaxing rhythm and soothing melodies that combined folk and Americana, making it the perfect soundtrack for a late afternoon on a Sunday. It was launched with a gorgeous music video.

David may feel that he hasn’t yet received the acclaim he deserves, but his works have already appeared and drawn the attention of many people, and now with this new song, he’s set to conquer a legion of followers.


Eric Anders, a singer-songwriter from Northern California, has collaborated with Mark O’Bitz, a guitarist and composer from Southern California, on songwriting since Eric’s debut album, Not At One, in 2003. 

Not At One, along with all of Eric’s other seven solo albums, is primarily comprised of Anders/O’Bitz songs.

For the song “Searise,” released in 2021, Eric and Mark are happy to have collaborated with the Basque artist Joseba Elorza, who had previously worked with Greenday on producing their award-winning music video in “2021,” which Elorza had directed.

In August, they just published a new album under the name So Far Gone. The album consists of 6 tracks, the first of which is titled the same as the album and combines folk rock and Americana music.

Also, tracks like “Down to See” are the album’s highlights. The track already provides more energetic percussion and incredibly striking guitars with a more rock-like vibe, and it is the perfect background to sip that wine during the holidays.

THE CURSE OF K.K. HAMMOND – The Ballad Of Lampshade Ed

K.K. Hammond is a slide guitarist, singer-songwriter, and musician who incorporates the dreary and dirty atmosphere of the swamp and ancient Appalachia into her unique interpretation of the blues.

The early Delta bluesmen of the 1930s, such as Skip James, Robert Johnson, Son House, Charlie Patton, and Leadbelly, and more modern artists like Tom Waits and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, served as sources of inspiration for her.

Her first single was out in 2021, and after a few ones out, she is back again in the music arena with a fresh new one. She combines blues with horror to produce a sound unlike anything else in the world.

Her record “The Ballad of Lampshade Ed,” which included her longtime friend and fellow bluesman David & the Devil, shot straight to the top of the “Blues” list on iTunes in the United Kingdom the moment it was made available.

In addition to featuring a throwback music video, this song is brought to life by the mesmerizing voice of K.K. blues and folk sounds, characteristic of a western cowboy soundtrack, merged to produce a unique yet powerful combo.

HURRICAN X – GALOP (feat. Fya Nya & 70 SHIINE)

This diligent worker is one of the top French hip-hop D.J.s in his local music scene. The best adjectives to describe him would be musicality, technical abilities, and sharing.

He is used to working at the top clubs in London, where he has performed for well-known artists in the hip-hop business, such as Rihanna, Tyga, Post Malone, and many more. 

His set is in high demand, and he is constantly touring new places, carrying his name everywhere he goes. He has a mix that ranges from underground to mainstream, in which he explores the best of both worlds.

The Dj has just released their first single, which is called Galop. The song has fantastic rap, dancehall, and reggaeton vibes; the atmosphere is cheerful and fits nicely in the club setting. In addition, the tune features Fya Nya and 70 SHIINE, who take the parade to another level.

JENN VIX – Mr. Strange

Vix is an accomplished musician who can play many instruments, including bass, lead guitar, synth, programming, and vocals. 

In addition, she has worked together with illustrious artists such as Reeves Gabrels, who has previously cooperated with David Bowie, Tin Machine, and The Cure; Andy Anderson, who has previously collaborated with Iggy Pop, The Cure, and John Ashton from The Psychedelic Furs; and so on.

A decade later, Vix burst into the national stage by publishing a laudatory review of her self-released album named Jenn Vix in the music publication Rolling Stone. 

Her first album received 3.5 stars from the prestigious publication, which also observed that “Vix sounds perpetually enraptured.”

Vix is pleased that her music defies easy classification since this is how she envisions it. Her music may be characterized as Electronic Rock, Synthpop, Modern New Wave, and Funky Alternative, even though her primary genre can be referred to as “Alternative Pop.”

Recently, she released another great single titled “Mr Strange,” about Vix’s fantasies with an inflatable male doll. Colin Leonard, from SING, who has worked with Cardi B and on Beyoncé’s new album, mastered the track. The song stands out for its unusual theme and unique sound, which mixes indie pop with trap.


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