Fresh New Music #11

The music industry is constantly evolving and new artists are emerging every day. The Fresh New Music session is a spot where upcoming recording artists and indie musicians can showcase their talents and get exposure to their music.

This session provides a unique opportunity for these musicians to gain industry recognition and connect with other music professionals. It also allows them to network with potential collaborators, producers, promoters, and labels that can help them further their careers in the music industry.

The Fresh New Music session provides an invaluable platform for upcoming recording artists and indie musicians to share their work with the world. It is an exciting opportunity for them to be discovered by the right people who can help them further their careers in the music industry.

BAR II – Wake Up

Belgian rock oddballs BAR II are fed up with the blatantly self-promotional nature of the electro and hip-hop scenes nowadays, therefore they like to keep their tricks under wraps.

The band has made it clear that they have no intention of giving up control of their public persona in order to devote themselves fully to what they claim is more important: the creation of music.

The lyrics are always on target, even though they deal with uncomfortable topics like the singer’s bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and a dash of doubt about our times.

Their new song “Wake up” was released this year and has quickly become a cultural touchstone, reporting on the prevailing apathy in which everything seems to be falling apart and calling for listeners to “wake up” before it’s too late.

The track’s drumming and tempo are evocative of Queens of the Stone Age, and the band’s ability to blend alternative rock with polished production sets them apart from their contemporaries.


Rock band Bootleg Royale calls its base in Fayetteville, Arkansas, and describes itself as high-octane with inspiration from artists as diverse as Steely Dan and The Beatles to White Denim and King Gizzard.

Having met in their hometown, the band’s members—Kyle Enneking, on vocals and guitar, Jacob Robison, on vocals and guitar, Josh Larson, on vocals and bass, and Garrett Bray, on vocals and drums—quickly bonded over their shared love of music.

For the last four years, Bootleg Royale has been actively performing and recording around the Midwest. They’re always trying to broaden their fan base, thus on this EP, they focus on the upbeat, enjoyable aspects of rock music.

This past year saw the release of Bootleg II, which had several excellent songs. One of the standouts on the album is titled “Want You,” and it conveys the emotion of being torn away from a significant connection with another individual.

Considering the great quality of the music as a whole, the tune might almost serve as an anthem, thanks to its polished production, prominent instrumentals, and memorable melodies.

JACKO HOOPER – Getting No Place Fast

Jacko Hooper is a singer-songwriter from Brighton, UK, who combines mesmerizing soulful vocals, beautiful guitar, and achingly honest words by seeking influence from the things around him that mean the most.

Over the last ten years, Jacko Hooper has collaborated, performed, and released records with artists such as Bastille, Chet Faker, James Blunt, Passenger, and many, many more. 

After releasing an EP in 2014 and a few more solid pieces in the years afterward, as well as founding Brighton-based promotions company Folklore Sessions and venue The Folklore Rooms in 2021, Jack Hooper is set to release his first studio album.

The first single off of Respair is called “Getting No Place Fast,” and it comes with a music video that does a good job of capturing the spirit of the song. The song takes place in the year 2020 and reflects on the world’s transformation and the impact the crisis has had on people’s psyches, which they continue to experience to this day.

The chorus is the high point of the song, with a flowing, pleasant rhythm that blends elements of alternative folk and indie to produce a powerful work that reflects the artist’s expertise in his chosen field.

CRUX – Radgie Gadgie (Radio Edit)

Crux creates a unique and timeless sound by combining progressive rock with punk. Their music is inspired by real experiences from all walks of life, both distant and near.

Crux has firmly planted itself in the Newcastle music scene, having performed alongside up-and-coming musicians such as India Arkin, Keiran Bowe, and Lizzie Esau, and headlining venues such as the Engine Room, The Globe, Little Buildings, and o2 Academy2 Newcastle.

Influenced by artists as diverse as Thom Yorke, Jeff Buckley, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, they gained the attention of music industry insiders and won the support of radio programmers like Tom Robinson of BBC Radio 6 and Nick Roberts of BBC Newcastle.

Inspired by Edvard Grieg’s timeless masterpiece In the Hall of the Mountain King, last year’s single was titled “Radgie Gadgie,” which is Geordie slang for “Aggressive Man.” The song is a grim narrative of toxic masculinity and trauma.

The song hints at post-punk and alternative music while maintaining a strong ska vibe because of its well-crafted rhythm and instrumentals, and it stands out thanks to the band’s originality in the harmonic and musical structure.


