Fresh New Music #12

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Blake Yung is the stage name of South Carolina native Matthew Young, a singer, and musician who has established himself thanks to his eclectic, edgy, and genre-bending body of work.

In April 2020, he released his first extended play (EP) titled “I’m Alright,” which underlined his ascension in the emo rap and alternative music worlds! The EP also included appearances by Mod Sun and Caskey.

The music of Blakes tells the narrative of a guy who is in the process of destroying himself completely. But, via his work, he can transform that suffering into something truly original and stunning.

Blake reappeared in 2023 with the song “GTFO,” an alternative rock track with nu-metal overtones produced by multi-platinum producer Jake Magness, who has previously worked with the likes of The Used, MGK, Travis Barker, Yungblud, Escape The Fate, and many more.

The song’s rhythm and instrumentation are well-produced, and the singer’s ability to switch between rap and melodic vocals is a notable feature. The track’s production is similarly impressive, and despite its brevity, there are enough dynamic shifts to leave the listener wanting more.

SHANNON DARCY – Snakes And Ladders

Essex native SHANNON DARCY is a singer-songwriter with aspirations to revitalize the alternative rock and punk communities with her brand of original sound. Her love of music and singing began at a young age, and she has described herself as a “nerdy want always to be a rockstar” ever since.

At the age of 10, while on vacation at a campground, Shannon stumbled across her skill. There, she tried out for the first time for a singing competition, which she ended up winning despite being completely unprepared for the spotlight.

Shannon performed at the South East Essex Choice Awards in January of 2020, when she found out on the spot that she had won the award she had been nominated for the year before.

SHANNON’s debut song “Snakes and Ladders” properly displays her preference for loud rock instrumentals and intriguing lyrical dynamics that reveal true attitude and purpose, inspiring a feeling of authority and connection within audiences.

The song opens smoothly while SHANNON already exhibits all her vocal skills. Snakes and Ladders is a pop-rock sound that builds in intensity, and just when you think the song has reached its zenith, it gets even better. The instruments, singing, and melodies in this song are all superb.

PARKER – Melancholy Way

Sam Lethbridge, a Gold Coast resident who is just 16 years old, is the only creative force behind the solo act known as Parker. A splash of adolescent angst is added to the mix of styles that can be found in his music, which includes elements of indie rock, pop, surf, and rock.

Sam began his musical career at an early age and has been a songwriter and musician ever since. When he was only nine years old, he formed his first band, Valley Vibes, and began performing at festivals and shows all around the Gold Coast.

Sam, at 15 years old, received the Youth Mentoring Award for his work with the band BridgeLeft with vocalist Jamie Lamont at the Mullumbimby Music Festival. Later, he and his band played at Georgia Hoareau’s “Oh Well” Record release party at The House of The Arts on the Gold Coast.

Melancholy Way was conceived as an exercise in layering distortion effects on top of basic pop chords in search of a surf rock sound. The audience’s emotional reaction was what he was aiming for. The Skeggs’ effortless blending of the two genres served as an influence on him as he crafted the track.

The music is quite upbeat, and in addition to being superbly produced, it has outstanding arrangements with an indie pop rock imprint that stands out for the excellence in all parts of the track’s overall composition.

JERUSHA – Monopoly

When it comes to the entertainment industry, Jerusha stands apart. Along with Childish Gambino, she starred in the critically acclaimed FX series Atlanta. She has been in many Broadway productions, notably “The Prom,” which garnered her seven Tony Award nominations.

Mike Woods of Rice N’ Pease, who has worked with Bazzi and Anne-Marie among many others, produced her first album Aquafina. The new cast album for Between the Lines, which features her, is climbing the Billboard charts.

She has given performances in several prestigious places in New York City, some of which include Times Square (Broadway Buskers), Nublu, The Delancey, Heaven Can Wait, The Bitter End, and a few more notable establishments amongst many others.

For fans of modern pop music, Jerusha’s new track, Monopoly, is a must-hear. In it, she sings of her unpleasant yet seductive experience at the crossroads of monogamy and polyamory.

The song is well produced, and has an appropriate tempo; Jerusha’s vocals are lovely, and the melodies are expertly composed; the song is up to the same standards as the major players in the industry, and we wouldn’t expect anything less from an artist with the baggage that she carries.

2 LIBRAS – Heart On

2Libras is a West Coast-based cyberpunk electronic band that produces dark, synthesizer beats infused with classic rock guitar melodies and raw vocals.

Influenced by artists such as Nine Inch Nails, The Kills, Depeche Mode, and Bjork, this band was formed by Wesley Foster Rogers on vocals, synth, and guitar, Jewels Foster Rogers on vocals, synth, and guitar, and Vincent Brancato on guitar.

Thematically, 2Libras focuses on lyrics that reflect the influence of technology, big data, and social media in our global society and how that affects interpersonal relationships while diminishing our collective outlook.

Taking a cue from one of Depeche Mode’s songs, their new single is a love ballad titled “Heart On,” and it was recorded by Aaron Schroeder at Pierced Ears Studio; Thomas Mitchell also shot the accompanying music video.

The track begins with a strong and mysterious synth; as the two singers enter, the music takes a different turn; and finally, the synth, which is now even harsher, becomes the focal point of the track, which has a pretty methodical tempo.

