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Keeana Kee – “Let’s Make Love”

“Let’s Make Love” is the last single from Latvian model-turned-singer Keeana Kee her music career began like many young do, performing in bars around London. She is also one of the top-rated artists at Isina a reality show masterminded by Grammy winner producers such as Kenny G, Water Afanasieff, Kenny Baby Face, Humberto Gatica, and Paul Oakenfold only legends that already worked with the biggest names in the music … Continue reading Keeana Kee – “Let’s Make Love”

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PC feat Ty Dolla $ign – “Sin City”

Singer of the viral hit “Sin City” feat Ty Dolla $ign which currently has over 30 million streams. Christopher Dotson, better known by his stage names PC or Prince Chrishan is an American multi-platinum singer-songwriter & record producer. Born in Toledo, Ohio, he grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota. As a songwriter, his discography includes “Party” by Chris Brown and “2 AM” by Adrian Marcel. Presents … Continue reading PC feat Ty Dolla $ign – “Sin City”

1111CR3W & Endossa Joint Venture

Today 1111CR3W started a partnership with Endossa, the most prominent trend, and alternative store in the world, with 5 stores in the São Paulo area and 3 in the capital (Brasília). The innovative concept is the next level when we talk about fashion and shopping, founded in 2008 in the Rua Augusta similar to Melrose Avenue the business is booming, starting from the first March day 1111CR3W’s products will be available at AV São … Continue reading 1111CR3W & Endossa Joint Venture

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Celeste Buckingham Release Album BARE

Europe’s Pop Princess Just Dropped a Brand New Album! Last week, Celeste Buckingham whom fans call Europe’s Pop Princess, dropped an amazing new album. Buckingham’s album BARE is one that is stacked high with absolute hits. The quality of these songs and her performance throughout presents a definite skill and professionalism alongside a certain smoothness and swagger. Her voice offers a new kind of style … Continue reading Celeste Buckingham Release Album BARE