Radar #11

The realm of music is a great and expansive place to explore. When you first start exploring new songs and sounds, it might seem nearly complicated to know where to start since there are so many distinct musical subgenres now available and contemporary artists appearing every day.

But don’t let it stop you from venturing out into the world since there is so much good music out there that it would be impossible for anybody to listen to.

Even the most discriminating music enthusiast will find a song they cannot get out of their brains.

Once again, in this session of our Radar, we will be playing some of 2022’s best songs.

TODD MORSE – Screaming Babies

A singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist based in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, he has spent over twenty years writing, recording, and performing with various bands, including the New York hardcore band H2O, Juliette and the Licks, and Operation M.D. He is currently the bass player for The Offspring, which has won multiple platinum awards.

It combines elements from his early musical inspirations, such as The Clash, Tom Petty, and The Rolling Stones, with the voice and guitar abilities he has honed over the last two decades. He enjoys playing bass in The Offspring but wants to record and release songs under his name when he’s not on tour.

In January 2019, he released his first album under his name as a solo artist, aptly named “Late Bloomer.” In 2022, Todd secured a record deal with Manic Kat records and is now working on both an extended play (E.P.) and a full-length album. Recently, Todd’s newest song, “Screaming Babies,” was available for purchase.

Morse describes how he evolved from a biased man to a more compassionate individual during the tune, which has a unique concept and emphasizes how not to become a Karen.

Ska and alternative rock are also elements. The song tracks a lively rhythm and humorous lyrics, and the instrumentation and production are excellent, strengthening his work to become a rock classic. 


Sonja Midtune is an independent musician born and raised in Minnesota but has established a home in Los Angeles over the last 11 years.

She published a new song every month in 2022, went popular many times on Tiktok, and saw a significant rise in the number of listeners she received each month.

After working as an engineer for Rick Rubin for over a decade, Sean Oakley, an experienced producer who has worked with groups such as LA ROUX and GEORGIA, was in charge of recording and producing her third extended play, which was titled “GOLDEN GIRL.”

Her most recent release had five songs, one of which was the E.P.’s title. In addition, her first commercial single, named “GROWING UP (for you),” was issued with a stunning music video.

The quality of the music truly deserves the names involved in the production, which is flawless. In addition to Sonja’s beautiful melodies, the song’s feel is quite pleasing and reaches its height in the chorus when it hits its melodic pinnacle.


Independent record company Here & Now Recordings, with headquarters in Woking, Surrey, United Kingdom, is responsible for distributing music to many artists, including those nominated for the Grammy Awards.

Endless Climb is the name of a new album published on November 11, and Lettie and David Baron recorded it.

London-based singer-songwriter Lettie has collaborated with artists such as John Cooper Clarke, Peter Murphy from Bauhaus, and Anthony Phillips from Genesis, among others.

Originally from New York, David Baron has become a successful producer in Hollywood. His work has been included on 26 platinum albums, and he has worked with a wide variety of famous musicians, including Lenny Kravitz, The Lumineers, Lana Del Rey, and Four Tet.

The album’s opener, “Escape,” is a highlight: it blends Lettie’s silky melodies with an alternative rock development that stands out because of the big solos and powerful drums that appear to be the producer’s signature sound.

STYLES1001 – The M9 Project

Styles1001, a producer from the Bay Area, now resides in the Capital of California. People know him for his jazzy, melodic, boom-bap beats.

With Classified, Styles1001 debuted as a rapper. He was on tour in Germany when he had the opportunity to talk to the crowd about his favourite hobby: making beats.

M9 is a collaborative effort between Rasar Amani (a rapper and lyricist) and Styles1001 (a producer). The first time the two musicians collaborated was on the recording of Styles’ first album, “The Solution,” released in 2009.

The goal was to make an introspective jazz-influenced hip-hop album. They decided to call it “Mellow” because of its mellow flavour. After some time, the album was rebranded as “The M9 Project.”

One of these days, the album’s opener has a heavy hip-hop influence and a structure that could remind you of Kanye West. By blending several popular songs in a jazz-like fashion, the music is transformed into a timeless classic when the sampler comes in.

LEON FLAMES – Stalin’s Lapel

Born and bred in the neighbourhood of Thornton Heath in the borough of South London, UK, Leon Flames is a hip-hop recording artist. He honed his craft by competing in local rap battles, where he quickly earned acclaim for his lyrical prowess and unfiltered performance style.

His primary musical inspirations include Marvin Gaye, Wu-Tang Clan, 2 Pac, Nas, and many more.