Even as a young boy, Daniel was already performing as a singer and an actor. He was born in Zurich, Switzerland, although he spent most of his childhood in Paris, France.

His musical idols, including Adele, Ed Sheeran, John Mayer, and Sam Smith, serve as inspiration for his self-described genre, “sob-pop.”

The decision to go to Nashville, Tennessee to polish his songwriting skills after graduating from Oxford University marked the beginning of his career as a professional musician.

Daniel signed a publishing deal with Anthem Entertainment and Wrensong exactly one year after arriving in Nashville, and he has just released his debut single, named Billy.

Featuring a unique timbre, the song has a folk and country imprint that stands out because of its exquisite melodies and specialized production; the song is about overcoming trauma, and the singer believes it will serve as motivation for his listeners.


An up-and-coming pop-rock group, Live In Color was created in 2018 in Jönköping, Sweden. Before this, they were known as Australia Sunrise. Jesper, Anton, and Linus are siblings; their cousin Viktor and two pals, Tim and Melker, round up the band.

In 2019, they released their debut album, titled “One World,” as well as two songs, including “Catch the Feeling.” which included the official soundtrack of the European university rowing championships.

Playful guitar riffs, infectious percussion beats, strong bass rhythms, and existentially conscious lyrics all contribute to their sound’s upbeat, emotive, and dreamlike quality.

Their new single “A Better Me” is a great representation of their eclectic sound; they name artists as diverse as Mumford & Sons, Francis Moon, Of Monsters and Men, and Damien Rice as inspirations.

The song has a catchy beat, a strong country influence, a pop-rock imprint, and a Nordic influence, all of which come together in a polished production with intricate orchestration.

LIV CRASH – Shakespeare Inspired The Boobs

Liv Crash, a musician living in Milan, has been playing guitar since he was 13 years old. Before discovering rock music through Iron Maiden at the age of 17, he had been studying piano.

Because Dave Murray was his musical hero, Liv decided to honor him by playing a black and white American Fender Stratocaster. His newfound love for music led him to pursue it professionally.

Like notable guitarists like Cory Wong, John Frusciante, and Nile Rodgers, he mixes a melodic combination of rock, funk, and jazz elements into his music and writes his own melodies.

The success of his first single encouraged him to release a follow-up, and Shakespeare Inspired The Boobs is just as funny as its predecessor, making fun of the frivolous and shallow mindset that many on social media appear to have.

The melody starts out with a rumbling bass and is soon joined by percussion before the band settles into a comfortable and strong rhythm; the combination of funk and classic rock is great, and the song is rather energetic and could serve as the ideal soundtrack for a Friday night.

MABEAN – Twillight

Mabean is a multi-instrumentalist from Seoul, South Korea. His first solo album was published in 2018, and he was responsible for all of the production, including singing, composing lyrics, and arrangement.

As a singer-songwriter, he often composes songs using the guitar and various mixed synthesizers, and he creates them so that they are in accord with both upbeat and calm moods.

With the help of Park Won radio, Mabean was able to connect with a famous Korean vocalist and a South Korean band that was just getting started and was unveiled through the Sugar Records Official Channel.

Last year, he released a song called “Twilight,” in which the singer admits that the song is about a lovely former relationship in reference to his goals for the listening experience of the composition, which were influenced by musicians like Coldplay.

The song’s commercial feel is blended with K-pop and some r&b elements to create a cohesive sound, and the instrumentals are well-created and evolve as the song progresses, making for a memorable listen.

SALADS – Butterfly Sans

To pay respect to his pop-punk roots and his goals fueled by the music he listened to as a child in Bangkok, Thailand, Patty, better known by his stage name PattySalads, blends elements of pop, punk, rap, and alternative music.

After settling in Epsom, London, he took a trip back to Thailand. Before that, he had skipped a year of high school and spent six months at a film school in Fullerton, California.

His songs are very personal and convey tales of love, sorrow, addiction, and redemption that many people may relate to. While he borrows elements from other musical styles and cultures to create his own unique production sound.

Recently, he released a song on SONO Music named “butterfly sans,” in which he sings about dealing with childhood trauma while using his signature melodic sounds to bring it all together.

The song combines elements of pop punk and emo, and it has powerful drums that leave a steady pace and a rock-inspired sound, making it an excellent choice as the background music for a roller skating session.


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