Fresh New Music #10

Are you looking for the latest and greatest music from up-and-coming recording artists and indie musicians? 

Then join us for our Fresh New Music session! 

We’ll showcase some of the most exciting new music from around the world, allowing you to discover new sounds and genres. 

From hip-hop to pop, electronic to rock, we’ve got something for everyone. So come along and experience this unique opportunity to hear fresh music from some of today’s emergings stars!

MEADOW ARGUS – Dancing Through A Slow Apocalypse

Jevan Cole, the guy behind the musical endeavour Meadow Argus, has had the kind of musical career many can only dream of. Cole is a songwriter, composer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer.

Meadow Argus, also the name of a local butterfly species, was inspired by Jevan’s appreciation for nature and the inspiration it provides. It has since grown into a flourishing gardening, field ecology, and environmental practice.

After a brief time in the 1980s with the Brisbane psych-pop band Baton Rouge, Jevan decided to pursue a career as a classical guitarist and see what else was waiting to be discovered.

His EP “Dancing Through a Slow Apocalypse,” which he had initially written and recorded in 2021 for his music degree at the University of the Sunshine Coast, was finally released this year, marking his comeback to the music business. The songs on this EP are introspective examinations of our individual experiences throughout the lockdown.

Some special guests make cameos, and the EP as a whole has a unique, cross-genre atmosphere. Songs like “Sweetgrass,” “Tiny Flames,” and “House Husband” have all the makings of radio hits thanks to their inventive fusion of folk rock, alternative music, and psychedelic influences.


National Park Radio is an Arkansas-based indie-folk band that was established in 2013 and is directed by singer-songwriter Stefan Szabo. Under Szabo’s direction, the band has contributed significantly to the development of the industry.

After the initial release of an extended play in 2013, a full-length album was issued as a follow-up release in 2016. In 2017, Stefan’s wife, Kerrie, became a part of the project, which resulted in the band taking new turns and establishing a new tone for the direction of their family and their musical endeavours.

The band’s expanding fan base is thanks to their original music, which reflects the timeless grandeur of the Ozark Mountains while exploring universal topics like love, loss, and making hard decisions in life.

In light of their extensive backstory, the band has just released a new single titled “Wander.” The song was inspired by their travels and adventures. Emphasising living in the now since we should value the journey as much as the destination.

The song has a folk feel and is performed on well-crafted instruments, and the vocals have wonderful and striking melodies. The band hopes to become one of the top players on the scene with their new album, ‘Canyons’.

NEW YANK YORKIES – Trick Of The Heart

Originally from British Columbia, Canada, the members of New Yank Yorkies have honed their craft as session musicians for international superstars, including Bryan Adams, Ferron, Bruce Cockburn, Jim Byrnes, Colin James, Ian Tyson, and many more.

It’s always exciting for fans when a group of session musicians, producers, and songwriters come out of hiding and release some original music.

Start reading album covers, and you’ll see the names of New York City Yorkies turning up everywhere, from Juno’s award-winning songs to TV and movie soundtracks and even his solo albums.

Consistently putting out high-quality material since 2018, they’ve finally returned this year with a brand new single named ‘Trick of the Heart’. According to critics, the track will restore your faith in rock music, fusing Southern-rooted rock with American approachability and contagiousness.

The song is expertly put together; the arrangement, tempo, and production all work well together. The music would be an ideal option for the soundtrack of a famous Hollywood television program because of all these qualities.

RICK FOUCHE -Master Of Time (Dance Of A Lifetime)

Musician, composer, rapper, and record producer Rick Fouche lives and works in the New York City and New Jersey areas. He first gained attention in the rap community before deftly relocating his focus to R&B and soul music.

The Recording Academy gave Rick an official Grammy Award Consideration in 2022 for his tune ‘Brighter,’ which was nominated for Best R&B Performance and Best R&B Song. The award was presented at the 65th Annual Grammy Awards.

Up to this point, this was the highest honour he had received. Even more significantly, he co-wrote the song with his mother, Caroline Wilson, who had written the song’s original melody.

After achieving significant success, Rick is back with a brand new album this year titled Master Of Time (Dance of a Lifetime). The album consists of ten songs and includes the smash track Never Leaves.

The song is really upbeat, it has a nice rhythm that is notable because of the striking percussion, and the vocals have well-crafted melodies that combine well with the music. This track validates Rick’s skill and demonstrates why the Academy noticed him.


Roni Amir is a musician, songwriter, and producer interested in mixing various musical styles.

He is frequently involved in the creative process from start to finish, writing, arranging, and recording his songs while actively seeking collaboration with singers worldwide.

His music has generated a lot of excitement among influential music tastemakers around Europe and Israel. He has worked in the field for almost 20 years, making him an experienced professional.

