Radar #15

Music is a powerful art form that has the power to connect people from all walks of life.

Within the music industry, there are numerous talented and upcoming recording artists and indie musicians who need to be heard and given a platform to showcase their talents.

The Radar session provides an opportunity for those within the music industry to discover new musical talent.

It serves as a platform for up-and-coming recording artists and indie musicians to get exposure and recognition while allowing them to network with other professionals within the industry and its audience.

This session helps foster creativity, collaboration, and innovation as it introduces listeners to new sounds and perspectives of music.

NAIA LIKA – Gas Station Bouquet 

Naia Lika is an up-and-coming artist from Los Angeles, California. Although she is making her debut with her first release at the age of twenty-one, you shouldn’t misunderstand; music has been a part of her life since before she was born.

Lika comes from a long history of renowned musicians; her great-grandfather made a significant turning point for her family by performing with legendary figures such as Frank Sinatra and several others.

After her parents first exposed her to musical theater, she attended Boston’s Berklee College of Music, where she experienced the ups and downs of her life and profession until she eventually dropped out and relocated to Los Angeles.

Her first song, Gas Station Bouquet, was published not too long ago; it was produced in 2020, draws inspiration from artists like Dua Lipa and Ariana Grande, and veers between pop, soul, and r&b with a wistful, reminiscence-inducing vibe.

The song has a remarkable rhythm that flirts perfectly with Naia’s vocals, which, in addition to an impressive timbre, has delightful melodies. The track served as therapy for Naia, who used the opportunity to focus on creating the work in doing something positive, facing a moment not so favorable. The result was an above-average job, to begin with.

CECE – Problems 

Originally from Decatur, Illinois, CeCe Frey is better known simply as CeCe. She competed in season 2 of The X Factor (U.S.), with Demi Lovato as her coach, and came in sixth place.

Her first single, titled “Dead 2 Me,” was not made available to the public until 2014. She did not release another song until 2017, and after that, she went on a break that lasted for the next five years after that.

After her time on X-Factor, CeCe has amassed a large fan base. She returned to the music scene in May 2022 with the single “FUEO,” and she just dropped another new track, “Problems,” at the start of this year.

The song “Problems” was created as an act of vengeance by someone whose friend’s fiancé had cheated on them. Each listener who has experienced the heartbreak of a loved one’s betrayal can find release and closure in this song.

The song is really well produced and has vocals with well-crafted melodies; the guitar riff before the hook is quite striking; the song is a blend of pop and rock; this song deserves to be among the most popular on the charts; Cece is the up-and-coming musician who has all the makings of a star.

JOSY B – Crybaby  

Born in Puerto Rico and reared in California, singer-songwriter Josy B made her debut in the music industry in 2007 with the single “Red Rum,” which included contributions from the renowned rapper Takbir Bashir.

She has worked with renowned producers such as Dr. Dre and Jean-Yves Ducornet, and her career has taken her all over Los Angeles, from the Roxy to the Rumba Room, where she has opened for Jon B and many others.

In 2021, Josy collaborated with several producers, including Ducornet, to create an EP that would incorporate tracks that had previously appeared in “The Sweetest Thing” and the Netflix series Bad Blood.

Her latest track, which she titled “Crush,” was produced in Encino, California. It was inspired by both pop and hip-hop music, and it detailed the struggles that she had in romantic relationships and after experiencing heartache.

The beat of the tune is mesmerizing, and it brings to mind some of the game’s most talented players. The end product of the tune is just wonderful, and Josy has a very lovely voice that remembers the Brazilian artist Anitta in a lot of ways.

DOMAX – New Moon

Domax is a multi-instrumentalist musician from London, United Kingdom. Over his career as a session musician, he has worked with a wide variety of musicians, including Sister Sledge, Incognito, Emeli Sandé, and Maverick Sabre.

Despite naming legendary acts like Kraftwerk, Apex Twin, Squarepusher, Neu, The Yellow Magic Orchestra, and Cocteau Twins as influences, his music has a distinct personality of its own.

Domax, who is also a co-founder of Jam International, has recently put out a new EP with six tracks named New Moon. In the last nine months, he has released three further EPs and a single.

The EP’s title track, “New Moon,” stands out to us as its best cut, the new moon is the first lunar phase and this fact was paramount in the baptism of the record that was written and recorded in his studio Jam international HQ in London, United Kingdom.

The song was recorded with live drums and has a strong synth; both the tempo and the atmosphere give off a cinematic impression, and it is very possible that it may serve as the perfect soundtrack for a video game or movie easily.

JUNK – They Call Me Old Man 

San Diego, California’s JUNK combines a wide variety of jazz and funk genres, as epitomized by Dirty D, a saxophone junkie who became famous for his hip-hop jazz jams and who was also a master of Dubl A the Bass and a musical genius.

Aaron “Dubl A” Seener, a master bassist and music theorist from Long Island, New York, and Dale “Dirty D” Pearson, a saxophonist from San Diego, California, were two club musicians who, in the year 2020, during the height of the epidemic, decided to record a record together.

The band would have no genre and use everything that impacted the pair, from jazz and classical symphonic composition to hip-hop, punk rock, and funk. Since it covered so many genres, they called this Bass Forward, Saxophone Heavy, Wild Fusion band “JUNK.”

They’ve spent a long time honing their craft in the shadows, but with the release of their first EP Chromatose, they’re now ready to make their mark. They recently released a new song titled “They Call Me Old Man,” which addresses the issue of ageism despite the universal truth that one’s chronological age is nothing more than that.

