Fresh New Music #13

Music is constantly evolving, and every year, new artists emerge with fresh sounds that captivate audiences and push boundaries.

2023 is no exception, as we see a diverse range of rising stars from various genres making waves in the music scene.

From indie pop to hip hop, rock to electronic, there’s no shortage of talent and creativity to discover.

In this blog post, we’ll introduce you to some of the most exciting up-and-coming recording artists of the year, each with their unique style and perspective.

Whether you’re a die-hard music fan or simply looking for something new to add to your playlist, there’s sure to be something on this list that catches your ear.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the world of fresh, exciting, and boundary-pushing music.

BETH MACARI – Feel The Same

Beth Macari, a talented musician from Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom, combines her deep appreciation for soul and Motown with the modern influences of r&b, dance, and pop to produce a unique blend of sounds spanning many eras.

Beth returned to Newcastle Upon Tyne to pursue music full-time after two years on the road with Jane McDonald, fronting the house band on Sky 1’s panel show “Bring The Noise,” and performing with Mel C, Tinie Tempah, Anne Marie, and Nicole Scherzinger, as well as a stint with the Manchester Camerata orchestra.

She performed in the UK’s first socially distant arena, the Virgin Money Unity Arena, in 2020, opening for Les Mis star Alfie Boe. Beth also has shared festival stages with Noel Gallagher, Rae Morris, and the Kaiser Chiefs.

After the success of her two singles in 2022, “Circles” and “Shoulda Known Better,” Beth Macari is back with a new offering for the new year, “Feel The Same,” which is certain to lift your spirits during the late winter. The song focuses on the tension, romance, temptation, and excitement of a flirtation.

Beth’s voice is silky and distinctive, and the accompanying music pairs well with her strong vocals, which leave a strong soul impression and contrast with an accompaniment that leans more toward the commercial pop line, creating a very unique piece.

GOODNIGHTS – Goodnights

California’s Goodnights play alternative rock. The band was established in 2022, and its members are lead singer Mandie Cheung, guitarists Enoch Jensen and Justin Fleuriel, bassist Michael Risucci, and drummer Luke Aton.

The music of the rising alternative rock band is distinguished by a distinct fusion of grunge, shoegaze, and indie-rock elements, and it deals with universal themes such as love, loss, and growing into one’s own.

Swells, the opening single on the EP, has already received praise from music reviewers and fans for its eerie melody and heartfelt lyrics, helping Goodnights swiftly build a devoted fan following for its distinctive sound.

The band has reemerged with a self-titled album that is a perfectly tuned, tight, and forceful debut that is guaranteed to spark discussion. The band’s sound ranges from the bouncy pop of “Closer” to the emo influence of “So Tell Me,” with songs like “Swells” conveying a dark, mid-tempo drive reminiscent of early Tool.

The instrumentals on “Closer” are strong, and they mesh well with Mandi’s vocals, which have a pleasant timbre and integrate well with the band’s hard instrumental, making for an intriguing contrast to the heavy rockers who prefer melodic vocals.

RICH CHAMBERS – I’m A Fool For Lovin’ You

Rich Chambers, who was born in Vancouver, Canada, has recently been having a lot of success in his endeavors. His music may be described as “rock & roll redefined,” even though he combines a wide variety of musical styles, and he truly is a little bit of everything.

Chambers believes that true rock ‘n’ roll is a hybrid that integrates the best features of a broad range of popular and secular music forms, even though the term “rock & roll” isn’t used as frequently as it once was.

When you combine Chambers’ addictive songs and rhythms with his humble, and sympathetic character, you get an artist that is reintroducing honesty and sincerity to the pop-rock genre.

His most recent offering, “I’m a Fool for Lovin’ You,” a guitar-driven rock song, has catchy pop-rock hooks and is accessible to listeners of all musical tastes. That’s proof that loving someone who doesn’t love us back is a foolhardy endeavor.

Despite Rich’s wide range of influences, the song’s foundation is firmly in rock; the guitar and drums feature a distinctive evolution, particularly noticeable in the song’s guitar solos and chorus, rather than merely providing an air of grace at times; this will undoubtedly appeal to the more old school listeners who cherish the traditional legacy.

NISHY – Memories From A Vinyl

Nishy is a singer and songwriter now residing in Paris, France. She cites Sade, Selena Gomez, Sabrina Claudio, Alicia Keys, and Nina Simone as some of her primary musical influences.

Nishy introduces us to a story with deep meaning: learn to let go and go forward in self-love among a melancholy alternative pop ambiance and the beautiful aesthetics of Lofi.

Nishy’s bedroom served as the primary recording location for her first EP, Memories From A Vinyl. In 2020, during the lockdown, she started recording it. They were all written and composed by her, but she worked with Aryh Love Baker, another producer, to bring them to life.

It wasn’t until 2022 that the song “Can’t Sleep” became a hit single. Nishy sings about reminiscing about a night spent romantically. The song serves as the EP’s first single and the introduction of a whole new narrative arc, which in this case is her own.

Nishy’s soothing vocals open the tune over an electronic beat that might easily be mistaken for a lounge atmosphere; the song’s overall tone is relaxed, and its slower tempo is a clear indication that it’s intended for listeners who like deeper, chiller songs.

ALTERNATE JANE – Higher Ground

Jane is a physician from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia who has survived the pandemic. In addition to her medical practice, she performs as a singer-songwriter, playing the acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, midi and synthesizer, and even some hand percussion.

Amy Lee’s strong voice and unique approach served as inspiration for her to begin singing, while Michelle Branch and her Taylor 614ce blue guitar served as inspiration for her to begin playing the guitar.

