Radar #16

With the rise of digital communication, now more than ever there are opportunities for discovering up-and-coming musical talents.

The Radar Session is a great platform for upcoming recording artists and indie musicians to gain exposure and get noticed.

This unique session provides an opportunity for new musicians to connect with their growing audiences, engage in workshop discussions, collaborate with other creators, and get expert feedback from successful industry members.

It’s a great way for new artists to find their voice and strengthen their brand.

Join Radar Session #16 today to maximize your arsenal of new songs, becoming the coolest guy on your block.


Prima Apollinaare, is a singer and songwriter residing in Los Angeles. Several artists have influenced her unique style of music production. They include Florence + the Machine, Kate Bush, Bjork, and Fiona Apple.

Famous in the entertainment industry for her rendition of “Black Rabbit Rose,” Prima has also just written and produced an album with legendary record producer Eren Cannata.

“Alignment” is the name of the album that contains Prima Apollinaare’s song “High and Low.” The lyrics of the song talk about getting back up after being knocked down by the challenges and difficulties that life throws at you time and time again.

Inspired by real-life occurrences like the pandemic, tenacity, and unwavering love for oneself and one’s aspirations, this album was recorded in West Hollywood at Sturdy Studios engineering by Una Jensen.

Prima’s singing is very emotive, and the track’s production does her credit, blending pop with the alternative in a way that hints at Lana Del Rey’s influence and creating a highly cinematic sound.

OLLA – Monte Carlo

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Olla, a promising talent located in Monaco, has been singing since she was 4 years old. Olla had a tough time convincing her extreme sports-obsessed family that music was her actual calling.

She persisted in her goal, and when she became 18, the age at which she could do so legally, she enrolled in classes at the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles and started meeting regularly with a vocal coach.

She made her musical debut in 2018, and it was a huge hit in Monaco. Since then, Olla has performed at other Monaco-based private parties, as well as the Monaco Charity Film Festival and “Miss Cannes” at Park du Cap.

Olla has officially released her song “Monte Carlo,” with its swanky lounge sounds, and is poised to become an anthem for those who have already fallen in love with the city. Music to set the mood for a trip to this terrific trendy location.

The song’s instrumental has an early bossa nova feel, which blends into a pop sound with Latin references; Olla’s vocals have pleasant melodies and a very soft footprint, resulting in a very solid work; and the single is accompanied by a well-produced music video that highlights the splendor of this great metropolis.

LITTLEUNIVERSES – Littleuniverses

littleuniverses is an artist based in Montreal, Quebec, who has the goal of being a successful artist who can motivate others via her work and establish a connection with a diverse range of audiences.

She is a singer-songwriter who goes by littleuniverses because she wants her fans to feel as if they have entered a parallel universe when they listen to her songs. Her “littleuniverses” have a core contrast for her brand: the mysterious and the ethereal, the lyrical and the cinematic.

Producer and musician Randall Dunn, who has previously collaborated with Sunn O)), Zola Jesus, Anna von Hausswolf, and Myrkur; contributed to her first self-titled album, which was published recently.

Besides that, Arjan Miranda of Black Mountain and cellist Brent Arnold collaborated on the record, which was partly supported by the Canada Council for the Arts and explores themes of identity, relationships, hardship, love, hope, and mysticism.

The album opens with Magic, a song with a mysterious air that combines with the soft vocals of littleuniverses to transform the song into something almost ritualistic, combining an alternative folk reference with a dream pop vibe that sounds very original, resulting in an enjoyable tune and a perfect soundtrack for those more introspective days.


Mariana Masetto, who was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, is a multi-talented artist that plays many instruments, sings, plays percussion, writes, and teaches. Since 2010, she has put out eight full-length albums and a single.

Mariana Masetto has been deeply committed to the arts ever since she was a little child. Because of this, she has tried her hand at ballet, painting, and, most recently, music, where she has learned the rudiments of percussion to complement her singing.

She has been nominated for many awards for her work over the years, beginning with the Best New Album by a Folk Artist at the 2013 Carlos Gardel Awards and the Best Global Beat Album at the 13th Independent Music Awards, both for her album Soy Libre.

On her upcoming ninth studio album comes the single Yendo, whose accompanying music video was shot on the Woman’s Bridge in Buenos Aires. The song itself is a linguistic hybrid of Spanish and French, and it explores the experiences of a young woman in the modern world.

The song’s vocals and gentle beat combine a variety of elements and languages to create something truly unique; it stands out thanks to Mariana’s history, which was influenced by artists such as The Beatles, Peter Gabriel, the Beach Boys, and Thom York, but ultimately resulted in a song that sounds like nothing else out there.

AMY JAIME – Into You

Amy Jaime covers all the musical bases, from pop to R&B. When Amy first picked up a guitar at the tender age of 9, she immediately realized that music would play a significant role in her future.

Apart from music, Amy’s other artistic interests include athletics, photography, cinema, and even launching her own clothing brand. She’s dabbled in a lot of other art forms, but music will always be her first and foremost passion.

Despite the fact that she is only starting out in the music industry, Amy has already put out a couple of songs, and she is now working on a collection of new and original music that she intends to put out over the course of the next several months.

She just released a record called “Into You,” in which she sings about a person who gets really drunk and opens up to a partner they have just begun to get to know about their innermost thoughts and emotions.

The music has carefully produced, laid-back melodies that blend elements of pop and r&b. Moreover, the track features a guitar that is restrained yet works well with the percussion that acts as the track’s backdrop for Amy’s impressive vocals.