We think the tune is intriguing because of its odd instrumental, which at times sounds like hip-hop and at other times super catchy; we also like the single’s concept and lyrics, which are both noteworthy.

GABDEZ – Ella Se Pone (radio Edit)

Gabdez is a DJ and producer who was born in the Italian region of Sicily. After graduating from university, relocated to Milan, where he immediately began working with local teams and eventually spread his influence farther afield.

Now a resident at venues like Nikki Beach St. Tropez and others, Gabdez has previously performed in Oslo, Stockholm, Tokyo, and Mykonos, where he opened and closed shows by international superstars like David Guetta.

His first single, titled “Don’t,” came out in 2018, and he’s had a lot of success with it since then. His music draws influence from a variety of sources, including the Chicago house sound, the French touch, and the Italy Disco, and it serves as a good summary of his work and experience on the dance floor.

His most recent single, Ella se pone, was released at the end of last year and combines reggaeton and house music with Spanish-language lyrics in an effort by producer Gabdez to strike the perfect balance for the dance floor.

The tune provides a solid rhythm for the clubs, and as it continues to build, it becomes more engaging not only because of the tempo but also because of the superb vibe and the well-balanced blend of elements that underpins the track.

MARCUS VALANCE – You’re Not Alone

British musician Marcus creates in the indie-folk style. Marcus explored several various musical genres and played a broad range of instruments before settling on a style that suited him well enough to start writing his own songs.

He began his musical education on the piano when he was five, but it wasn’t until he was 19 while backpacking through the interior of Spain that he discovered his true passion: playing the guitar.

His appreciation for folk music—especially that of Bob Dylan, Gregory Alan Isakov, Paul Simon, and Joni Mitchell—inspires him to write from the heart, and the resultant lyrics are refreshingly straightforward and honest.

Marcus was instrumental in helping refugees on their journey from the coast of Turkey to the Greek island of Kos, and he wrote the song You Are Not Alone to encourage them to maintain as much compassion as they could despite their dire circumstances. The experience there inspired the song that Marcus wrote about it.

The song begins softly but picks up momentum as the instruments are introduced during the bridge. Even the chorus is subdued; the song blends indie pop with a bit of folk, Marcus has a pleasant voice, and the melodies are just perfect, on those more laid-back days, the track is a great option.


San Francisco-based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Said Sara (actual name David Benson) draws inspiration from artists like Baez, Stevens, Croce, Taylor, Buckingham, and Mitchell.

The alt-folk acoustic is a real extension of Benson’s musical and psychological essence; he created somber, stripped-down hymns in the early to mid-1990s that didn’t see the light of day until Said Sara’s self-titled EP was published in 2020.

David is the drummer for Acephalix, a San Francisco-based crust punk-turned-death metal band whose album Theothanatologist, produced by Grammy winner Greg Wilkinson, has been well acclaimed by music experts and tastemakers.

Same, David’s fourth straight single release, was recorded in San Francisco’s The Guest Room and Yosemite Studios and processed at Oakland, California’s The Atomic Garden West by Jesse Nichols. The track deals with trauma and uses ludic elements to portray David’s sorrow.

The song is acoustic, with carefully arranged chords that make a point out of the composition’s deadpan wit; for the time being, it sounds like a monologue with an indie flavor that dabbles with folk, but ultimately ends up as an alternative track that stands out for its individuality.

PEDRO – Echoes Of My Mind

PEDRO is an unconventional and unorthodox musician who defies expectations. His work is very adaptable, ranging in sound, texture, and style because of his inspiration from fluid musicians like Arca, ROSAL, and Björk.

By the addition of electronic rhythms to his repertoire, his foundation in Classical Guitar, and his past work in the Portuguese alternative rock scene create a sound that is all his own.

Despite his impressive credentials, PEDRO is a relative newbie to the business, having just released his first EP, Echoes of My Mind. The EP is an experimental record that provokes emotions via instrumental pieces.

The track “Euforia Sin Cocana” is definitely a standout on this record. The EP ends on a serene note, with peaceful sounds. The EP as a whole has unexpected aspects, but they are most noticeable here. It’s the sound of the encounter winding down.

PEDRO’s work is distinctive because it defies expectations; I would call it a masterpiece because of the track’s dramatic and mysterious entrance, which experiences a full metamorphosis at the introduction of the piano, then a second extreme transformation soon afterward.

DOOSC – Ayaymama

The Luxembourg-based composer and producer DoosC is a musical prodigy who considers music to be a universal language. His whole being is committed to his musical goal of creating moving, memorable tunes.

Others have called his music a “soulful fusion” of melodic house and progressive house with his own special twist. Elements of neighboring styles, such as an organic house, tropical house, and electro house, are also included.

Recently, he and a Barcelona-based artist known as Gaya Waska released a few of the tracks they had recorded together. These tunes were collected as a two-song EP titled Ayaymama.

The story of the musical is based on the author’s experiences in the Peruvian forest near Moyobamba, the first city built by the Spanish in the New World. The song’s title is a nod to the Moyobamba mystic bird of the same name, which has inspired several urban legends.

The song’s mysterious opening is given a ceremonial tone by Gaya’s vocals; the rhythm is quiet but enigmatic due to the components in the development; the song’s elements are successfully divided; and the song is an excellent pick for raves.


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