Convo with Amanda Holley

Amanda was born with a musical bone in her body. This incredibly soulful, five-octave soprano was born and raised in Newark, and she began singing before she could even talk.

Holley was conceived via music and has triumphed over adversity by relying only on her singing ability from the beginning of her life. 

Her musically talented parents were a source of inspiration and an effect on her development.

She began playing the violin and piano at age two, and by the time she was seven years old, she was already performing in front of thousands of people.

This is only a sample of the ultra-talented, multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter. Her arsenal of songs is ready to go, all due to her collaborations with Grammy and Oscar-winning and emerging hot producers.

Since the release of her first single in 2013, Amanda has mesmerized us with various tracks, and only recently, on 11/11, she presented us with her most recent effort, titled Algorithm.

A track that will be included on his next EP, which will be dubbed THE HOLLEYGRAPHIC EP. 

On it, she critiques the superficiality of social networks and the algorithms that govern them, and she advocates for a more genuine and authentic encounter between individuals.

In addition to Amanda’s incredible voice to music, which combines a rhythm that is a mixture of pop with a soul that has a true identity that makes Amanda’s work stand out, we have the opportunity to talk with her to learn a little more about her music and career as it is at the moment. 

This will allow us to learn more about Amanda’s current musical and professional endeavours.

There we go.

1- Where did you initially originate from, where are you now situated, and why?  

I’m originally from Newark, NJ, and I moved around NJ & NYC a lot as a kid. Now, I’m based in NYC & LA 

2- Why New York City? 

 I’m actually in LA about 80% of the time lately . . . ever since my first major label release! I love both cities so much, so I’m bicoastal & love having my teams on both coasts. I don’t think I could ever give up my New York base since it’s a massive part of who I am. I love NYC & LA equally, as they are such beautiful cities regarding creativity and the artistic communities in both places are unmatched! 

3-How long have you been making music professionally?  

I’ve been performing, singing, acting, dancing, and playing music professionally since I was seven. It started with state theatres and Off & Off Off B’Way. I was then performing my original music all around NYC as a teen until the industry began to take notice, eventually leading to my first significant record releases!

 4- What or who are your primary sources of inspiration?  

I’m inspired mainly by the great r&b, jazz, & soul singers and songwriters who got me through the darkest times throughout childhood and teenage life. Their performances embody something so much bigger than I am – than we are. Great music and artists saved my life through my little headphones on so many nights when I thought I couldn’t and wouldn’t make it through. Their power inspires me to carry the torch no matter what life throws at me. I want to do for others what these artists did for me! 

5- What is the message behind the Algorithm?  

On a broader scale, this song is my postmodern tribute to love and soul. Our hyper-engaged algorithmic society and the world sometimes make us forget who we are with the pressures to survive and conform, and true love is the antidote. On a more personal level, as a survivor myself, I overcame extreme situations from birth to now, & my Algorithm was set not to trust or believe in anyone or anything. Love & soul broke down my programming! 

6- What is your creative process like?  

I hear and see music all day and night – I feel like it’s everywhere – around us and in us all – in every form of life. Usually, I hear/feel the melodies, or sometimes I sing. The words just come out on their own. I usually will capture a voice memo, so I don’t forget it or sit down at the keyboard and channel it all, or if I’m in the studio already, I’ll track the vocals and let the music happen to me and through me, then listen back and then structure the song!

7- What difficulties did you encounter while working to establish yourself as an expert in your field?  

I feel like my lifetime of adversity has prepared me for the industry. So many of the things I have encountered and continue to face are heartbreaking – as music has been my only true sanctuary since day one – and I couldn’t believe what goes on in the business as a female, a bi-racial Black female, and as an artist. Still, for every traumatic event or toxic person I’ve had to deal with, I’ve been gifted another angel or miracle person. I’ve learned that I don’t need it to get easier and don’t care how bumpy the journey is because this is what I’m called here on this planet to do and be – I’m here to be an artist – who sings to the world. I know that for things to improve in business, more of us need to keep pushing through to the people. I know it’s hard and so painful for other sensitive souls like me, but we are the answer – we are the ones who can elevate the business just by sticking to our purpose and not wavering. 

8- What do you hope to achieve with your music career?  

My goal is to sing to each of you – the world for the next 300 years via records and live performances, films, and television, and for my songs to resonate with as many souls as I can reach – to be a force for love, passion, soul, truth, and strength for my listeners and also help tangibly by being there for underprivileged, abandoned, and abused children in as many ways as I can as my platform grows! 

9- What would it be if you chose one thing that has shaped your musical career?  

The biggest thing that has shaped my career is my foundation in music, soul, and unconventional life. The things I thought would break me have made me so firm in my artistic life that I’m thankful for all of the pain and challenges – which is something I never thought I’d feel or say. 

10- What is next for Amanda Holley?  

To serve my purpose and the world in any and every way I can by being a vessel for music (my EP, “The HolleyGraphic EP”, is releasing one single at a time throughout the coming year of 23), film and tv (I have a few major motion picture projects as a singer and actress en route as well as a reality tv show I’ve been starring on that is expected to air in 2023). We are also gearing up for more major live performances, which is my favourite thing in the world.

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