Radar #12

Music is one of the few things that can really be said to have a profound impact on a person’s life. It has the power to unite strangers from different backgrounds and cultures and to produce memories that will last a lifetime.

People of all ages and areas of life may find something to appreciate in the musical arts. There’s a place in the music industry for everybody who appreciates sound, whether as an audience member, a performer, or a creator.

Music is an integral part of most people’s daily life, whether they are listening to their favorite band or just listening to the radio.

It may alter your state of mind, bring back experiences, and inspire brand-new ones. The significance of music in our society is not surprising.

The first Radar session of the year is being held for many wonderful reasons.

Let’s have a look at the fortunate ones this time around.


The West London rapper, who was born in Nigeria, debuted in music in 2018, with the publication of his single “MY GOAT” on Soundcloud in anticipation of the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Kite has established a very high standard for his future work with an extensive back catalog of album-worthy Soundcloud throwaways and singles.

Kite cites artists like Playboi Carti, Travis Scott, Kid Cudi, Kanye West, and Chris Brown as inspirations for his sound, and songs like “Go Pro freestyle” reflect these influences.

Even though it was published in 2018, the timing of this Messi tribute song is perfect, given that Argentina won the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

The song’s highlight is the chorus, which has a meaningful message and catchy melodies, and it incorporates a viral sample narration along with the trap, rap, and hip-hop elements.

KOBURG – Strike Back (Twisted Version)


Koburg is a one-woman band that plays symphonic metal. When she isn’t working on her music, she performs as a session vocalist and guitarist for other artists all over the globe. Now she is situated in Winchester, in the United Kingdom.

She already has three albums under her credit, including Position of Power and a follow-up album titled I Am Koburg and Stripped. Both of which were given overwhelmingly positive reviews as well as significant airtime on the radio.

Evan Rodaniche, who has previously worked with artists like Powerman 5000, handled the mixing for Koburg’s new single/EP ‘Strike Back,’ which was released on August 5th, while Ted Jensen was responsible for the mastering.

Her battles with myalgic encephalomyelitis and agoraphobia served as motivation for Strike Back. It’s a tune about overcoming whatever kind of challenge life throws at you and succeeding in the end.

The song’s production quality is on par with that of more renowned artists like Evanescence, with furious guitar accompaniment that includes a hint of the classic providing a superb backdrop for Koburg’s tremendously melodic vocals.


Satellite Train was first conceptualized as a lighthearted side project between close friends. Michael Paynter, one of the singers for Icehouse, gives some of his best vocal performances on the band’s first album.

Unlike any other album out there, Satellite Train has a diverse lineup of musicians from both Australia and the United States. 

Michael Paynter, Pasquale Monea, Susan Turner, John McAll, John McAll, Shane O’Mara, Randy Jacobs, Jamie Muhoberac, Chris Cheney, and Gregg Bissonette are among the Australian musicians mentioned.

A wide range of musical genres is explored, even though each song has its distinctive sound. Whoever sings the lead on a song often determines its overall tone. Artistically, each musician is allowed to draw from their own experiences and preferences.

The song “Broken Heart” has a catchy beat and excellent instrumentation that was produced by the luminaries involved in the song’s creation, making it feel like a spontaneous jam session amongst musicians.


Alexander Evangelista is a folk singer-songwriter with a distinctive cross-genre sound. He was born and bred in Central Michigan, and he has strong cultural ties to Seattle’s Capitol Hill and Fremont areas.

He’s played at the Fremont Abbey in Seattle and the Bluebird Café in Nashville, and he loves nothing more than to tell people what he’s learned and seen in this wonderful, chaotic world.

After being inspired by musicians like The Beach Boys, Augustana, John Mayer, and Mary Chapin Carpenter at a young age, he just released his first full-length album titled Windswept Leaves.

He was taken aback by how effortlessly these tunes came falling out of his unconscious. You can just feel his excitement as he realizes he knows these phrases for the first time.

Songs like “getting over you” include clearly defined melodies and high-quality production, fusing folk and acoustic to create a wistful, relaxing atmosphere perfect for a gloomy day.

HARPA – Growing Pains

Harpa is a well-known singer and composer from Nottingham, United Kingdom. She has garnered a lot of notice for her outstanding vocal range and control, as well as her lovely, moving tone.

Since signing with DooBeDoo Music, Harpa has been perfecting her art and expanding her repertoire, and now she is ready to share her music and her story with the world.

Harpa’s edgy rock and symphonic sound, along with her distinctive, dramatic tone and passionate lyrics and narrative, set her apart from other artists in the realm of heartache songs.

