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Top 5 Artists On Music Critic Charts

Music Critic is a great website providing a lot of relevant information to the music industry for creators and fans, there you can find instrument and equipment reviews and many others subjects like the album review charts,  so we made a Top 5 based on their album reviews. 1 – Charli XCX According to Music Critic “Pop 2” by Charli XCX got an 80 score, we really love Charli and we think she … Continue reading Top 5 Artists On Music Critic Charts

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J-Hen – “Gypsy Girl”

J-Hen is an R&B/Pop Billboard recording artist from the Dallas metroplex area. J-Hen’s passion for music first began at an early age. During his middle school years, he taught himself how to write his own songs and in less than a few months had formed a rap group with a couple of friends. Soon after this time he fused the concept of rapping with singing … Continue reading J-Hen – “Gypsy Girl”

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Celeste Buckingham Release Album BARE

Europe’s Pop Princess Just Dropped a Brand New Album! Last week, Celeste Buckingham whom fans call Europe’s Pop Princess, dropped an amazing new album. Buckingham’s album BARE is one that is stacked high with absolute hits. The quality of these songs and her performance throughout presents a definite skill and professionalism alongside a certain smoothness and swagger. Her voice offers a new kind of style … Continue reading Celeste Buckingham Release Album BARE

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Omar Kadir – “The Last Thing I Do”

Omar Kadir is an R&B artist and hip-hop dancer hailing from the Bay Area, California.  His recent single release ‘The Last Thing I Do’ has had unprecedented success, with over 1 million streams on Spotify (featuring on playlists like ‘Most Necessary’ and ‘Love, Sex, and Water’). One of the most striking things about Omar’s incredible work is how this single bridges the gaps between the … Continue reading Omar Kadir – “The Last Thing I Do”

Elgorano – “Cuz Tonight”

23-years old artist ELGORANO releases his debut RnB/Dancehall track called “Cuz Tonight”, a song about leaving all the bad memories behind and looking forward to the good things of life. ELGORANO, who started at the age of 5, wrote this track about self-knowledge and candor, the honesty to himself and push all the problems aside at night. The single was produced by famous producer/DJ JSnake … Continue reading Elgorano – “Cuz Tonight”

Tycho Cassini – “Wave” Mixtape

Born and raised in Ogdensburg, NY (USA) Tycho Cassini who’s real name is Gage Langstaff has been dedicated to becoming a musician since the age of 6 years old according to his mother. In 2017 at the age of 24 years old, Tycho moved to Atlanta, Georgia (USA) to sign with Genius Minds Entertainment, an affiliate of Rapper Rick Ross’s Maybach Music Group to pursue … Continue reading Tycho Cassini – “Wave” Mixtape

J. Irja The Sexy Psycho

J. Irja The Spotlight Queen. The Sexy Psycho. Whatever you call her, one thing for certain. One encounter with her music or presence and you’ll never forget her. From her ballsy head tattoo to her rapid-fire in-your-face lyrics, she is a ton of dynamite packed into a tiny but solid 5’0″ frame. You can hear her Pain, Strength, and perseverance in her rhymes. Some say she … Continue reading J. Irja The Sexy Psycho