Radar #13

The music industry is filled with new and exciting songs from upcoming recording artists and indie musicians every week. 

In this article, we will be looking at the top 10 tracks of our Radar session. 

We will be exploring the different genres of music that have been making waves in the industry, plus identifying which songs have been rising to the top of their respective genres. 

We will also look at how these tracks are being received by audiences across various platforms. 

So let’s get started on our journey through Radar #13.


Bradley Denniston is a music producer, vocalist, engineer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist from Los Angeles, California. His productions have earned him many platinum certifications.

Bradley has collaborated with platinum-selling musicians, including The Lonely Island, Gotye, Tegan and Sara, and G-Eazy, and has worked on blockbuster films that have grossed billions of dollars.

For five years, Bradley served as Mutato Muzika’s lead engineer, composer, and music producer under Mark Mothersbaugh, contributing to the soundtracks of films, television shows, and commercials that went on to win the Grammy, Academy, and Emmy Awards.

Radium Records published his sixth single, Haunted By You, which is about the conflicting emotions of losing a loved one but also being haunted by the memory of the one time you were close to them before they brushed you aside.

In addition to the upbeat atmosphere, the instrumentation complements the melody exceptionally well, resulting in a far better song than the ordinary. The track is highly energetic and incredibly well produced, and it could easily be the soundtrack of any outstanding series created in Hollywood.


Desert-born singer-songwriter Alas de Liona now makes his home in Scotland’s capital city of Edinburgh. The songs on her first album, Lightning and Fire, include eerie vocals and sophisticated lyricism with a blend of folk and synth sounds.

She performed with a partner at Edinburgh’s Hidden Door Festival and preceded Rufus Wainwright at Glasgow’s Summer Nights at Kelvingrove Bandstand, both in the Scottish summer.

Alas also performed at the Glasgow Glad Café and the Edinburgh Voodoo Rooms as the headliner with her three-piece band, and she played a handful of sold-out solo acoustic gigs at pubs in Edinburgh.

She and her band returned to Post Electric Studios in Leith, Scotland, with producer Rod Jones in November of last year to record her newest album, which was released on November 11 of that year.

Alas’s beautiful voice blends well with the song’s carefully crafted melodies. The percussion and instruments help bring these elements to the fore, making for a remarkable performance.


Dutch musician, writer, and producer Julia Sole will adapt her compositions into a wistful alternative rock style with indie rock flourishes. Her songs cut deep and are full of raw emotion, all while being wildly erratic and bursting with energy.

Sole will attempt to persuade you of her honesty while hiding behind her disguise. She will keep the music moving like a machine with live-created images, a wide variety of synthesizers, aggressive guitars, and shifting mechanical rhythms.

For those unfamiliar with Julia Sole, her forthcoming debut EP, First Floor: Inhale, features the tune “Paranoid Sleeping,” which offers a look inside the unique and chaotic psyche of the artist.

The second track from her forthcoming EP is titled “Youth,” about how hard it was to let go of a childhood buddy to mature. The comfort of remembering them and the void they’ve been replaced with are both palpable.

Julie has a beautiful voice with a perfect timbre. The track is well-produced and has a hint of the classic that flirts with alternative pop. The instrumental and production is well crafted, which together greatly highlight the track and solidify the work of Julie despite the relative brevity of her career thus far.

DIALOGIC – Fall From On High

Tom Sykes and Paul Worthington collaborate on the studio project known as Dialogic, which also features a live performance project including a band consisting of four members.

Dialogic is a band that plays a particular kind of neo-80s pop-rock. The band was established in 2021 by singer-songwriter Tom Sykes, and it employs ambient guitar, synth, and vocals and is supported by solid rhythms.

Prepare to be transported by lyrics from the heart, set in a backdrop that is epic in scope, while the music is rhythmic, driven, and influenced by bands such as U2, Simple Minds, and Duran Duran.

His newest single, “Fall From on High,” is another new wave-influenced composition inspired by nighttime falls like those seen in recurrent nightmares and Rock-a-bye Baby, the archetypical, curiously frightening lullaby.

When heard in full, the song has an engaging introduction but quickly builds to something far more thrilling thanks to a lively hook, a flourishing accompaniment, and melodies much superior to those in the first verse.


The Lowtones are a band from Norwich, England, starting in February 2020, just before the global Lockdown, with Oliver ‘Mav’ Mavilio on vocals, Jack Abbott on guitar, Tim on guitar Cary on guitar, and George Abbott on drums.

The band performed in New York City’s Chelsea Music Hall in May 2022. They committed to a packed house at the Wildpaths Festival in their hometown of Norwich on the BBC Introducing stage. 

The band has just finished recording four new songs at North Norfolk’s Brass Monkey Studio. Tom Joy is responsible for recording, mixing, and producing every piece. The inaugural EP, Front Row Empty, had many tracks aired on BBC Introducing East Anglia.

In 2023, they made a comeback to the music scene with a double single, one side of which is titled “Radio” and is about getting stuck in a cycle of intrusive thoughts and fighting a self-critical internal narrative, and the other side is titled “From The Start” and is about accepting the reality of becoming an unfavourable option and finding closure.

