GUTS THE STAMPEDE – “Station 97”

UTOPIANGODS™ & GUTS THE STAMPEDE is thrilled to announce the release of the latest track “Station 97” from the album “I’m not your enemy”, available since 1 of March of 2018. “I’m not your enemy” is a Hip-Hop/Rap Album from the Soundcloud Artist “GUTS THE STAMPEDE” The tracks of “GUTS THE STAMPEDE” are unique and will leave you with a good impression and a good … Continue reading GUTS THE STAMPEDE – “Station 97”

CerVon Campbell – “illuminati”

CerVon Campbell is a Hip Hop and Rap recording artist, self-defined a stand-up comedian that makes music. He is working to create a huge fan base and get heard, his video for the song Illuminati a track released last year, come out early January. After several releases in 2017, this music video is the highlight of his career right now, an upbeat sad track, kind … Continue reading CerVon Campbell – “illuminati”

Prince ICE Self Titled Debut Mixtape

  Prince ICE is a local Seattle hip hop/rap music producer & artist. He began his music career by first learning to play piano and then started exploring and learning to make beats/instrumentals using Logic Pro X. After high school prince studied MIDI music production for a little over a year at a community college in Seattle and then decided to drop out and work … Continue reading Prince ICE Self Titled Debut Mixtape

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Johnny Dehn – “The Man”

Johnny Dehn is an up and coming rap artist from the suburban area of Brewster, New York. He has an underground lyricist mentality with the style and sound of a mainstream artist. Dehn’s album, “Road to the Show” will be dropping 4/31/18 on all platforms. Dehn is an acronym that stands for, Don’t Ever Hide Nothing. Molded from artists such as Eminem Tech Nine and Ice … Continue reading Johnny Dehn – “The Man”

G.umfvnk – Prologue Again: Syzygy

G.umfvnk (Dirty Gumball) is a Rap artist from Tucson, AZ and is currently living in El Paso, TX. G.umfvnk’s unique and diverse style has garnered fans of the underground as well as mainstream. Offensive as well as eloquent he has found a sweet spot many other artists have had a hard time balancing; which is not being forced to commit to one style while still … Continue reading G.umfvnk – Prologue Again: Syzygy