Fresh New Music #8

The realm of music is a great and expansive place to explore. When you first start exploring new songs and sounds, it might seem nearly complicated to know where to start since there are so many distinct musical subgenres now available and contemporary artists appearing every day.

But don’t let it stop you from venturing out into the world since there is so much good music out there that it would be impossible for anybody to listen to.

Even the most discriminating music enthusiast will surely come across a song they cannot get out of their brains.

These are only some of the most amazing songs released in the current month.

ALLEE – Tell Me What It’s Like Up There Ft. Alfred Nomad

Allee is an exceptionally talented musician, singer, artist, and producer. She has played bass for many bands, including Conan Gray, JP Saxe, Mayer Hawthorne, and the indie rock group The Astronots, which she also helped form.

The creative lyricist has also contributed to Universal Music Publishing and Sony EMI’s libraries. Both fans and reviewers have heaped praise on her creations, and now she’s getting support from some of the biggest names in the music industry.

She began releasing NFT projects in June 2022, drawing inspiration from artists like James Blake, Circa Survive, Bill Evans, Chet Baker, Ella Fitzgerald, The Beach Boys, Roy Ayers, and Joni Mitchell, and later released two more conventional songs.

Tell Me What It’s Like Up There, her newest single, was released not too long ago, and it features Alfred Nomad. The two of them collaborated on the song to pose concerns about life, what happens after death, and the difficult realities of being alive.

The song has the expertly produced vocals of Allee and flawless production. The music features a blend of genres that is made even more apparent by Alfred’s verse, which imparts a hip-hop vibe to the tune, resulting in a piece of work that is one of a kind and unique.

MISTER CO. – Tonight 

The musical production duo Mister Co. consists of Connor and Oscar Absolum, two very dedicated individuals in their respective fields. Oscar’s background in big band and musical theater, and Connor’s appreciation for anthem rock, soul, and pop, come together in this musical duet.

After being married in April, the couple finally chose to launch their songwriting career as a team, despite having worked together on several musical projects with other artists in both the studio and on stage.

They wanted to make music together but never got around to it. Their decision to enter the public spotlight as a duet and the creation of the moniker Mister Co. both occurred on their honeymoon.

Dominik Honold of Germany’s Protonaut Studios collaborated with the couple to make the stunningly lovely song “Tonight,” which relies on the couple’s shared musical tastes and passion for one another.

The couple sings about their love story to encourage others who may be going through something similar. The song’s instrumentation and timbre are polished, the production values are high, and the song ultimately stands as a testament to the significance and joy of its topic.

STUNNA – Solid Gold 

The Oklahoma-based band Stunna has a timeless sound. The band’s emphasis on unfussy sound and strong lyrics allow them to make an instant and genuine connection with its listeners.

The rock formula the band uses has an immediate and raw quality. This is because they value interpersonal interactions more than output volume.

Stunna’s first full-length, Solid Gold, is an electric release. The music transports listeners to the universe that Stunna has created with its soaring vocals, gigantic guitars, and unrelenting percussion.

We consider “Love” to be the album’s best track. It’s the most heavily promoted track because it’s a great song to listen to while you’re in a relationship, thinking about a prior love, or just thinking about how you feel right now.

Despite not borrowing at all from the band’s influences, the song is remarkably evocative and leaves a huge Kings of Leon imprint in its flawless production and instrumentals.


The American singer and artist Kelsie Kimberlin is 22 years old. Her work is both approachable and enjoyable, but it also has weighty societal topics and ambiguous undertones, demonstrating that she has a firm grasp of the transformative potential of music.

Kelsie was always surrounded by music growing up; she sang in choirs, took part in Yoko Ono’s Peace Project, and spent many hours as a kid in recording studios working on her compositions.

She does everything from composing and recording to performing and even making her music videos. When it comes to the issues that touch all of mankind, Kelsie does not hold back.

Her recent journey to Cartagena, Colombia served as inspiration for her latest song, “Fruit Basket,” for which she collaborated with famed producer Pedro Vengoeche and whose accompanying music video was filmed by the incredibly brilliant Cristian Florez and released in the fall.

The song has a memorable introduction with a banjo and a catchy rhythm, a memorable chorus that is skillfully developed, and a Latin blend that makes the song the ideal seasonal crossover.

RALPHY – Wanted Sam J Garfield Remix

Ralphy, an Australian indie pop phenomenon, has been making waves in the U.S. since her 2016 debut when her fiery, heart-pounding songs and high-energy live performances made a name for herself in the Los Angeles music scene.

Ralphy’s music spans the genres, from melancholy ’80s new-wave to sensuous R&B to disco-flavored dance-floor bangers, and she does it by fusing vintage splendor with her aggressive modern flair.

Each new single is a continuation of her dynamic, style-blending songwriting and energetic self-expression; you’ll find that the songs evoke the same feelings of nostalgia as your old favorites, but with a current twist that makes them ideal for grooving to in the club.

In order to create the most recent version of his remix, Ralphy instructed acclaimed producer Sam J. Garfield to really kill. The end result is that the rough, ’90s-flavored song ‘Wanted’ has been given a significant makeover in the manner of the house.