SAVOY ELLIS – Don’t Break My Heart/The One (Sped Up)

Savoy Ellis is a songwriter, and producer that works out of Los Angeles, California. His music is influenced by soul music from the 1960s and 1970s, as well as jazz, gospel, and soft rock from the 1970s.

It was from his family that Savoy first heard and fell in love with jazz, gospel, and soul music. His mom played piano and sang in the church choir, while his dad tried his hand at singing in the recording industry before settling into the business side of the music industry.

He now sees himself as a “hands-on” producer who relishes the opportunity to jam in the studio. He believes that the key to a successful session is having a partner who is enthusiastic about their goals and can help them turn to reality.

Recently, he produced a tune that is titled Don’t Break My Heart/The One. In addition to producing the music, he also wrote the lyrics for an anonymous vocalist to use in order to bring to life a song that is about love.

The tune has an r&b vibe, the rhythm has an old-school influence mixed with a contemporary approach, the vocal compression was done well, and the overall result of the track is really satisfying, and could easily be playing on mainstream radio for sure.


A rising sensation who represents the ultimate danger Mia Delamar is an Atlanta, Georgia native who works in the performing arts as a singer-songwriter, musician, choreographer, dancer, and actor.

She graduated from Belmont University in Nashville, TN with a BA in Music and a BM in Dance after studying dance from the age of 2. In the time since, the subsequent buzz for her second song, “Cool,” has been substantial.

Her prior work includes time spent at Billboard Studios and the assistance of multi-platinum record producer JDub on the Focus EP. Mia, at just 24, has already established herself as a talented singer, dancer, and actress.

Her latest hit, “Silly,” is edgy and reflective of knowing oneself and not allowing lost relationships to get the better of you; it draws inspiration from notable musicians like Mary J. Blige, Missy Elliott, and Aaliyah.

The song is quite reminiscent of the abovementioned acts; it has a strong r&b influence, and its melody may remind some listeners of early Beyoncé; the talent has potential and may achieve success with better quality engineering.


A Luxembourgish post-rock outfit, The Cookie Jar Complot was formed in 2020, subsequently, they released their first EP, Caviar Capital, in 2021. Compound by Sven Schmeler and Gilles Glesener, who wrote all of the songs.

Gilles and Sven both have extensive experience playing and composing for bands based in Luxembourg. The goal of their collaboration under the name The Cookie Jar Complot was to provide danceable, captivating instrumental music.

Philipp Colling on bass and Miko Buraczyk on guitar will be joining Sven and Gilles on stage for their live performances. The band is presently writing material for a new EP, which they want to record this summer.

The Cookie Jar Complot’s latest single, Beaver Deceiver, has the band’s characteristic sound in full force, complete with groovy percussion beats, sophisticated guitar riffs, and a bassline that will get you on your feet.

Listening to Beaver Deceiver, you get the distinct impression that you have never heard anything like it before, thanks to the instrumental track’s multiple guises and the continual and undoubtedly considerable difference, rhythmic and tonal diversity, ranging from hallucinogenic to peaceful arrangements.

KAHNIN – Go Kart

Kahnin is the stage name of Gudmundur Jens Gudmundsson, an Icelandic singer-songwriter located in Keflavik who manages to incorporate elements from every musical genre into his own compositions.

Throughout the course of the years, he distributed a total of six songs, and he ended the decade with “Man of Steel,” which made it into the top 20 rankings on Iceland’s main radio station.

The cut-up method, which was made famous by William S. Burroughs, was the source of inspiration for Kahnin’s 19th song, “Go Kart.” The words of the song praise the little things in life and the significance of keeping a childlike outlook on life. 

Leo Abrahams, who has played electric guitar for Miley Cyrus, the Talking Heads, and Harry Styles, contributed to the recording. Jimmy Deer and Kahnin are responsible for the song’s production. Jimmy not only produced, mixed, and mastered the tune, but he also played guitar, bass, and drums on it.

The song’s acoustic guitar and Kahnin’s voice give it a hint of country, but the song’s overall vibe is unclear, and the guitar’s entry gives off a vibe reminiscent of indie rock until the song’s chorus entirely shifts gears in terms of tone. There ought to be some kind of acknowledgment for how well-written this song was.

SANO HILL – Dancer

Sano Hill is a singer-songwriter who was born and raised in Galway, Ireland. He is now putting the last touches on his first album, which is slated to be released in the spring of 2023.

His performances have been heard by audiences in the United States and Ireland, and his songs reflect experiences such as love and loss. His work has been doing a lot of buzz with tastemakers.

His upcoming album, “If Not Now, When?” Traces the ups and downs of a musician’s emotional journey through a relationship, from the first tingles of attraction to the realization that the partner isn’t who they thought they were.

His latest single, “Dancer,” was recorded at Dublin’s legendary Windmill Lane Studios with the help of producer Larry Hogan and acclaimed mix engineer Braddon Williams, who has worked with the likes of Beyoncé, Snoop Dogg, Mark Ronson, Il Divo, Wyclef Jean, Billy Joel, Kelly Clarkson, P. Diddy, and more.

The song is excellent for a rainy day or a quiet night with a glass of wine since it features a strummed acoustic guitar and a violin in the background creating an intimate groove reminiscent of U2.


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