She released “Confidence” with moderate success in 2019, with the song appearing on several Spotify Editorial Playlists; after that, she redirected her attention to her medical career, which she temporarily put on hold to deal with the pandemic’s aftermath and her own harrowing experience with the virus.

Her song “Higher Ground” with multi-instrumentalist producer Melvin Rijlaarsdam was inspired by Project Inferno, a YouTube web series without a theme song. The song is about finding new meaning in life and meeting someone you never expected who alters your outlook.

The song begins promisingly enough with the guitar arrangements, but as soon as Jane begins singing, the music takes on a new dimension as the instrumental develops. Jane has a gentle voice with a sweet timbre, and the instrumental is well elaborated with a pop-rock footprint; the result is satisfying, evoking memories of several notable artists from the 90s.

LILAC FROG – Flying Without Wings

From the southwest of Great Britain lies the quirky, fittingly-named producer-artist lilac frog, who operates out of his bedroom studio to create unique productions around the pop and electronic soundscape. Behind the name is Harri Hocking, who writes, composes, produces, and records for this project. 

Creating and ghost-producing for over 6 years, this project came about at the beginning of 2022 to document a musical journey based around experimental and quirky takes on familiar sounds, which has been ongoing ever since.

Inspired by the likes of popular artists with an alternative edge; think Billie Eilish, Halsey, and Au/Ra, ranging from EDM producers to softer tones like Gracie Abrams or Olivia Rodrigo, the lilac frog project encompasses all corners of these genres and styles and wraps them into a unique package.

The new project ‘Flying Without Wings’ comes about through the idea of telling one story through two songs; these two original tracks showcase his incredible range of musical talent and artistry, highlighting the contrast and how this balances out where Harri himself reflects through a ballad in his first release featuring his vocals.

The chorus of “Happy Ending” proves that it can compete with the biggest commercial pop singles at the top of the charts thanks to Mia Robson’s superb vocals over a skillfully created instrumental with a nice feeling, highlighted by the song’s guitar arrangement and production.


Nashville-based composer Joshua Ketchmark has a very Americana vibe. Ketchmark’s music draws from the best of heartland rock and country in its blend of narrative, raw, passionate vocals, and memorable melodies.

Taking inspiration from the finest of heartland rock and country music, Ketchmark combines narrative with honest, passionate vocals and a memorable tune to produce a sound that is at once upbeat and therapeutic.

During his time in Los Angeles, he collaborated with several legendary producers and engineers. His career took him from performing in dive bars to headlining at the legendary Roxy Theatre.

His most recent track, “Ashes,” was inspired by the hardships he had as a kid in the Midwest. In addition to singing lead on the new track and playing both acoustic and electric guitars, Joshua also produced and mixed the song. This is a song for anybody who has overcome adversity and emerged stronger for it.

Ashes have impressive arrangements with a soothing rhythm, Joshua’s vocals are more front and center than usual, the song has a strong feeling of country music with folk that from a distance may be seen as a rock influence, and the production is superb, together, they make a work that’s hard to fault.


Dutch-born Gus Walker is a creative force in his own right. His music draws from a wide variety of genres, but its current, catchy, and easily recognizable sound is rooted in reggae and hip-hop.

Gus’s songs are reflective meditations on life’s difficulties that convey a universal message of love and solidarity. Gus Walker’s music always comes from the heart, and he’s not hesitant to go into uncharted territory.

He challenges his listeners to put aside their biases and think for themselves by encouraging them to exercise critical observation and introspection. Gus and his live band have a way of making the audience feel like they are a part of the celebration.

Gazing is the last song Gus and Boudewijn recorded during the process of creating their album Pink Skies; The message of the track is a reflection of one’s purpose in this world. It speaks about the journey of life and contemplations to search for your place in society.

Gazin starts out with everything showcasing Gus’s full vocal range; the music blends reggae and dub worthy of King Bob; the instrumental is in the point beyond the meaningful message; and it comes highly recommended for 4:20 thinkers.

BEN KELLY – Senses

Ben Kelly is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter and producer who is headquartered in Washington. While he was born and raised in Connecticut, he presently resides in the District of Columbia.

Frank Ocean, Tyler, the Creator, Marvin Gaye, SZA, and Michael Jackson were all major influences on him. His popularity has been rising steadily from the beginning, and it shows no signs of slowing down.

After years of daydreaming about having a career in music but never really put pen to paper, the alternative r&b talent singer exploded onto the scene in January 2023.

His latest single, “Senses,” is a cool love ballad that a wide audience will appreciate; it’s about recommitting to a troubled relationship after recognizing how much the other person means to you despite the difficulties.

Sense has a typical indie r&b rhythm paired with Ben’s vocals, which have a more commercial pop vibe, resulting in an unusual mixture that may be improved with tweaks to the audio engineering component, but even so ben’s skill it’s astonishing.


xxALEXAxx is committed to producing music that is invigorating, emotional, and deeply personal, all while maintaining a distinctive sound.

Raised in a Christian household in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, this 19-year-old is a pop-punk/alternative rock singer/multi-instrumentalist whose musical influences include Avril Lavigne and Paramore.

She’s bringing her first proper release, a single titled “Harmony,” to the table. She put it out two years ago, but the quality of the audio engineering was subpar; now that she’s more seasoned, she’s releasing it again.

Her song “Harmony” is bouncy and full of life; it’s about connecting with someone or something that makes you feel whole and understood. This song was recorded at Markee Music Studios in South Florida, and the subject may be anybody or anything that brings you joy.

The song has a pop-rock vibe and begins with an opening heavily inspired by pop punk; the music is cool and extremely raw, but with correct arrangements that combine nicely with xxALEXAxx’s vocals, which are reminiscent of early No Doubt.


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