We thought that the music had a mysterious rhythm with various disco-to-house subtleties and that Ralphy’s vocals were really pleasant and had a strong pop appeal, which became a wonderful differentiator when considering the topic and her voice timbre.

DAS ELITE – Torment EP 

Andreas Ahlenius, a well-respected Swedish producer and mixer, goes under the moniker DAS ELITE for his electronic project his compositions reflect the influence of electronic acts like Depeche Mode and Massive Attack.

While Andreas has worked with several internationally successful musicians, he uses DAS ELITE as an outlet for his creativity and a vehicle for exploring the emotional terrain of electronic sadness.

Despite being a nomadic artist who travels the globe for his work, Andreas maintains a studio, appropriately named “The Blue Room,” in his birthplace of Gävle on the east coast of Sweden.

The guy is releasing his first extended play (EP), and the album contains the song “Torment,” which also happens to be the name of the record. In addition to the original version, the album also includes many remixes of the song by well-known figures in the music industry.

The tune is melancholy, though this quality is toned down in some of the other mixes; the composition, which blends indie pop and electronica, has a clear Scandinavian influence; and the final product is a commendable effort for a debut.


Born and bred in New Jersey, Dorian has referred to himself as a dreamer and a believer in the possibility of the impossible.

He is renowned as a genre-fluid musician who is known for his original music that is unique and different from the other artists in the game.

Dorian puts everything of himself—bravely, honestly, and passionately—into the songs he writes because he believes that those who can identify with his music and his life path would benefit from hearing his narrative and being able to relate to it.

Doria is back with a new album that includes three already-known tracks, one of which is Blast Off, which follows in the footsteps of her previous releases, which were successful. Blast Off is a snappy and addictive rhythm and blues drill single loaded with soul and an inspiring message.

In addition to Dorian’s well-crafted vocals, which are one of the highlights of the song, the tune has a lot of energy and a rhythm that is both well-balanced and quite distinctive. The inventive combination of components and styles provides the vocalist with the opportunity to create a distinctive persona for himself.


Wailing Urei is a recording artist, musician, and composer that resides in London and is self-employed in his respective fields.

He composes gloomy alternative music in a straightforward structure, with darkwave undertones and ambient guitar as the primary instruments.

Since 2015, he has been working on his music, but he has only now decided to give fans a taste with the release of his debut record, “Is It Me?”

He was influenced by King Krule and other glitch-hop artists, but he did everything himself, from writing the music to playing it live to produce it in the studio with the support of an audio engineer solely.

Ode To is unquestionably the best track on the album, not just in terms of audio engineering and production but also in terms of the depth of the arrangements and melodies, making it one of the album’s great highlights.

LATE TV – I Like To Hear That Bird Sing 

The house band for a bizarre all-night dream club set among the cultural debris of TVs after hours, Late TV draws inspiration from jazz cats and art rockers, B movies, and trash television as interpreted by Lynch and Tarantino.

The band is based out of London, UK, but also includes musicians from Paris, Chicago, and Kidderminster who share a passion for jazz, rock, funk, soul, and trashy late-night television.

Luke J. Novak (guitar/vocals) and Richard ‘Beu’ Bowman (drums) started the band in their native Kidderminster before recruiting jazz fanatic Ryan Szanyi (bass) from Chicago and  Parisian keyboard wizard Martin Coxall in London.

On their upcoming debut album, which features the song “I Like to Hear That Bird Sing; ” the band “explores the postmodern wastelands of pop as high-brow/low-brow mutant trash dwellers,” taking the pieces of our society and putting them together to create something both alluring and perilous.

The track has a mellow rhythm that is enriched by the mix of instruments, which is then followed by a powerful guitar and precise percussion that recalls certain classics from the 1980s. As a result, the song is ideal for serving as the background music for a bright late afternoon.

KALEIGH – Situationship 

Kaleigh is an artist that works in a variety of mediums and has limitless potential in the creative realm. A singer, composer, actor, and model who has worked in the entertainment business continuously from the age of 13.

She’s also an actor in addition to her musical career. Her most recent prominent credits include Olivia Wilde’s “Don’t Worry Darling” and the blockbuster TV program “Why Women Kill” on CBS All Access, for which she is represented by Lena Roklin of Luber Roklin Entertainment and David Arrigotti and Daniel Hoff of the Daniel Hoff Agency. 

In March of 2021, she released her debut album “Predestined,” which was highly regarded by many music critics both newly introduced to her career and those who had been following since the start. 

Another single, “Situationship,” was released despite the busy schedule of appearing on TV programs and rising as a model for major companies. The song is about the frustration of being in limbo with someone you care about. It’s a healthy way to vent the repressed rage that’s been building up inside of us.

Blending elements of alternative rock and pop-oriented vocals, the song is highlighted by its stellar musicianship and Kaleigh’s voice, which builds in the shadow of ferocious guitars and reaches its apex during the song’s breakdown, before concluding with a golden key during the guitar solo.


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