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J-Hen – “Gypsy Girl”

J-Hen is an R&B/Pop Billboard recording artist from the Dallas metroplex area. J-Hen’s passion for music first began at an early age. During his middle school years, he taught himself how to write his own songs and in less than a few months had formed a rap group with a couple of friends. Soon after this time he fused the concept of rapping with singing … Continue reading J-Hen – “Gypsy Girl”

ONEROZ3 – “25th AVE”

ONEROZ3 has a silky smooth voice that makes your mind drift away when she sings. She puts you in a state of tipsiness when she drops her vocal liquid with a drop of cherry on top. This St.Louis artist recently dropped a Music video entitled “25th Ave” on youtube. This vibrant & talented singer/songwriter spent her youth dreaming of a career as a professional musician … Continue reading ONEROZ3 – “25th AVE”

Regnault Monday Releases “Wait”.

Regnault Monday is a songwriter from Atlanta, Georgia. In recent years he decided that he wanted to shed some of his intellectual light onto his peers that seem to be caught up in songs about nothing but violence and corruption. If you enjoy lyrical artistry, he is a must listen.  An official press release for the release of my new video “Wait” Releasing Feb. 1st.  Continue reading Regnault Monday Releases “Wait”.

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Omar Kadir – “The Last Thing I Do”

Omar Kadir is an R&B artist and hip-hop dancer hailing from the Bay Area, California.  His recent single release ‘The Last Thing I Do’ has had unprecedented success, with over 1 million streams on Spotify (featuring on playlists like ‘Most Necessary’ and ‘Love, Sex, and Water’). One of the most striking things about Omar’s incredible work is how this single bridges the gaps between the … Continue reading Omar Kadir – “The Last Thing I Do”

King Solomon – “Sinking”

‘Sinking’ is the hot new independent release from upcoming independent Mainstream Pop, Soul& R&B artist King Solomon. Taking an inspirational approach, it adds a twist to normal mainstream music with its honest and conscious message. Being an independent release, it is hard for a single to be noticed but the new single ‘Sinking’ has already created a small buzz on social media and reached some … Continue reading King Solomon – “Sinking”

Empress Gab – “Go the Distance”

“EMPRESS GAB MAKES A STATEMENT” THE SULTRY R&B SONGSTRESS UNVEILS SECOND EP “THE STATEMENT” AT LAST EAGERLY AWAITED COLLECTION FEATURES HIT TRACKS INCLUDING “GO THE DISTANCE”, “MUTE” AND MORE   Rising R&B singer Empress Gab has announced the release of her anticipated EP The Statement. “The Statement” is available everywhere today. With an increasing amount of downloads of her single “Temporary”, Empress Gab is striking the attention … Continue reading Empress Gab – “Go the Distance”