He performed as the only U.K. support act for Mobb Deep at Brighton’s Concorde 2 in May 2015 and as the opening act for Ghostface Killah at London’s Electric Brixton on November 17, 2019. 

A Single titled Stalin’s Lapel, recorded in a Croydon, South London, studio, was released on 11/11. The song’s passionate and edgy subject matter reveals the artist’s rebellious and genuine side.

Inspired by Picasso, Leon reveals that his goal was to flee the boss by presenting something abstract and innovative, and the track’s conscious hip-hop stands out for both the depth of its concept and the quality of its lines.

RUBY NIXXONS – Keep On Keeping On

Dan Briody on lead vocals, Bass Gordon Chalmers on drums, and Steve Mosley on guitars and vocals make up Ruby Nixxons, a three-piece rock band from Scotland that play covers of famous songs from the 1960s through the 2000s, as well as some of their compositions.

They have played in many bands over the years, but as they reached their 50s, they decided to restart their rocking careers, and they guarantee that they will make your party rock.

They released their first song, “Keep on keeping on.” It was recorded at Riverside Studios in Falkirk, Scotland, and is inspired by classic rock from the 1970s and 1980s.

A relationship with an exploitative partner, rediscovering the purity of early rock, and a glass of Tonic Wine are all themes throughout this song.

It has some edgy guitar that drops down in the mix, like in alternative rock, and then a very upbeat chorus.

PULLSTRING – The Only Thing

Processed with VSCO with ku1 preset

Pullstring is an alternative indie music band from Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The 7th St Entry, Amsterdam Bar & Hall, and Mousetrap Tavern are just a few of the venues in the Midwest that have welcomed the much-anticipated up-and-coming band to packed houses on recent performances.

Pullstring went from total strangers in a studio to the opening act for We Are Scientists at the Entry, and all it took was six months.

One of the three songs on the single, “The Only Thing,” is a sad ballad that asks the listener to envision themselves sinking in an ocean and desperately clinging to the one thing that makes sense.

The music combines elements of indie rock and pop rock, with the powerful guitar and well-timed arrangements standing out. At the same time, the explosive refrain and subsequent punchy medium grunge serve as the track’s crowning achievements.

BIMBOY – Good As Gold

Bimboy, who hails from England and is just 18 years old, is a talented rapper, singer, composer, and producer.

Following the release of the lead song “Blue” one week earlier, Bimboy at long last presented the world with his breathtaking first extended play (E.P.) titled “Good as Gold” on November 13, 2022.

Songs like “Time” and “On My Own” are great examples of his creative and emotional development as an artist since they have moments that range from guarded and depressed to victorious and cathartic.

Even the recording and mixing of this E.P. were done solely by him over the last two years while he worked on it alone. Most of his songs, although not all, are concerned with different aspects of mental health.

The song “On My Own” is a well-crafted instrumental mixed with vocal melodies ranging from rap to a more melodic hook. The music is about taking a fresh viewpoint on going your own way, and it is an unusual variation between pop and hip-hop that leaves a highly unique mark.

M.R. EOS – Vibe Like

Mr Eos is a pair that plays electronic music; they formed in South Jersey and now make their home in Southern California.

They are prepared to lure listeners to the dance floor by experimenting with various musical styles and bringing them on vividly evocative adventures that eventually give way to pounding bass and infectious rhythms.

Kevin and Alex take the stage to perform music that will make you think about the world’s physical and metaphysical mysteries.

After releasing their first track, “Vibe Like,” on the Aspire High Pa label, they have already booked performances at festivals in 2023, where they want to unveil all of their secrets to win over a devoted following.

The beat is powerful but has a lounge rhythm that occasionally flirts with rock and hip-hop; the production is high quality. The song seems the perfect accompaniment for those who like electronic music but don’t want to fry their brains listening to it.

SONOMANCER – Stoppage Time

This enigmatic project hails from Melbourne, Australia, and was given its name, Sonomancer, in the year 2021. Its first song was titled “Industria.”

In the face of having to make a living, his musical journey had always been on the back burner. 

However, between discovering that making music is why he was put on this Earth and waking up the other day to the realization that all of the pieces were in place to finally make a go of it, his musical journey has recently become front and center.

In the spirit of the world cup, he just released a new record that is titled “Stoppage Time.” FSOL, the Chemical Brothers, the Prodigy, and the Boards of Canada influenced this tune.

The single introduces an EDM sound with a distinctive rhythm to the Chemical Brothers, which centers around football. It is supported by a fantastic video clip that could easily be on the soundtrack of the upcoming FIFA game.


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