Recently he dropped a new single called Fight, which gets him back to his origins since this is an alternative rock tune that comes out after a few popish ones featuring Michael Gildner on vocals. The song is about the struggles that everybody goes through at some point or another.

The song starts with a subdued pace and some intriguing melodies. Still, the track’s development brings about a dramatic shift in style, elevating the music to a level of complexity, befitting the greatest names in rock.

LINDA – Ballad Of Abigail

Hungarian-born Linda has been a professional musician for almost a decade; she specialises in progressive rock and, after an eight-year hiatus, returned with a fresh perspective after the lockdown.

Performing rock ballads and pop-rock tunes with a love-rock vibe. She is heavily influenced by the country-rock phase of Lady Gaga, and the rock era of Miley Cyrus is also a source of inspiration for her.

As Linda continued developing her talents by learning new instruments and expanding her knowledge of music theory, she used the piano for the first time in the composition of her most recent song, Ballad Of Abigail, published last year.

The song and accompanying music video pay tribute to the pioneering women of the 588th, the first female aviation regiment, who faced hostility from the military when they were accepted into the ranks during World War II.

Linda’s well-crafted and remarkable vocals and melodies, the classic piano playing that perfectly matches the theme, the band’s strong performance, and the lively song’s lively character are what set it apart, giving it a friendly aura despite the rather sorrowful setting.

JACK MILLER – Insomniac Lane

22-year-old Jack Miller of Summit, New Jersey, is a singer, rapper, and sound engineer. He competes in Division I track and field for the College of William & Mary, where he is a student.

He has performed at several New York City venues, such as Pianos and Arlene’s Grocery, and cites Dominic Fike, Mac Miller, Smino, and JID as major musical influences.

He has released a plethora of music since his debut album in 2020. His most recent album, “Insomniac Lane,” was released earlier this year, and he wrote and recorded it in his bedroom like his other songs.

In composing the song, he aimed first and foremost to make it listenable and representative of the tale he was telling. Despite the track’s serious subject, he sought to keep the tone bright and uplifting so that the song could be played in any situation.

Despite limited resources and the fact that he developed everything himself, the track has a catchy groove with a lively rhythm, imaginative vocals, and highly satisfactory production.


TØMZ is a drummer, producer, and DJ who lives in Berkeley, California. He is known for his work in the rap music scene.

After releasing several mixtapes in the past, he is back with an unconventional project that features many local artists that have begun to come into their own since 2016.

This project, influenced by DJ Mustard and Kanye West, consists entirely of slaps and does not include skips. They all brought their own unique taste and flair to every one of the T-beats and went wild over them.

These songs were reworked and mastered by TØMZ in Berkeley, California’s The Villa Studio, and they showcase the studio’s sound; songs like “Sucka Free” are particularly noteworthy for showcasing the dedication and physical presence required to see the project through to its conclusion.

Each of the 18 tracks on “PED” is a shining example of the best in underground rap, with some songs conjuring the sound of the old school via a fusion of trap, rap, and high-quality hip hop; it’s almost impossible to choose a favourite one.

MICK J. CLARK – We Know It’s True.

Singer-songwriter signed to the Sonorus Record Label, Mick J. Clark has over a million Spotify streams to his name, and his song “We Know It’s True” peaked at number three in the UK and number two in the USA on iTunes’ Top 100 Rock Songs chart in June 2020.

Mick is undoubtedly a hit producer and chartbuster, and his songs have gained popularity. Most recently, he was recognised with his 64th official Grammy nomination for his album titled “Causes.”

With so much success under his belt, it would be impossible to list all of Mick’s accomplishments here. It is remarkable, however, that the media and social media would instead give a platform to incompetents than genuine talents like Mick.

The song “We Know It’s True,” backed by a music video that I have no idea why is not yet airing on MTV, raises the alarm about global warming, raising important issues, including ocean pollution and the pervasiveness of disposable plastic garbage.

The song is a mainstream pop-rock tune with a very laid-back beat that draws heavily from the 1980s, and its message is obvious and unmistakable, serving as a warning to the sleeping masses.

UMBERTO BRAVO – Sacred Sinner

Independent Italian musician, singer, and songwriter Umberto Bravo. His work as a singer and session musician has taken him all over the globe, yet he maintains homes in Naples and Rome.

He’s been featured on big stages at major music festivals worldwide. He used to front “The Prog-Ram Band,” an outfit paying homage to progressive music from the 1970s.

Representing the ‘Heart Therapy’ movement officially since the year 2020. The project spawned from the same-titled short film by Anna Zoll, winner of the Nespresso Talents award at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival.

Just recently, Bravo published a song titled “Sacred Sinner,” in which he details his experience in a love triangle; Bravo penned and created the music and did all of the singing and composing.

The single veers between alternative pop and commercial, with a confident rhythm for the mood that adds much to Umberto’s vocal rendition, which readily recalls several hooks by the Back Street Boys.


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