[Video] Young Lit Hippy – Good Morning

Young lit Hippy has grown up in Portland spending his early days amidst music environment. His tracks are highly anticipated amongst music fans for the reason that it delivers a positive message and optimistic way to live. The larger than life attitude of Mic Mar is something that makes his tracks more worthy. The rap talent has a pleasing voice texture that adds more spark … Continue reading [Video] Young Lit Hippy – Good Morning

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VΞI The New Hit Parade!

The things are getting hotter than ever! This week we have a new icon at the top of our weekly updated playlist! VEI really impress with Rolling On You Romeo No. 2 on the Next Big Thing. Recently performing on BalconyTV,  her talent is eminent creating excellent music VEI is one of those upcoming artists that will blow your mind!  More info at: Twitter Facebook IG Continue reading VΞI The New Hit Parade!

MVTTHIAS Fancy Flexing In Hollywood

Born as Matthew James Aure, in Long Beach California, MVTTHIAS is a rapper, producer, and audio engineer. At the age of 17, MVTTHIAS began rapping at local parties, cyphering with friends, and recording in small home studios. At the age of 19 MVTTHIAS released his first mixtape and slowly began to enter the world of producing. In 2013, MVTTHIAS enrolled at Musician’s Institute in Hollywood, … Continue reading MVTTHIAS Fancy Flexing In Hollywood

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Mia Koo 2x Grammy Nominated Artist

Mia Koo double Grammy nominated singer/song-writer also a music industry expert for almost 15 years recently moved to LA recently to pursue her dreams and 4 years later in the studio, she got involved in a lot projects as a composer, producer, mixing and mastering. Working in great projects in Hollywood, including Universal Music Group, Hollywood Records and many other labels; The new single “See You Online” is her newest release, … Continue reading Mia Koo 2x Grammy Nominated Artist

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F. Virtue Your Next Favorite Rapper

F. Virtue is a NY-Based MC and Producer who just wrapped a 2016 collabo with PAPER Magazine where they released a new song at the end of every month. “As long as I’m alive, I stay rowing.” “PASSPORTS” his final track of 2016 from the forthcoming album The Things I’d Like To Tell Harry About is incredibly dope, the record features George Watsky, Ceschi and Dylan Owen, … Continue reading F. Virtue Your Next Favorite Rapper