Both songs include polished alternative rock with excellent production values; they have an atmosphere comparable to that of popular UK indie groups, and thanks to them, the band has a great chance of cementing its place as a future industry mainstay.

9 O’CLOCK NASTY – Too Cool

9 o’clock Nasty is the first anti-gambling soft punk band to come out of Leicester, spreading glitter and regret everywhere they wander blindly.

According to the band, 2022 was the year of idiocy, which is why they are back on the scene to shock your perspective. It is noticeable that the band is highly poetic, carries its message between the lines, and is full of sarcasm.

They assured you that you would be moving to new areas and taking new tactics, and they were not joking. They are coming for you in 2023, so buckle up, fasten your seatbelts, or do whatever makes you comfortable.

Their brand new song, “Too Cool,” is the result of their first collaboration with Quebecois music producer Hugo GT. The tune raises existential questions and challenges the status quo with the line “too cool to school,” proving that these musicians are outside-the-box thinkers.

In addition to the music, the vocals become a simple hymn in the chorus, reaching its zenith in the monster guitar solo, making this tune a true classic deserving of being on our list even though the band is still underrated by the industry.

SPÜNDAY – While My Guitar Gently Beeps

Three friends, Paul on vocals and guitar, Daf on bass, and Matthew on drums, were inspired to start SPÜNDAY after seeing Melt Banana perform in Cardiff.

The Tonypandy band, who released their first album Shock Wave Gang Bang, in 2020, cite Melt Banana, guitar effects pedals, the bizarre, and a fertile imagination as some of their primary artistic inspirations.

This year they participated in the annual Cardiff Psych and Noise festival, and only later, they returned to the music scene with a fresh new tune titled “While the guitar slowly beeps.”

The song is a scathing critique of the status quo in the music business, which the artist sees as lazy and unable to take chances on new music for fear of upsetting shareholders.

The track takes a straightforward approach, with a punk rock development that is exceedingly non-linear, sounds entirely random and subversive, and has tremendously powerful hooks.

SALT – Fairytale On Fire

SALT is a post-punk pop band hailing from Edinburgh with members Sharon Woods on vocals, Robin Woods and Simon Kettles on guitars, James King on drums and keyboards, and Simon Kettles on bass.

They like noise, melody, and dynamics, and they are inspired by artists such as Nick Cave, The Marine Girls, The Pixies, Ennio Morricone, the Who, X-Ray Spex, and many more.

During almost four years on the road, they’ve played support for Rose McDowall of Strawberry Switchblade, had their Limbic TV debut, backed Goodbye Mr. Mackenzie, and made their BBC6 Radio debut on Craig Charles’ show.

“Fairytale on Fire,” with 15 songs, was published last year. HX Records initially published the album on vinyl, but they remastered and released it digitally. The record is a voyage through the songs they composed at the time and a melting pot of ideas.

Various songs, like “Boxcar,” “Tumbleweed,” and “Suffocate,” stand out on this album that combines raw pop punk with alternative rock and a more agitated atmosphere for several ballads throughout, but the record as a whole is relatively consistent in terms of its elements.

BRAINHEART – Keep Me From Falling Apart

Independent music producer, composer, and DJ Roi Zohar goes under the stage name Brainheart. From the beginning, he had a challenging time at school and often felt like he was wasting his time there. At the age of 15, he started playing the piano, which was his first exposure to music.

While at first, he used music to escape his problems at school, he soon found that it provided him with so much more. Today, Brainheart hopes to leave a legacy and inspire future generations through music that defies categorization.

In a recent collaboration with Israeli singer and songwriter Dorel, they produced a beautiful love song. Each member of the team contributes something uniquely valuable to the effort.

This song, “Keep Me From Falling Apart,” is about the complexities of love and how the best relationships are sometimes the ones you least anticipate. The ones who make you question all you thought you knew.

The single has two different mixes, one acoustic; the song is well-produced and features melodies that stand out prominently against the track’s lush background—including violins—to become an anthem.


Nives Farrier is an Austrian Singer and Pop-Songwriter. She loves to add feelings and beauty to the lives of her listeners. Nives is supporting the Freedom Train initiative for Ukrainian Refugees.

Nives Farrier kicked out her career as a solo artist by releasing her first track, “Waves,” which served as the liberation anthem for the charity effort “FreedomTrain” for Ukrainian refugees.

Her early influences were pop divas like Christina Aguilera, Demi Lovato, and Jessie J, as well as gentler, sweeter vocalists like Clare Bowen, who led her to pursue classical voice training and musical theatre. 

Pop and country are two of her favourite genres, and they inspired her to become a vocal instructor for pop and rock performers later in life.

Ready was recorded and produced by Daniel Fellner in Vienna, Austria. He registered and performed almost every instrument on the track, a stirring love song urging the listener to give way to his or her emotions.

With a stunning piano and vocals that radiate high notes, the song that accompanies a music video has an unpretentious atmosphere that expands after the chorus into a full pop-rock imprint.


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