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Top 5 Artists On Music Critic Charts

Music Critic is a great website providing a lot of relevant information to the music industry for creators and fans, there you can find instrument and equipment reviews and many others subjects like the album review charts,  so we made a Top 5 based on their album reviews. 1 – Charli XCX According to Music Critic “Pop 2” by Charli XCX got an 80 score, we really love Charli and we think she … Continue reading Top 5 Artists On Music Critic Charts

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High Definition Music Card What’s Next In The Music Industry

Alexander Goldberg Jero, the first winner of the first-ever Surround Sound Music Award back in 2002, has been making waves in the last few months with the planned arrival of his new High Definition Music Card – which he now says will be released with Mozart’s Requiem on file. The new innovative design of the HD card will allow music listeners not only to store … Continue reading High Definition Music Card What’s Next In The Music Industry

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The Young Artists Under The Age Of 25

The one major thing every artist that makes fame under the age of 25 has in common is proving that age is nothing but a number. And while their age was probably a prerequisite for this list, so was talent. The majority of this pop music artists had outstanding releases over the years; some of them did something attention-grabbing on TV; many have projects in … Continue reading The Young Artists Under The Age Of 25


Independent underground artist LDG IS LIKE, is finally back on his grind and rebranding his label (WLR) from top to bottom. With LDG’s new Single, BLOW, he’s doing exactly that. Blow, is the leading record off of the soon to come album, Dedicated to My Enemies, available on all streaming services and digital retailers. LDG is a veteran in the Akron music scene and has … Continue reading LDG IS LIKE – BLOW

Nonamus – Girl I Know

Ataul Karim bhuiyan also known as Nonamus was born in Bangladesh on October 24th, 1991 with pneumonia. His parents won a DV lottery in Bangladesh that gave his family the opportunity to move to America in 1996. His mother Amana Mowla was a local singer in Bangladesh and was arranged married to his father didarul Bhuiyan who was a school teacher in Bangladesh. After they migrated to America his … Continue reading Nonamus – Girl I Know