NADAV SIVAN – Us To Stop (TLV Live Version) 

Musician, singer, pianist, and composer Nadav Sivan grew up in a multicultural community in northern Israel. He relocated to Tel Aviv in his early twenties, where he began releasing music in more styles, including R&B, Gospel, Hip Hop, and Pop.

Nadav’s music draws from a wide range of musical genres and styles, from upbeat hip-hop covers to somber piano ballads and everything in between, including electronic, soulful, and Middle Eastern sounds.

Along with his producer Bigel, Nadav spent some time in London in 2022 to launch his worldwide career. They performed two sold-out shows and completed some of the unique compositions they had been working on at top London studios.

His second song, “Us To Stop,” came out not too long ago and Nadav successfully tells a tale in this song about a relationship that is both complicated and rewarding. Even though it faces hurdles, the couple wants to keep going because of the deep love they have for one another.

The song’s composition is top-notch; it opens with an orchestra and the classical influence continues in the piano progression; Nadav’s vocals include high-pitched notes; the song’s progression, in terms of musical quality in the register in which it is played live, resembles an epic in scope.

MARIELE JANKOWSKI – The Long Song Of Mary Green

Singer-songwriter Mariele Jankowski grew up in the verdant hills of the Bergische Land (“mountain country”) in Germany’s far west, where she was immersed in the region’s rich musical and cultural traditions from an early age.

Some of her musical training on drums, piano, guitar, and banjo was self-taught throughout her youth and adolescence when she also discovered an affinity for the English language and discovered a passion for tap dancing.

She honed her acting and singing chops in the “Musical Arts -Academy of the Performing Arts” in Mainz, Germany, and has already supported Indie-Folk musician Fran Lusty and performed at several venues in and around London and Cologne.

Her first song, “The Long Song of Mary Green,” is about the universal desire to find the one thing that would offer lasting joy and fulfillment, and then to stop looking. The skill, though, is in ceasing to need, beginning to submit, and taking pleasure in the trip rather than the final goal.

The song has a folk feel from the get-go, and Mariele immediately impresses with her strong vocals and powerful melodies, which are a great highlight of the single; the guitar arrangements are well elaborated, and the chorus is lively, showcasing the ability of this talent that has everything it needs to shine.

JAY ROECKER – A New Day For You

Huachuca, Arizona native Jay Roecker started making music as “Members Only” in January 2012. The group’s sound evolved from their early covers of 80s music to original compositions. He perfected his craft at Dallas’s Deep Ellum and Austin’s South by Southwest festivals.

Jay has the ambition to compose and produce his own music from an early age. The songs on the first album are reflections based on the author’s life experiences, with the goal of speaking to the universality that exists in all of us.

With the exception of “Afterlife,” which was penned by Ingrid Michaelson and her crew, all of the songs on his first album, “Labor of Love,” were written by Jay Roecker and Corey McCurry. This was the only cover song included on the album.

Jay collaborated with CutDownTrees on his latest single, A New Day For You, an introspective song about finding the strength and insight to create a new vision for oneself that was inspired by modern new wave synth artists like Joji, The Weeknd, and Troye Sivan as well as 80s new wave acts like Depeche Mode, New Order, and more.

The song opens with an impressive synth, and the melodies are fitting of Jay’s history; the chorus is one of those highly catchy ones that stays in the head, which is likely a legacy from his time spent in radio; the song is musically developed and deserving of the top spot on our list.

mUmbo  Sky Is Blue

Doug MacGowan, who plays electric and acoustic guitars, banjo, and bass, and Emma Semple, who sings and plays the violin and viola, came together in 2021 to establish the London-based band mUmbo. In 2022, Italian percussionist Antonio Dale joined the band.

The band was formed two months before the first UK lockdown in 2020, and musically, the band draws on a varied spectrum of inspirations including rock, indie pop, folk, blues, and jazz.

The band released their first record of the year, Sky Is Blue, after an extremely creative and prolific time in 2022 that saw the band’s fame climb fast thanks to broad worldwide radio play and the indie music press.

The song “Sky is Blue” is an allegory for the human condition and the world at large, expressing the need to break free of shackles and reach for the open blue sky, symbolizing the promise of a fresh start and new horizons. The song’s major focus is on making a very emotional, vibey impression on the listener.

The song begins with a guitar riff that would be at home in surf music, and it works wonderfully with Emma’s vocals. Her voice has a pleasant timbre, and it sends the vocal progression very well. The instrumental has a vibe that we can characterize as psychedelic, and it works well with the vocal progression.

PHARSALIA – Gravity Killer

Pharsalia is a band that was created in Wilmington, Delaware, by the five-piece consisting of Stephen Ciccaglione on vocals, Brett Alan on guitar, Colin Presley on guitar, Trey Clarke on bass, and Jon Finney on drums.

The band’s members have known each other for almost a decade and have played together in other projects, such as Awake At Last and The Thrifters; they have also shared the stage with such acts as This Or The Apocalypse and Jonny Craig.

The Pharsalia, now fully grown, openly identify with the emo lifestyle of their forebears. For some reason, they simply can’t let go of the notion that all the great music of the 2000s, including pop-punk and emo, was merely a passing trend.

A completely revamped version of the band’s sound can be heard in their latest song, “Gravity Killer,” which was just released. The song takes the audience on a journey through several ideas related to the emptiness one feels after disappointing someone.

The song includes characteristics of post-hardcore music, and as was noted before, emo has a significant influence on the tune. Also, the instrumentation and the structure of the song are quite similar to those of well-known bands in the genre, such as Story Of The Year.


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