Her newest EP, titled ‘Growing Pains,’ has four songs: the title track, as well as the singles ‘Yours’ and ‘Hurts To Love You,’ as well as the bonus track ‘Growing Pains.’ Her 2022 single, titled ‘Hollow,’ is also included.

Harpa’s well-constructed vocals are a fantastic differentiator that enhances the melody with her erudite imprint, resulting in a good and unique song in the EP’s title track, which begins softly and builds a bit with the rhythm and the guitar.

WINCHESTER 7 & THE RUNNERS – Heart Of The Golden Mystics

Sanctuary Studio is home to Winchester 7 & the Runners, an American indie rock trio from Atlanta, Georgia.

Phil Voorhees plays bass, Jack Kane plays drums, and Winchester 7 sings and plays ukulele in this band, Voorhees now lives in Amsterdam, while band member Kane travels extensively around the United Kingdom.

When their paths eventually converged, neither of them could have predicted that a few bass notes and a sluggish drum beat would be greeted with a rocking ukulele response, vocal harmony, and music.

After four albums, they’ve finally released a new one. Inspiring amazement and fond memories, Heart of the Golden Mystics have a diverse set of tracks that all stand out in their own right with a distinct musical approach.

Bizarre Love Triangle, originally by New Order, is a great example of this uncommon fusion since it allows us to hear both versions of the song and hear how the band used the ukulele in such a novel manner that it created a distinctive piece of music.


Addy Faith is a major singer who has been shaped musically by musicians such as MGK, Iann Dior, and Billie Eilish, among others.

Following the success of her previous releases, in 2021 she issued a single titled “Ghost.” According to the critiques of music reviewers, this song is accessible to adolescents and young people who like listening to pop-rock music.

The theme of Ghost is moving away from an unhealthy relationship. In one scenario, Addy penned a breakup song about a former best buddy, emphasizing that although she remembers the good times they had, she is now ready to move on to greater and better things.

Addy and kDub sat in a room bathed in red light and discussed how they both wanted the song to have an angry vibe. In this song, they want to convey not just the rage of the circumstance but also the intensity of the musicians’ feelings.

The song begins off strong with well-played acoustic guitar and great production; the tempo is relaxing, and Addy’s pop-influenced melodies help the tune to a satisfying conclusion.


Rob Bradley established Thrillkiller in 2015 with guitarist Sebastian Ochoa, drummer Robbie Whiplash, and bassist Daniel Webb. Bradley handles vocals for the group.

Suddenly emerging in the autumn of 2015, combining elements of metal, rock, pop, and others, Thrillkiller produces a savagely original type of music that owes much to the likes of Michael Jackson, Judas Priest, and Mega Man.

They’ve performed at the Main Street Music Festival, DragonCon, MAGfest, and more, and they’ve opened for Steel Panther and the Dead Dasies and gone on tour with the Protomen.

Following the release of Digital Desperado in 2019, Thrillkiller has returned to the studio to record a new track titled “Dirty Diana” with engineer Tony Corelli at The Deep End Studios.

The song’s music has a significant 80s influence, but the tune still sounds modern because of the various intricacies involved, and the vocals are well-crafted and highly striking, defining the inspiration of the performer by Michael Jackson.

ANNABELLA – Replaced

AnnaBella, the Vienna-based female supergroup, consists of the antique doll Anna and the vocalist Bella. Anna is the band’s creative force; she writes all of the lyrics in red ink during late-night sessions after everyone else has gone to bed.

Bella is a professional singer and voice coach who has performed for a long time under the stage name Julia Denise in several different ensembles.

The second track, “Replaced,” off the forthcoming EP, “4-Bitten Fruit,” has been published by the alternative rock duo.

The lyrics of “Replaced” warn that women may find someone else just as soon as they mistreat them.

The song begins with a jarring guitar riff typical of alternative rock and continues with lyrics that may be read as an incantation, with the aim being conveyed via affirmations of triumph over traumatic experiences.


Vallac, a sensational producer and DJ, has spent the last fourteen years as a freelancer and an employee of Milano Concerti and Live Nation coordinating the tours of the most prominent Italian musicians and the performances of foreign artists on the national territory.

His latest track, titled “Etnies,” was just published. All the many civilizations around the globe that share a love of music served as inspiration for this undertaking.

As a throwback to the era of love and peace in the 1970s, he hopes his music would inspire a similar feeling of contentment and joy in listeners.

There were several songs by Vallac published in 2021 and ’22, and this one marks the end of a very important period.

At its outlet, the song has an infectious vibe that would be perfect for a nightclub, the single offers a powerful ambiance, and the eclectic musical selection includes minimal techno and a house that builds to a strong and unique tune.


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